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PKLite version 1.50--New!.
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PKLite version 1.50–New!.
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CHK4LITE.EXE 4573 4507 deflated
WHATSNEW.150 1740 740 deflated
README.DOC 942 431 deflated
OMBUDSMN.ASP 591 359 deflated
PKLITE.EXE 19890 19566 deflated
PKLITE.DOC 31407 8436 deflated
ORDER.DOC 4441 1926 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 3841 1637 deflated

Download File PKLTE150.EXE Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

*** Important information for use with PKLITE (R) ***
*** Copyright 1990,1991,1992,1995, by PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved. ***
*** PKLITE Reg. U.S. Pat. and Tm. Off. ***

This diskette contains the file PKLTE150.EXE.

To create the program and documentation files for PKLITE version 1.50:

Type: PKLTE150 -d C:\PKLITE

This will create a directory called PKLITE on your C: drive and
extract the program files to that directory.

To print the documentation files after running PKLITE150:


If you distribute PKLITE to friends, associates, or to a computer
bulletin board system (BBS), please distribute the PKLTE150.EXE file
rather than the individual files for PKLITE.

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