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A neat Christmas card generator.

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*** Kris_Jr Version 1.2 ***
Create personalized self-running
Christmas cards with colorful text.
Send some high-tech happiness to
a friend this Holiday season.
_EGA/VGA color graphics.

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A neat Christmas card generator.
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Contents of the KRIS_JR.DOC file

Kris_Jr Greeting Cards Version 1.2
Copyright 1993, Duckbill Group
All rights reserved

Kris_Jr is a program which allows you to add personalized text to
a 16 color image and save it as a self displaying file. Kris_Jr is
the "junior" version of KrisCards and has a limited number of
greeting card templates (images). Except as noted, the features
of Kris_Jr are identical to KrisCards.

a) an IBM PC/AT compatible computer
b) EGA, VGA, or SVGA 16 color display
c) 128 K available memory
d) 1 MB free hard disk space
e) ZIP file decompression utility

Kris_Jr is being distributed as shareware. It is NOT free
software. However, you do not have to pay to try it, test it,
and determine if it is will be useful to you.

Kris_Jr is made available for a free seven (7) day trial period.
If you find this program useful, you may license the program for
a $10.00 registration fee. Registrations are given on a SINGLE
USE ONLY license, meaning the program may be used on a single
machine at one time. If this program is to be used by a BUSINESS,
it MUST BE registered prior to its use. You may not evaluate it
for the purpose of making a profit.

Kris_Jr may not be changed or modified in any way except by the
author. Kris_Jr may be freely distributed for the seven day trial
period as long as it remains in its complete form. Regardless of
how the copy is obtained, it is requested that all users comply
with the licensing agreement.

Distributors of shareware and/or public domain software must obtain
written permission before distributing copies of Kris_Jr.

How to Order/Register:
For your convenience, we've included a registration/order form
(ORDER.FRM) with space for all the required information. Please
complete the enclosed form and return it with the registration fee.

You may upgrade to the complete KrisCards Greeting Card Set for an
additional $9.95. The complete set includes all the images shown in
the PREVIEWx files. Please indicate your choice and enclose the
appropriate amount. Details concerning shipment of the complete set
are included on the form.

All licensing registrations will be promptly acknowledged. Special
priority will be given users who choose to upgrade.

Kris_Jr should be installed in a separate directory to prevent
possible confusion with other files having the same extension.
This will also simplify de-installation. Unregistered programs
must be deleted after the 7 day trial period.

KrisCards is a program which allows you to add personalized text to
a 16 color image and save it as a self displaying file. The saved
files will run in less than 64K , making them ideal for older
computers, laptops, modem transmission and other applications were
file and memory space are limited.

KrisCards are an ideal greeting for the Holidays. There is no limit
to the number of personalized cards that you can send to your friends
and they can be delivered quickly and inexpensively. You can send
KrisCards via modem, on a floppy by mail or by sneaker net. They're
also ecologically sound since they require no paper products.

The use of modems and electronic mail has brought the world to our
door steps. At the same time, there never seems to be enough time
to do those little things that mean so much. KrisCards are
international in nature and culturally aware. We appreciate that
people are different and offer a way to show the respect of our
friendship with them. Several languages and cultures are reflected
in our designs.

The KrisCard program is easy to operate through the use of menus
and screen prompts. A main menu is displayed at startup and is
accessible at all times by pressing the [Esc] key. Although using
the program may be intuitive, please take a few moments to
familiarize yourself with some of the features.

Technical Notes and Legal Notices are located at the end of this document.

Five functions are available through this menu by pressing the
associated key. The first four functions will invoke the Files Menu
for your selection. The functions and keys are ....

[C] CREATE a new file by adding your personalized text to
an image template. Text may be written in any of 15
available colors on a letter by letter basis.

[E] EDIT a finished card. This allows you to correct the
text of a self displaying file.

[P] PREVIEW an image. This allows you to view an image
template without text.

[V] VIEW a finished card. This allows you to view the
self displaying file with your text added. The image
is displayed full screen without any prompts.

[End] END the program.

Press [Esc] to the Main Menu at any time.

A floating bar system is used to highlight the current file. You
may use the arrow keys to position the bar or use letter keys to
find the first matching name. If no match exists, the bar does
not move. Press [Enter] to select and display the file. Invalid
file types will not be displayed and you will be returned to this
menu. If you chose CREATE or EDIT at the Main Menu, those
functions will be invoked.

