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WinVN Internet Newsreader - latest version dated 06/06/95.
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WinVN Internet Newsreader – latest version dated 06/06/95.
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CTL3DV2.DLL 21648 10075 deflated
GENASYNC.DLL 8080 5112 deflated
GWINSOCK.DLL 7792 4771 deflated
PWKSOCK.DLL 7392 4142 deflated
README.TXT 42805 14368 deflated
WINVN.EXE 298592 134644 deflated
WINVN.HLP 117624 84848 deflated
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Contents of the README.TXT file


WinVN 0.99-5

Make sure to read the Installation Instructions before installing
WinVN. E-mail traffic is high for the unpaid supporters of this
product and almost all the questions people ask are either answered
in this "README.TXT", the WINVN.FAQ, the WWW site, the Hardcopy
DOCs or the MAIL.WINVN Newsgroup on NEWS.KSC.NASA.GOV. Please
help us spend our time making WinVN a better product and not
answering the same questions over and over.


What is WinVN?
Upgrading from a previous version
Installation Instructions
WinVN Files
How to get the latest version
Contacting the developers
Revision History

What is WinVN?

WinVN is an NNTP newsreader for the Microsoft Windows family. You can use
it to read and post Usenet News, and send email via the SMTP or MAPI
protocols. There are two version of WinVN:
WinVN 16-bit For Windows and Windows for Workgroups
WinVN 32-bit *Only* for Windows NT and Windows 95


1) An appropriate operating system: Windows, Windows for Workgroups,
Windows NT, or Windows 95.

2) A correct installation as described below.

3) An appropriate network connection with a TCP/IP stack and either a
WINSOCK.DLL or a WSOCKETS.DLL. See Installation Instructions below.

4) An NNTP News Server that supports at least one of the following NNTP
XHDR Most news servers can do this
XOVER INN is a news server that does XOVER

WinVN will use XOVER, a better protocol, if your server supports it.
You need the name or address of the server. A few news servers require
a username and password for authentication--most do not. Contact your
news server's administrator if in doubt.

Upgrading from a previous version

1) Just unzip the archive into your current WinVN directory. The archive does
not contain NEWSRC or WINVN.INI files, so your existing settings will be
preserved and WinVN will merge in any new features needed for the new
release. [If you are paranoid: move your WinVN.INI and NEWSRC files to
a different directory, delete everything else in your WinVN directory,
unzip WinVN, and finally move your WinVN.INI and NEWSRC files back.

WinVN 16-bit:
Move (*don't copy*) CTL3DV2.DLL into your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.
There must be *one and only one* instance of this file on your disk!
WinVN 32-bit:
Move (*don't copy*) CTL3D32.DLL into your %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32 directory.
There must be *one and only one* instance of this file on your disk!

New Installation Instructions

0) Read this file, the help file, and the FAQ. They will answer most of
your questions.

1) Create a WinVN directory and unzip the archive into this directory.

WinVN 16-bit:
Move (*** DO NOT COPY!!! ***) CTL3DV2.DLL into your
\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. There must be *one and only one*
instance of this file on your disk! or you will get a
CTL3DV2.DLL was not installed correctly message. This message
is put out by the authors of CTL3DV2.DLL and not by WinVN! We
can't do anything about that.

WinVN 32-bit:
Move (*don't copy*) CTL3D32.DLL into your %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32 directory.
There must be *one and only one* instance of this file on your disk!

(Note: if you are running Windows 3.1 with Win32S, you still can't
run the 32bit version of WinVN. Win32S doesn't provide a 32bit
WinSock.DLL so it won't buy you anything even if we supported it).

3) This is very important! Choose the appropriate Winsock interface by
editing the GenSockDLL entry in the Communications section of your
WINVN.INI. WinVN doesn't ship with a WinVN.INI file but it will
produce one the first time you run the program. If you want to
change WinVN's DLL that interfaces to the WinSOCK.DLL on your
networking stack, run WinVN first, have it produce a WINVN.INI
and then edit the WinVN.INI using an editor.

See below for details.

