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{COMMO} 6.5 - High-performance DOS terminal program, also excellent under Windows and OS/2. Chosen by professionals for it's speed, reliability and versatility. Easy, comprehensive macro programming language addresses al

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{COMMO} 6.5 - High-performance DOS terminal
program, also excellent under Windows and
OS/2. Chosen by professionals for it's
speed, reliability and versatility. Easy,
comprehensive macro programming language
addresses almost any communications need.
{COMMO} is very friendly to the visually
impaired. This release features a new
upload file selector, new utilities and
many other enhancements. Shareware.

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{COMMO} 6.5 – High-performance DOS terminal program, also excellent under Windows and OS/2. Chosen by professionals for it’s speed, reliability and versatility. Easy, comprehensive macro programming language addresses al
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Contents of the 65INFO.DOC file

{COMMO} 6.5 July 15, 1995

Contents of 65INFO.DOC

1. Important announcements
2. Information for new users
3. Files in the {COMMO} distribution package
4. Summary of changes in this release
5. {COMMO} for visually impaired users
6. HP 95LX / HP 100LX / HP 200LX users
7. PRINTED MANUAL now available
8. New passkeys for registered users
9. How to obtain technical support
10. Getting the latest {COMMO} release
11. {COMMO} accessory programs and macros
12. Obtaining {COMMO} in Brazil and Taiwan
13. Thanks

1. Important announcements

{COMMO} (tm) is a Telecommunications Program that offers great power, speed
and flexibility in a small, easy-to-use package.

{COMMO} is Shareware. Please see REGISTER.FRM, COMMO.DOC or MACRO.DOC for
complete pricing and ordering information.

Guidelines for SHAREWARE DISTRIBUTORS are given in the file VENDOR.DOC.

Call or write for site license and distribution agreement information.

Registration passwords used for {COMMO} 5.xx will not work for {COMMO} 6.0
and later. See sections 8 and 9 below for instructions on obtaining a NEW
PASSKEY and for some special offers.

In addition to becoming a legal {COMMO} owner, registration eliminates delay
screens and enables the following *extra* features:

1) Loading a new Dialing Directory within the program.
2) User-defined key labels.
3) Automatic entry to and exit from Doorway Mode.
4) Linking directly to an external text editor.

IMPORTANT: Do you have the latest {COMMO} release? There may have been new
features added since this version was released. See below for details on how
to get the latest release.

A NEW PRODUCT is available from New Standard Software! It is now possible to
distribute an unlimited number of copies of a {COMMO}-like communications
program for a one-time license fee. See the file PRODUCT.NEW for details.

2. NEW USERS please read this

Run the batch file GUIDE.BAT (just type "guide" at the DOS prompt). This will
show you a little bit of the program and allow you to make preliminary changes
to your Setup File, COMMO.SET. Later you can take a more detailed look at the
Setup File for much greater customization of the program.

Please read the file COMMO.DOC. {COMMO} is a little different from other
terminal programs and the time will be well spent. Pay special attention to
the section "Quick Start Instructions" under "Getting Started" and Appendix A
"Setting Up Your Modem."

3. List of Files

The {COMMO} package is not a complete, legal distribution unless all of the
following files are included (unmodified). Please feel free to upload the
{COMMO} files as a single archive (.ZIP, .ARJ, etc.) to Electronic Bulletin
Boards and other Online Services that make shareware available for

65INFO.DOC This file. Please browse it!
PRODUCT.NEW New product information
UPGRADE.DOC How to upgrade from a previous release
HISTORY A history of recent revisions
REGISTER.FRM Registration information and order form
GUIDE.BAT A batch file for first-time users
GUIDE.MAC Macro File used with GUIDE.BAT
COMMO.DOC User Guide and Reference
MACRO.DOC Macro Programming Guide
ADDENDUM.DOC Changes/additions to manuals
COMMO.EXE The executable program
COMMO.SET The Setup File
COMMO.FON The Dialing Directory File
COMMO.MAC The resident Macro File
COMMO.HLP The Online Help File
CO-PIF.DVP A sample DESQview Program Info File
VT102.MAC VT102 keyboard support file
VT220.MAC VT220 keyboard support file
PINE.MAC Support file for Pine Message System
MOSTHOST.MAC {COMMO} host mode macro
MOSTHOST.DOC Instructions for using MOSTHOST
SAMPLES.MAC Some additional macro examples
VENDOR.DOC Rules for disk vendors, clubs, etc.
FILE_ID.DIZ Bulletin board file description

