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Windows utility for quick video resolution changes.
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Windows utility for quick video resolution changes.
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Contents of the INSTAREZ.TXT file

InstaRez 1.0
Copyright (C) 1995
by Terry M. Rogers

InstaRez was written by Kerry B. Rogers to allow users a quick change
of video resolution. It works in conjunction with Windows Setup (the
SETUP.EXE program in the Windows subdirectory) to allow a single
location for the selection of desired screen resolutions. The software
copyright remains the property of Terry M. Rogers regardless of its
usage by any other party.

NOTE - To effectively use InstaRez, it is recommended that the file
INSTAREZ.EXE be placed in your windows STARTUP group which will allow
InstaRez to launch each time Windows is started. The most common mode
for startup of a "fingertip" utility (as this is called) is to set the
InstaRez program to startup in "minimized" format, that is, startup as
an icon on the Windows desktop.


Terry M. Rogers does not warrantee the results of using this software
under any circumstances and will assume no liability whatsoever. Usage
of this software constitutes complete acceptance of liability on the
part of the user.


Launch InstaRez by double-clicking on the InstaRez icon (if it is not
already running). InstaRez will then create its own initialization
file (INSTAREZ.INI) within the same directory in which it resides.
This file is used to maintain all of the specific information relating
to each "registered" or "evaluated" video mode.

EVALUATE BUTTON. This button evaluates the current video mode that is
defined in your SYSTEM.INI file. You'll note that changing resolutions
through the Windows Setup program updates the SYSTEM.INI file every
time you select a new video driver. The first time you run InstaRez,
you'll want to repeatedly change video modes in the Windows Setup
EVALUATE button to "register" that mode with InstaRez. When you are

finished evaluating changes to the SYSTEM.INI file, you may click on
the resolution you desire by using the...

RESOLUTION BUTTONS. These buttons dynamically allocate themselves
each time you click the EVALUATE button and InstaRez recognizes a video
mode that it has not seen before. They also auto-allocate themselves
each time InstaRez in run by checking recorded information in the

WINDOWS SETUP BUTTON. This button is provided for your convenience to
allow you to quickly launch Windows Setup from within the InstaRez
program. It serves no other purpose.

CLOSE BUTTON. Self-explanatory. This button exits the InstaRez program.

Removing Video Modes

The safest way to remove any video modes from the InstaRez application
is to completely delete the INSTAREZ.INI file located in the same
directory that INSTAREZ.EXE is launched from. This is best because the
average user cannot decipher the internals of the INSTAREZ.INI file.
The next step would be to redefine and re-evaluate all of the video
modes that ARE desired - skipping the modes you don't want displayed

That's it. If you wish to maintain a semblance of integrity, your
unsolicited donations ($5 suggested) would be greatly appreciated!
It would also give more reason to dream up other useful utilities...

Please send any donations to:

Terry M. Rogers
2011 Wilkinson St.
Apt. 9A
Cayce, South Carolina 29033-2915

Any comments are also welcome through the E-Mail of CompuServe using:

Terry Rogers

or on the Internet using:

[email protected]

Thank you for trying InstaRez and God bless!

Terry M. Rogers

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