WinVN 16-bit:
GWINSOCK.DLL The default, which should work in most cases
PWKSOCK.DLL For pre Winsock 1.1 compliant TCP/IP stacks
such as Dec Pathworks 4.1 or earlier (Pathworks
5.0 or higher use GWINSOCK.DLL) or LanManager 2.1a
or earlier. (LanMan 2.2 or higher, use GWINSOCK.DLL)
GENASYNC.DLL Faster with modem and Trumpet or NetManage products

WinVN 32-bit:
GWINSOCK.DLL The default, which should work in all cases

You will have one of the following two types of TCP/IP stacks:

Winsock v1.1 (or higher) TCP/IP stack and WINSOCK.DLL:
(Examples: Microsoft TCP/IP, Trumpet, PC/TCP, Windows NT,
Windows 95, NetManage TCP/IP, LanManager 2.2, DEC Pathworks 5.1)

a) Make sure WINSOCK.DLL is in your path before starting Windows.
b) Make sure the GenSockDLL entry in the Communications section
of your WINVN.INI is set to GWINSOCK.DLL or GENASYNC.DLL, as

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are using later versions of the Trumpet or
NetManage (Chameleon) products, you will get better performance over
a modem with GENASYNC.DLL rather than GWINSOCK.DLL.


Non-Winsock TCP/IP stack and WSOCKETS.DLL:
(Examples: DEC Pathworks 4.1 or Microsoft LanManager 2.1a)

a) Make sure WSOCKETS.DLL is in your path before starting Windows.
b) Make sure the GenSockDLL entry in the Communications section
of your WINVN.INI is set to PWKSOCK.DLL.

for your TCP/IP stack's own socket DLLs--they use them. For example,

4) Configure the Communications Options. The first time you start WinVN
you will be asked to configure these options. You must have the name or
address of your news server. The TCP port should be NNTP or 119 if the
former does not work. The Username and Password should *only* be
filled in if your news server requires them for authentication.
Contact your news server's administrator if in doubt.

If you are using SMTP mail, fill in the appropriate SMTP host name or
address. See the help file for more information.

5) Configure your Personal Info. The first time you start WinVN
you will be asked for your name, email address, and organization. Make
sure you provide a valid email address.

WinVN Files

WinVN 16-bit:

File Location Description
------------ --------------------- ------------------
WINVN.EXE WinVN directory The program itself
WINVN.HLP WinVN directory The help file
WVTB.DLL WinVN directory Toolbar support
GWINSOCK.DLL WinVN directory Generic Winsock interface
PWKSOCK.DLL WinVN directory For non-Winsock compliant TCP/IP stacks
GENASYNC.DLL WinVN directory For modem and Trumpet or NetManage
README.TXT WinVN directory This file
WINVNFAQ.TXT WinVN directory Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)
NEWSRC WinVN directory* List of newsgroups and read articles
WINVN.INI WinVN directory* Configuration file
CTL3DV2.DLL \WINDOWS\SYSTEM 3-D control support

WinVN 32-bit:

File Location Description
------------ --------------------- ------------------
WINVN.EXE WinVN directory The program itself
WINVN.HLP WinVN directory The help file
WVTB32.DLL WinVN directory Toolbar support
GWINSOCK.DLL WinVN directory Generic Winsock interface
README.TXT WinVN directory This file
WINVNFAQ.TXT WinVN directory Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)
NEWSRC WinVN directory* List of newsgroups and read articles
WINVN.INI WinVN directory* Configuration file
CTL3D32.DLL %SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32 3-D control support

*These files will be created the first time you run WinVN, if they
don't already exist. This is the default location. These files can
be moved, and their location pointed to on the command line or by the
WINVN environment variable, to support multiple configurations. See the
help file for more information.

How to get the latest version

The official FTP site for WinVN is at

Always use FTP.KSC.NASA.GOV to get only the IP number that is outside the
firewall. Always check there for the latest binaries and sources. Other
sites that keep fairly current with the main site are: (/pub/pc/win/winvn/
and (/winvn)

Matching hardcopy documentation by Jim Dumoulin ([email protected])
for is also available on

Contacting the developers

Before you report bugs or request features, get the latest version of
WinVN as described in the section above. You may find your issues
have already been addressed. You should also try to verify that your
machine, TCP/IP stack, and WinVN are set up properly.

You can send comments to the WinVN developers by sending mail to
[email protected]

Mailing List:
If you don't mind a lot of traffic on WinVN, you can join the developers
mailing list by a mail message to [email protected] with the
Subject line blank and the contents of the message "subscribe winvn".
To get off the mailing list, send the message "unsubscribe winvn" to
the same address.

An easy way to keep up on WinVN developments is to point your newsreader
at (currently for those of you with
broken DNS's but soon to be changing to There should be a
single newsgroup, mail.winvn, which is a gatewayed version of the mailing
list. Announcements and discussions of common problems can be found here.
It's very likely the best place to get the scoop on _your_ problem. If
mail gets much worse, we may consider starting an alt newsgroup.