4. Changes in this release

New features in {COMMO} 6.5 include: a new upload file selector; a new,
interactive way to add entries to the Dialing Directory; a new option to
reduce TSR interference with the serial port; and many other enhancements and

Upgrade instructions for users of release 6.4x are in the file UPGRADE.DOC.

Previous users of {COMMO} should also read the detailed list of changes in the
file HISTORY. This file also shows changes to one or more previous releases.

5. {COMMO} for visually impaired users

{COMMO} is very speech friendly for blind and visually impaired users with
speech synthesizer equipment. The first time the program is used, place the
switch "/b" on the command line. This will temporarily enable the speech
interface. The text file COMMO.SET (the Setup File) contains an item to
permanently enable this feature. Search for "sfi=no" (it can be found in the
"Video and Chat Mode" section). Change it to "sfi=yes". The entire item will
then look like this:

{sfi=yes} Speech Friendly Interface (yes/no)

6. HP 95LX/100LX/200LX users

fastCOMM!, a special version of {COMMO} for the HP 95LX, may be ordered
directly from ACE Technologies of San Jose, CA, by calling (800) 825-9977.
fastCOMM! is System Manager compliant when used in conjunction with SWITCH!
2.0 (also available from ACE Technologies). fastCOMM! 1.01 is comparable to
{COMMO} 5.41.

{COMMO} 6.5+ may be used with excellent results on the HP 100LX/200LX. If
errors occur, try setting {esp=yes} in COMMO.SET. System Manager should NOT
be loaded when running {COMMO} on the 100LX/200LX unless a utility called
APLOAD.COM is installed. This utility is available on CompuServe's HPHAND
forum, library 11 (APLOAD.ZIP).

7. Printed Manual Now Available

For users who desire a printed manual, an attractive manual is now
available to those who register. The handy 7" by 8.5" size manual
has a multi-font, easy to read format and is fully indexed.

Please refer to the Registration Form in REGISTER.FRM, COMMO.DOC or
MACRO.DOC for ordering information.

8. New passkeys for registered users

For various reasons I have had to create a new passkey system for registered
users. Your old {COMMO} 5.xx passkey will NOT work on {COMMO} releases 6.0 or

Therefore I am asking that users in the USA request new passkeys by sending a
self-adressed, STAMPED, business-size envelope (SASE).

Users outside the USA must send a self-addressed envelope plus $1.00 US (cash
only, no local currency or coins) for postage and handling.

ALL users include the following information:

(1) Your name and address as it appears in my records (if the address on
the return envelope is the same, it is not necessary to include it

(2) Your {COMMO} serial number and old passkey.

Send it to: Fred P. Brucker
P.O. Box 141537
Columbus, OH 43214

If you've lost your serial number and/or passkey, your request will be honored
ONLY if the address on the SASE matches my current records. If it doesn't
match, the SASE will be returned with the message, "Insufficient information."

PLEASE do not request new passkeys by telephone or E-mail.

My apologies for this inconvenience. Thank you all for supporting {COMMO}.

9. Support

My (voice) telephone number for orders, inquiries and support for registered
users is (614) 326-1309. Please restrict calls to MON-SAT, 9am-5pm, EASTERN
time. If you get the answering machine, please try again at a later time. I
cannot return long distance calls.

I can be reached directly via E-mail on CompuServe, which will also have the
latest {COMMO} release:

CompuServe (go mail) 71021,356

Internet users can reach me via CompuServe as well. Use the address:

[email protected]

Support is available in the {COMMO} Conferences on the networks listed below.
Netmail conferences give you the opportunity to discuss technical questions
with many knowledgeable {COMMO} users. If your local BBS has network mail,
ask the sysop to pick up the {COMMO} Conference!

