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Demo to crack Paradox passwords on tables with 20 records or less, also cracks scripts.
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Demo to crack Paradox passwords on tables with 20 records or less, also cracks scripts.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MAIL.DB 4096 2183 deflated
MAIL.SC 259 259 stored
PXPASSD.EXE 87475 86635 deflated
README.TXT 1998 931 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

The file PXPASSD.ZIP should contain the following files:

PXPASSD.EXE - An executable program which will
recover the passsword for Paradox Table
and Scripts, (all versions -> 5.x) and
Symantec Q&A files.
MAIL.DB - A Paradox Table locked with the password
MAIL.SC - A Paradox Script locked with the password
README.TXT - This file.

This demonstration is a disabled version of AccessData's
Paradox password recovery program PXPASS. This demo will recover
locked Paradox Tables if the table contains less than 20 records.
The demo will recover lock Paradox Scripts if the Script is less
than 260 bytes. The full working copy of PXPASS is 100%
guarenteed to recover passwords of ANY LENGTH,reguardless of the
files content. PXPASS successfully recovers passwords for all
versions of Paradox versions -> 5.x.

The regular cost for PXPASS is $185. AccessData is offering a
"COMPUSERVE/INTERNET SPECIAL of $99.00 through June,30 1995". In
order to take advantage of the $99.00 price you MUST mention you
heard about the product through either COMPUSERVE or the
InterNet. To contact AccessData please call or write to:

AccessData Corp.
560 S. State, Suite J-1
Orem, UT 84058
Tel: (800)574-5199 (US and Canada)
Tel: (801)224-6970
Fax: (801)224-6009

AccessData also has a full line of password recovery software for
use with:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Lotus 1-2-3
Quattro Pro
Novell NetWare
Microsoft Money
Norton Utilities Diskreet
and many others.

All of AccessData's password recovery programs come with a 100%
satisfaction guarentee. AccessData has been in the bussiness of
file security and password recovery since 1988 and are a leaders
in the field.

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