The image is displayed full screen without prompts. VIEW displays
finished cards with the text in color as you typed it. Press
[Enter] to return to the Files Menu, or [Esc] for the Main Menu.

A gray bar is presented to indicate the number of spaces remaining on
the selected line. It will act as your cursor while the screen is in
the graphics display mode. Text is limited to this area. If you
continue to type, the cursor will not move past the limits. The CREATE
mode also incorporates the EDIT mode for corrections.

CURSOR POSTION Use the Left arrow or Backspace key to erase the
previous character.

The Right arrow key moves cursor one space and
prints the appropriate character and color. If
you have not entered any text, this will simply
be a series of blanks. In EDIT, the original
character and color will be revealed, saving
you from retyping a line during corrections.

SELECTING COLORS Use the Up and Down arrow keys to cycle through
the palette of available text colors. A block
indicator in the upper right corner of the screen
will display the current color. The text may be
any color in the palette except for the background

The current line number and total number of available lines are
displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Enter text as you
normally would after selecting the color of your choice. All
characters are allowed, even extended and foriegn characters. Once
you have completed your text, press [Enter] to save it.

You will now be prompted with a "CENTER? Y/N" message. Press [Y] to
automatically center the text on the line. Any other key skips
centering. You may undo the centering during corrections.

The Gray Bar is removed and your text is displayed as it will be
on the finished card.

If you are in CREATE, the next line will repeat the previous steps
until all the available lines have be displayed. You may press
[Enter] to skip to the next line and leave this one blank.

Once all available lines have been displayed, you enter the EDIT mode.


You are prompted to see if you want to correct any line of text.
Press the corresponding number key to correct a line.

If you were originally in the CREATE mode, the right arrow key will
reveal a left justified line, even if you selected Center before.
This allows you to change your mind on centering the text.

If you are editing a finished card, the right arrow key will display
the text as if was on the original. Any leading spaces will be

If you select a valid line number, the Gray Bar will highlight the
appropriate line and you may make corrections or type in new text.
Press [Enter] to save the new line and indicate if you want to
center. The program returns you to the EDIT mode where you may
correct other lines.

Press [Enter] to save the file. [Esc] returns you to the Main Menu.

You will be prompted to enter a DOS file name of up to eight
characters. The extension is automatically added. You must save
to the current directory and drive. Valid characters for a name
are A-Z, 0-9, a dash, or an underscore. Other characters are
ignored, and lower case letters are capitalized. The backspace
key may be used for corrections.

Press [Enter] to save the file as the name you typed. If no name
is entered, it is assumed that you want to make more corrections and
you are returned to EDIT.

If the file name already exists, you will be prompted for permission
to overwrite the old file. Press [Y] to overwrite. Otherwise, you
will be prompted for a new name.

If you are constantly prompted for a new name, the file has been
write protected or your disk is full.

After the file has been saved, you will be ask if you wish to
continue with the same image. This is useful for making multiple
copies of a file where only a few text lines are different.

Press [Y] to return to EDIT. Any other key returns you to the
Main Menu where you may view the finished card, or select another

Kris_Jr has no provision to output directly to a printer.

P.O. BOX 610349
BIRMINGHAM, AL. 35261-0349

This product is distributed AS IS. The Duckbill Group specifically
disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not
limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a
particular purpose. Any similarities of the program or images to
other works or any person are coincidental. In no event shall the
Duckbill Group be liable for any loss of profit or any other
commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental,
consequential or other damages.

Kris_Jr is copyrighted software and all rights are reserved as
specified in the Copyright Act. The program(s), image files and
child programs may not be changed or modified in any way except as
detailed in this document.

1. Kris_Jr is designed to run from the DOS prompt. It takes
direct control of the video display and may be incompatible
with Windows or DesqView applications.

2. The images included in PREVIEWx.KRS files have been reduced
in resolution and color range. They are for quick reference
only and do not accurately represent the dynamics of the
full size images. Preview files are always in the PREVIEW
mode. You can not add text to a PREVIEWx.KRS file.

Windows is a trademark of MicroSoft. DesqView is a trademark of
QuarterDeck. PC/AT and IBM are trademarks of International
Business Machines Corporation.

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