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Debt Doctor - helps user with debt reconciling, etc. Reads Quicken format input.
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Debt Doctor – helps user with debt reconciling, etc. Reads Quicken format input.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Debt Dr.(TM)
Version 1.2
by MicroVision Software (TM)


1. Distribution of Debt Dr.

2. What's new in this version

3. Advantages to Registering Debt Dr.

4. Registration Information.

5. Technical Support for Registered Users

6. Pre-installation Requirements

7. Installing Debt Dr.

Distribution of Debt Dr.:

This program may be distributed for Evaluation purposes only,
it may not be re-sold. A service fee, not to exceed $5.00, may be
charged by Software Vendors that are registered with MicroVision
Software to distribute Debt Dr.

What's new in this version:

1. Now supports importing and exporting from/to Quicken.

2. On-line help is now available as a part of this zip file.

3. Forms now have buttons.

4. You can now run Quicken automatically from Debt Dr.
Operations Menu.

5. Provides an option at installation to configure Quicken's
menu to include an option to run Debt Dr.

6. Automatically exports Debt Payments to Quicken.

7. Automatically displays helpful hints to make data entry

8. All date fields support a calendar function.

Advantages to Registering Debt Dr.:

1. Unlimited Use.

2. Discounts on Updates.

3. Technical Support.

4. Unlimited Number of Accounts.

5. Supports Multiple Debt Dr. Files.

6. Print Payment Schedule

7. Print Graphs

Registration Information:

Registration is available by calling MicroVision Software and
abtaining an access code to activate the program.

You can register by calling:


or by sending your registration form to:

MicroVision Software
P.O. Box 9885
Fresno, CA 93794-9885

or you can fax your registration form to:

(209) 276-8935

See "Registration" in the Debt Dr. Help Menu, for Help on
how to register.

* * * All Major Credit Cards Accepted. * * *

Technical Support for Registered Users

If you have any problems, questions and/or comments regarding
the installation and/or use of Debt Dr., you can do one of the

Send E-mail to: CompuServe ID#: 74761,2040

Or America On-Line Screen Name: MicroVS

Or Call (209) 275-8175

Or Send fax to (209) 276-8935

Pre-installation Requirements:

1. Windows 3.1 or Higher.

2. VBRUN300.DLL (Visual Basic Runtime Version 3.0).

3. 2.5 Megabytes of Free Disk Space.

Installing Debt Dr.:

1. In the Windows Program Manager, Select the File-Run Menu

2. Under the Command line, Enter the Drive, Directory and
"Setup.exe", or Choose the Browse Button and Select the
Drive, Directory and the "Setup.exe" file. (example:

3. Choose OK.

4. After the Debt Dr. Setup initializes, select the Drive and
Directory you wish to install Debt Dr. You can choose the
same Drive and Directory that you're installing from.
(example C:\DEBTDR)

5. If you do NOT want to install system files to your
Windows\System Directory, make sure this option is NOT
checked. The default will copy the system files to your
windows directory.

6. Choose Continue.

7. When prompted, enter the License Name (May NOT be blank)
and Serial Number (May be blank).

8. Choose OK.

9. If you are using Quicken, you will be asked if you want to
update Quicken's menu to include an option to run Debt Dr.
Answer if you would like this option.

10. To run Debt Dr., choose the Debt Dr. Icon in the Debt Dr.

Thank You for using Debt Dr.

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