FidoNet echo, name: {COMMO}. Now on the backbone!
RelayNet (tm) International Message Exchange (RIME)
Wildnet (cross-linked w/RIME).

10. How to obtain the latest {COMMO} release

By Registering

If you register you will get the latest release of {COMMO}. The disk also
contains the latest version of the Enhanced MOSTHOST host macro.


CompuServe Forums: IBMCOM, Section: Comm programs.
HPHAND, Section: 100LX Datacomm

Internet Anonymous FTP (

On Bulletin Board Systems

The BBS's listed in the sample telephone directory COMMO.FON will have the
latest release. Observe special instructions for the following boards:

Directory Assistance BBS (707) 823-9509, (707) 823-9516

All callers may download {COMMO} at this number by selecting (P)ersonal

MAS-BBS (718) 444-4555

BBS Support for {COMMO} is available via computer from MAS in New York
City. Select the "Customer Support" area option. Although MAS is
otherwise a subscription system, there is NO CHARGE for this special
access and direct-to-author support.

Demodulator (520) 290-2807

Logon with first and last name "Commo Release", password "Guest". The BBS
will present a menu of {COMMO} items for immediate Zmodem download. Home
of the JBCBV Callback Verifier and the JB-LEARN macro learn engine.

Charlie's Foxhole (517) 323-3405

This is the home of Macro BBS (MBBS), a very complete BBS written in the
{COMMO} macro language. Latest {COMMO} files are available for easy

11. {COMMO} accessory programs and macros

These are creations of avid {COMMO} users and are generally available on the
BBS's listed in COMMO.FON. Please contact the individual authors for support.
(Descriptions below were obtained from the authors' archives.)

CS-MAC by Chuck Seyboldt
{COMMO} automated mail and file macros. Supports many BBSware & MAILware
types. Expandable. Fast. Short online times. Many features for your manual
sessions. Huge help file and two Macro recorders! Includes JBLearn with full

MacroBBS by Jeff Oberlee
A BBS written in {COMMO} macro language. Many features to rival commercial
BBS software include a 24-hour event processor, experimental multi-node
capability, ANSI detection, message base, file base, doors menu, user
registry, bulletins menu, private e-mail, QWK/ASCII message packer, remote
configurability, real-time online SysOp functions menu, high-speed modem
support, easy set-up, and features its own built-in network (MacroNET(tm))
facilities--netmail, echomail, automated file transfers, and more!

JBCBV by Jim Bennett
Callback Verifier for BBSs which use DOOR.SYS, SFDOORS.DAT, or CALLINFO.BBS
dropfile. May also be used with *any* BBSware that has external utils for
upgrading caller's SL's. Tested on TriBBS & Spitfire BBSs. This is a {COMMO}
compiled macro, requires a *registered* vers of {COMMO} 6.41, or later.
Supports local, "metro", and long distance (optional) calls. No FOSSIL reqd,
internal logging function, maintains database of validated names & numbers
separate from BBS. Shareware. $10

JB-LEARN by Jeff Bishop
This is a very powerful automated learn engine for {COMMO}. No more writing
macros to automate logins or mail runs. JB-Learn has self-learning features,
it learns more about learning as you use it. Now uploading and downloading of
files learn logic added. Create full mail-run scripts in minutes. External
configuration available to make settings easier.

12. Registering {COMMO} outside the U.S.

{COMMO} may also be purchased from the following dealers.

In Brazil:

Clovis Nogueira, CampNet BBS 55-192-54-1345 24 hrs.
voice and fax 55-192-54-4165

In Taiwan:

Thomas Ho, DayDream Service (DDS) 886-2-925-0920 (V.32Terbo)
886-2-925-1903 (16.8k HST)
voice 886-2-231-1660
fax 886-2-921-4748

13. Thanks

Thanks to all users who participated in the public beta testing of this
release. Special thanks to the sysops who made the betas available to first
time callers.

Thanks also to the many users whose ideas and suggestions have been the
driving force behind the development of {COMMO}.


Thank you, and I hope you enjoy {COMMO}.

Fred P. Brucker

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