You can have more than one WinVN icon on your Windows Desktop pointing
to different servers. If you want to keep up with the WinVN development
newsgroup on NEWS.KSC.NASA.GOV, you can configure a seperate WinVN.INI
and NEWSRC file (perhaps just move the ones you have into a sub
directory). Then, if you pass these files to WinVN via setting the
command line arguments inside the Windows Icon (ie: instead of
just entering "C:\winvn\winvn.exe" in the icon, enter something
like "C:\winvn\winvn.exe c:\winvn\ksc\winvn.ini c:\winvn\ksc\newsrc".

A World Wide Web node has been developed for WinVN by Mike Downs
([email protected]) and is available at the following URL:


Thanks to Mark Riordan for the original WinVN!

Many people have worked on WinVN--it's been a fun, international project.

Here are a few of them:

Matt Bretherton [email protected]
Harvey Brydon [email protected]
John S. Cooper [email protected]
Michael Downs [email protected]
Mike Downs [email protected]
Jim Dumoulin [email protected]
Michael Finken [email protected]
Don Gardner [email protected]
Jody Glasser [email protected]
Masaki Ishido [email protected]
Jim Martin [email protected]
Tom Menshik [email protected]
Conor Nolan [email protected]
Roger Pearse [email protected]
John Piraino [email protected]
Mark Riordan [email protected]
Sam Rushing [email protected]

(Countless others we don't really mean to leave out.)

- Sam Rushing, Jim Dumoulin & John Cooper

======== Release ChangeLog =======

WinVN release .99.5:

(dumoulin) Fixed bug that would trash news group list when
subscribing to a newsgroup.

(dumoulin) Fixed bugs in the tracking of when the NewsRC file
gets modified. Some times WinVN wasn't saving
the NEWSRC file when it should.

(dumoulin) Fixed a GPF when updating unseen articles
with multiple newsgroups open. There are
still some other bugs that are not fixed
when reusing the same article window for
multiple groups.

(dumoulin) Fixed bug in article threshold menu. Wasn't allowing
you to enter a number.

(dumoulin) Fixed a bug where WinVN wasn't selecting the
right article when selection was done using
the mouse.

(dumoulin) Relaxed restriction on Reset Server Protocol
to allow an abort even if WinVN thinks its
a bad idea. This can cause GPF's since many
parts of WinVN can't be aborted, but it will
help people get out of some hung situations
as a last resort.

(dumoulin) Fixed problems with Canceling articles. Didn't
check all possible headers and failed when some
header info was turned off

(jcooper) Support new INI option MIMECharset which defaults
to ISO-8859-1.

(jcooper) Fix to MIME type text/plain.

(jcooper) Fix code when sending mail that would abort the
mail window if a required header was missing.

(vielhaber) Updated the WinVN online Documentation.

(ishido) Changed size of hostname buffer from 1024 bytes to
to 256 bytes to keep from GPFing when getting
hostname on some WinSock stacks.

(dumoulin) Changed name of CascadeWindows to avoid a conflict
in API calls of Windows95.

(dumoulin) Fixed WinVN's menu's where extra seperator lines
were being displayed.

WinVN release .99.4:

(dumoulin) Added support to track cross posted articles
(configurable from the Article List menu)
and support for a cache of Spare Range arrays
so when article ranges grow, memory doesn't
get too trashed.

(dumoulin) Cleaned up all routines that did raw pointer
math to offset into data structures. There
are now accessor macro's to locate data. This
changed practically every file in WinVN but
was necessary to safely add cross posting code
where article Range Array could grow dynamically.

(dumoulin) Allow postings to be created that have the
keyword "poster" in the followup-to header.
This will send E-mail to the originator.

(dumoulin) Fixed GPF if someone enters -1 in the
article fetch Threshold dialog box.

(dumoulin) Fixed code that calculates how big to make
the posting or mail edit window. It should
now calculate correctly to 78 characters if
a fixed font is used (the default).

(dumoulin) Added a way to track when the NewsRC file
gets modified so that close or save operations
don't write out the file if it isn't necessary.

(dumoulin) Added support for setting the TimeZone environment
variable either from WinVN.INI or the config

(dumoulin) Added Help Toolbar bitmap to all toobars and
changed help to point to the WinVN Help file
instead of the About Box (more useful).

(dumoulin) Seperated spacing on the Catchup and Close
toolbars when they were too close to each other.
Added additional line seperators on Menu bars
where they were too close.

