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Automated Install of Trumpet Winsock TCP/IP with Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
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Automated Install of Trumpet Winsock TCP/IP with Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Automated Install of Trumpet Winsock TCP/IP with Windows for Workgroups 3.11

June 3, 1994


This are instructions on how to use the enclosed OEMSETUP.INF and
WINPKT.BAT files to install Trumpet Winsock TCP/IP over Windows for
Workgroups 3.11 using the Network Setup program. This avoids manually
editing the system.ini, protocol.ini, and (perhaps) other files.

This is *only* for Windows for Workgroups 3.11. If you are already
running the MS TCP/IP-32 for Windows(TM) for Workgroups 3.11 (found
at in \peropsys\wfw\tcpip\vxdbeta) you might question
your sanity. You'll have to remove that first. If you want to do SLIP,
this isn't for you either.


Installation and use of this OEMSETUP.INF and WINPKT.BAT are strictly and
entirely at your own risk. These are presented as is, and no warranty is
either expressed or implied. If you choose to use these software and
procedures, then you are solely responsible for any and all problems
and/or damages, immediate or consequential.

If there is an existing winsock.dll file in the windows directory (from a
different TCP/IP package) you may wish to copy or rename it; it will be
replaced (as will services, hosts, protocol, and other files listed in


OEMSETUP.INF -- contains information for Network Setup to install this
WINPKT.BAT -- automatic determination of interrupt used by DIS_PKT.DOS
DIS_PKT.DOS -- NDIS to packet driver shim
DIS_PKT.ASM -- documentation for DIS_PKT.DOS, FYI
README.TXT -- this file

The latest Trumpet Winsock can be obtained by anonymous FTP at a number of
sites. These instructions were tested using version 1.0b6, found at in /pub/trumpet/winsock/pre-release.


1. Put these files (OEMSETUP.INF, WINPKT.BAT, and DIS_PKT.DOS) on the
same diskette or in the smae directory as the Trumpet Winsock
distribution files.

2. Launch Network Setup (probably in the Network group).

3. Click [Drivers] button.

4. Click [Add Protocol] button.

5. Select "Unlisted or Updated Protocol" and click [OK] button.

6. In the dialog asking for network-provided driver disk, click [Browse]
to find the directory where you've put all the files (step 1).
Note: if you just type in the path to the files, it will ask again
for each file, so use the [Browse] button. When the path is set,
click [OK], and it should list "Trumpet TCP/IP". Click [OK] to accept

7. If you get a message like "Setup error 320. You have selected a
real-mode protocol . . ." follow their instructions; remove the
current NDIS driver and install the real mode one (NDIS2) or the
"Real Mode and Enhanced Mode NDIS Driver (NDIS2/NDIS3)".

8. Exit dialogs (click [Close] then [OK]), and let Network Setup do its

9. You might wish to not let Network Setup reboot, but check your
AUTOEXEC.BAT to see that "net start" and "call winpkt.bat" are
where you want them (before Windows is started, but perhaps after
anything else you want to run or load first).

You might also check your CONFIG.SYS. On one system where I had
removed device=ifshlp.sys (and therefore WfWG was not doing networking),
it was not added by this procedure (one shouldn't expect it to!)

10. Reboot.

11. Note the vector where winpkt gets installed.

12. Start Windows. WfWG should be working.

13. Run TCPMAN (found in the Windows directory), and enter your IP address,
netmask, gateway, etc. Be sure to put the vector number reported by
winpkt in "Packet Vector". Close TCPMAN. Test by running any and
all winsock applications.


If you have problems, try posting to alt.winsock or
comp.protocols.tcp-ip.ibmpc or
Also see the installation instructions provided with Trumpet Winsock.

Please don't write the people listed below with questions; we're getting
too much mail already.

However, send corrections and additions to these instructions to
[email protected] Also, if you get this working on a machine with a
token-ring, please write to [email protected] The dis_pkt.dos shim doesn't
seem to work for me on token-ring. Same procedure is fine on machine
with an ethernet adapter.


The original OEMSETUP.INF was by B. Armstrong ([email protected]).
Douglas W. Jones ([email protected]) modified it and wrote the
WINPKT.BAT. C. J. Sacksteder ([email protected]) compiled these notes;
corrections by Douglas Jones. Of course, don't forget Peter Tattam, writing
great software for reasonable cost. REGISTER IT!

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