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Optical Jukebox is a neat little CD player with lots of bells and whistles.
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Optical Jukebox is a neat little CD player with lots of bells and whistles.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

* Optical Jammer README.TXT Contents *

> System Requirements
> General Description
> List of Features
> What is Shareware
> What to do if you have problems

Thank you for trying version 1.1 of Optical Jammer.

* System Requirements *

Microsoft Windows 3.1
VBRUN300.DLL file in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory
80386 or higher microprocessor
EGA monitor VGA highly recommended
mouse highly recommended

* General Description *

I looked high and low for a good audio cd player that
isn't complicated to run but still retain the ability
to track my CD's. Not finding one that I liked,
Optical Jammer was born. O.J. is a full featured
Audio CD player with enough optional flash to make
anyone happy.

As stated above, the graphics are merely flash. I
could find no way to make the EQ bounce with the
music. (If anyone knows how please e-mail)

Mini Optical Jammer is just a small version of
Optical Jammer thrown in as a bonus.

* List of Features *

+ Always On Top
+ Graphical enhancements
+ Repeat Cd
+ Run Minimized and still retain all functions
+ Turn off player and music still plays (saves resources)
+ Turn on player while music is playing and Optical Jammer will find the location
+ Automatic Logging of your CD's
+ Automatic Detection of your CD's
+ Fast and easy to use CD Functions
+ Mini version of Optical Jammer

* What to do if you have problems *

You can contact us in the following ways. We would love to have your comments
or suggestions. We will provide technical support via U.S. Mail or E-Mail only.
Write to:

Kempton Software
P.O. Box 8128
Lima, OH 45802

or on CompuServe by writing to:

or on America On-Line by writing to:

If you want to use the Internet send to:

72754,[email protected]
[email protected]

* What is Shareware *

Shareware is not a type of software. It is a software marketing method.
It is designed to be a win-win situation for both us and you. We have
far fewer expenses and hassles when it comes to distribution and duplication.
You get excellent software for a far lower price. And the great thing
is that you get to be the judge of what is excellent software. You get
to try it before you buy it. If you don't like it, pass it on to a friend or
just delete it from your hard drive. But if you do use the software, you are
obligated to pay for it. If those who use shareware don't compensate us, we
won't be able to sell great software cheaply anymore! And neither will
anyone else. Please Support Shareware.

So go ahead, try Optical Jammer. I know you'll like it. And then
send us your registration. But most of all, enjoy Optical Jammer!

-Kempton Software

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