(vielhaber) Updated the WinVN online Documentation.

(harris) New ToolBar binary for Catchup and Exit

(dumoulin) Add a space seperator for articles saved to disk.
Changed Date to conform to mailbox format and
Changed year to be 4 digits (like 1995) instead
of 2 digits (like 95).

(dumoulin) Fixed bugs with Cancel Article code. Will now
properly work if Followup-to header set to poster,
validates poster information and allows for
modification of the Newsgroups in the cancel.

(dumoulin) Cleaned up status line messages for various

(dumoulin) Fixed bug that could cause a negative number
of articles to be requested from the server
causing GPF's. Fixed other bugs caused when
int's overflow and become negative instead
of turning into longs.

(dumoulin) Rewrote formatting of GenSock error Message Box
so people are less likely to get scared away
and fire off E-mail and more likely to read
message and attempt to fix things on their own.

WinVN release .99.3:

(dumoulin) Fix GPF where uninitialized Hdc was being used when
sending mail.
(dumoulin) Added ability for owner of an Article to cancel.
his/her own article
(ishido) Force posts to properly use Followup-to header
instead of Newsgroups if available.
(dumoulin) Added option to display Followup-To Header, defaults
to on but can be turned off by user.
(dumoulin) Added dialog menus to Edit Windows to inform user
when Fonts or sizes would create lines longer than
78 characters.
(dumoulin) Added option to disable saving NewsRC file upon
exiting of each Group. Defaults to off.
(brydon) Add status line feedback when saving NewsRC file.
(dumoulin) Fixed GPF if COMDOC becomes NULL for any reason.
(dumoulin) Fixed status line message on Close option. Text
said Cancel Article instead of Close.
(dumoulin) Made wording stronger about Authorization fields
in Communications options menu being "Optional".
(dumoulin) Allow PageUP, PageDown, Home and End keys to
work properly in Group window regardless of
the state of the Multi-Select option.
(dumoulin) Fixed problem with not being able to view some
articles after sorting.
(dumoulin) Fixed GPF with unitialized HMENU object during Reset
(dumoulin) Fixed problem with freeing a system font upon exit.
(dumoulin) Fixed problem with pending I/O operations upon exit
that can cause GPF's on slow networking stacks.
(dumoulin) Fixed problem with corrupting memory if the
number of new groups on the server is 0.

WinVN release .99.2:

(dumoulin) Fix GPF where uninitialized Hdc was being used when
responding to articles
(dumoulin) Comment out all Trace options in preparation of a
Winvn 1.0 Release
(dumoulin) Allow PageUp, PageDown, Home and End keys to work
regardless of setting of Multi-Select option in Group
Article List window
(dumoulin) Fix GPF when marking text in extreemly large articles.
Fixed copying of ROT13 encoded text to clipboard
(dumoulin) Enable reset server protocol in instances where it
wasn't previously possible to recover from a hung server
(dumoulin) Save NewsRc anytime closing of the Group window.

WinVN release .99.1:

(dumoulin) allow printing of ROT13 Messages
(dumoulin) partial fix of the cut/past GPF on huge articles
(dumoulin) Add a simple Save NewsRC option to Network menu
(rushing) message-id hashing for better threading
(rushing) Use presence of 'Re: ' as a hint when reconstructing
a broken thread

WinVN release .93.14:

(rushing) made a new hash function, rather than trying to
reuse HashGroup. Changed HashGroup back to Huge.

WinVN release .93.13:

(jcooper) Fix Smart Filer ask on duplicate filename
(jcooper) About box shows IDD_VERSION_NUMBER in static text
(jcooper) Added Restore All command to Window menu and to
main window Sys menu
(jglasser) Fix progress bar in main window for win16
(rushing) skip '<' on message-id's in header struct.
(rushing) changed HashGroup()'s argument type from 'unsigned
char huge *' to 'char *'
(rushing) skip over '<' character in mids & refs. make mids &
refs > 30 chars unique with a 4-char hash at the end.

WinVN release .93.12:

(rushing) redesigned the 'orphan reunite' code in sort_by_threads()
to be NLOGN instead of N squared
(dumoulin) change default thread sort to THREAD SUBJECT
(dumoulin) use a temp file when writing newsrc for extra protection
(jcooper) fix CUT HERE lines for uuencoded-without-mime attach
(jcooper) fix for wv16 decoder crash on filenames like 'abc.def.ghi'
(jglasser) multiple fixes to toolbar code
(rushing) threadOk check needs an extra check for hParentBlock==NULL
because the code is sometimes called before an InitDoc().

(rushing) issue warning when LockLine called with hBlock==NULL
(rushing) fixes to new sort by subject algorithm
(rushing) cast result of SelectObject to HBRUSH to remove warnings
(rushing) fix bracket typo
(rushing) make the embedded wildmat code not have a magical
rcs revision string.
(rushing) catch errors without error codes in open_smtp_socket()
(brydon) new declarations, misc fixes on several old declarations
(brydon) "Sort" menu: add Thread/Subject sort option.
(brydon) Record and remember user's sort option for each newsgroup.
(brydon) Made ANSI, several declarations and calls fixed.
(brydon) environment variable pointer fix
(jcooper) don't write newsrc under certain conditions
(jcooper) uncomment CalcNumUnread call.

WinVN release .93.11:
-- Bug Fixes
(rushing) Informative message for 'too much included text' rejection notice.
(rushing) SMTP mail now uses a bogus name if gethostname() fails.
(rushing) Newsrc now found via environment variable.
(jglasser) Disconnect button did not work if Confirm disconnect was off
(jcooper) Crash if minimized when article-retrieval complete (this bug
introduced in .93.10)
(jcooper) Crash on Find if very long header. (this bug introduced in
(jpiraino) Memory unlocking issues
(jpiraino) Toolbar fix

WinVN release 0.93.10:
-- Bug Fixes
(jcooper) Increased max header len to 800 (helps with long references
lists), and increased max entry len in composition header
field to 800
(jcooper) With !NewArtWnd, click on art in one group wnd, then on art
in 2nd group wnd, clicking on first art again failed to
(jcooper) Only enable disconnect/reconnect once connection is really
(jcooper) Next/Prev buttons in article were not selecting the proper
activeline in the parent group. ActiveLine selection out
of sync with actually-displayed article
(jcooper) Obtains refDoc headers immediately from doc on creation of
composition window. Avoids problems if refDoc is closed
before sending composition.
(jcooper) Personal info dlg warns on clearing identical reply-to
(jcooper) Main window paint strangeness while not connected.
(jcooper) Fixed batch sends
(jcooper) Changed NetHashTable to huge *
(jcooper) Fixed group article-list window, missing 'n' indicator for new
(ptirrell) Fixed Save Auth Password (again)
(jcooper) Cleaned up some status-bar menu strings
(jcooper) Allow news server to generate date header for postings.
(jcooper) Fixed sort-by-subject to ignore leading "re:" notation
(jcooper) Removed continue-mail-if-post-fails logic. Now if post or
mail fails, entire send is halted
(jcooper) In MultiSelect mode, Find did not properly start search from
top of doc
(jglasser) Fill article-list window with headers if possible
(jcooper) Do not allow exit/close/quit while establishing connection.
(causes GPF on return from gwinsock call)
(jcooper) Include original keywords header in reply even if not shown

-- New
(jglasser) Selected newsgroups in main window will be automatically
listed in the 'Newsgroups:' field of new composition
(jcooper) Added customizable Composition Font
(rushing) New alternate genasync.dll for improved performance with
Trumpet Winsock

WinVN release 0.93.9:
-- Bug Fixes
(jcooper) Fixed occasional posting bug - empty 2nd post on wrapped-
text body
(jcooper) Fixed crash bug in jpiraino's new IDM_POST NewsgroupsPtr code
(jcooper) Handle mail addresses like "email (name(nickname))"
(jcooper) Save button in article wnd now opens Save As instead of Save
(jcooper) Horizontal scrollbar thumbtracking paint problems
(jcooper) Thumbtrackers got stuck if held down when retrieval completes
(jcooper) Fixed focus-grabbing problems during multi-article save

WinVN release 0.93.8:
-- New
(dumoulin) Colorized toolbars

-- Bug Fixes
(jpiraino) char buffer size mismatches for .ini parmas fixed
(jpiraino) hDC released prematurely in winvn.c
(jpiraino) fix version checking for Windows95
(rushing) send 'mode reader' command when appropriate
(dumoulin) fixed GPF's in printing for some print drivers
(dumoulin) fixed printing of selected text
(jcooper) Crash if use prev/next function in an article whose
parent group has been Updated
(jcooper) Fixed beeps in control dialogs. Really this time 8^)
(jcooper) Rearranged composition preferences dialog to fit in 640x480
(jcooper) Memory overrun in ParseAddress caused occasional loss of
Personal Mail Address
(jcooper) Fixed In-Reply-To header generation in SMTP mails (was
sending duplicate Organization line)
(jcooper) Initiate 3d controls in time for initial newsrc/winvn.ini
dialog window
(jcooper) % received incorrect during Update from server
(jcooper) Removed dormant 'read-only' and 'help' options from open-
file dialogs
(jcooper) The drive selected in the SelectPath dialog occasionally
did not match the current directory shown
(jcooper) Fixed Ctrl-F (Find) in article view window
(jcooper) Deselect after copy in article view window
(jcooper) Cleaned up some double-click-on-article-id retrieval
(jcooper) No longer use hourglass during post/send.
(jcooper) Update From Server should not capture focus to main window

WinVN release .93.7:
-- Bug Fixes
(jcooper) Fixed paint crash on Update from server in group window
if prev TopLineOrd > new # in group
(jcooper) Now allows additional headers to be entered at top of
composition body text
(jcooper) Fixed About menu item from main window system menu
(jcooper) Crash if End key pressed in group article-list window
while retrieiving headers, or during 'Update from
server' if new # < old #
(jcooper) Fixed mailbox header generation in multi-part posts
(jcooper) Crash if lose connection while messagebox open which
is followed by comm stuff.
(jcooper) Window positions are now saved for Mail window, Post window,
block status window and decoding thread status windows
(jcooper) Window positions messed up if Save while window minimized

(jcooper) I built in Pearse's splash stuff, all #ifdef'ed just so
we don't lose this code. Works well when #def'ed.
(jcooper) Allow right-click dragging (duh)
(jglasser) More fixes for the rare toolbar problems
(jcooper) Fixed CalcNumUnread - was reporting invalid #'s for
never-seen groups
(jcooper) If resize window, large enough to hold entire doc, should
autoscroll to top (in addition to removing vscrollbar)
(jcooper) Inaccurate horiz scrollbar range in articles: fixed longestline
(jcooper) ViewArticle reusing a window always did SHOWNORMAL -
ignoring if the window was maximized or minimized
(jcooper) Confirm Reconnect question Yes/No logic backwards
(jcooper) Fixed Sort by Threads menu disabling (again)
(jcooper) Fixed status text of System menu "Close Alt+F4" - was
"Quits WinVN"
(ptirrell) Fixed Save Auth Password
(jcooper) Mouse drag problem in win32 if article view window - if
drag and release above the window, got reversed selection

WinVN release .93.6:
-- New
(jcooper) New 'mark all as unseen' or 'mark all as seen' menu items
in group article-list Articles menu
(jcooper) Single right-click in group article-list window toggles seen
(jcooper) Added 'Reconnect' option under main window Network menu

-- Bug Fixes
(jcooper) Reset Server Protocol should not be allowed while receiving
info from server. Now prompt for reconnect instead.
(jcooper) Fixed horizontal scrollbars in subscribe dialog
(jcooper) Fixed WM_INITMENU messages for Win16
(jcooper) Fixed scroller thumbtrack/thumposition painting problem
(jcooper) Crash on group update from server with less than original
(jcooper) Better calculation of # unread articles upon opening a group
(jcooper) Composition header edit controls now scroll to beginning on
losing focus
(jcooper) Fixed beep when tabbing between Compose header controls
(jcooper) Article window clears during next/prev article retrieval
(jcooper) Gray 'Update from server' when comm is busy

WinVN release .93.5:
(jcooper) Crash on authinfo failure (if invalid name or password)
(jcooper) Arrow right in a window will only scroll if appropriate
(jcooper) Next/prev etc now _do_ get grayed when you start retrieving
(jcooper) Fixed if invalid Save Article name, problems with next save
(jcooper) Changed status text of "Save" menu items
(jcooper) Minimized article window in selected-art save should not grab
(jglasser) Fixed toolbar strange rare random/message dialog problem
(jglasser) Toolbar connect button would become unpressed if info-clicked
while connected

WinVN release .93.4:
(rushing) Code indenting cleanup

WinVN release .93.3:

-- Bug Fixes
(jcooper) When doing save/decode on selected articles, now wraps to start
when reaches last article in case user selected articles above
starting point after operation was underway
(jcooper) If empty newsrc, initializes newsrc with news.announce.newusers
and news.newusers.questions
(jcooper) Double-click on group title for already-opened group now
activates the group window correctly
(jcooper) Decoder is now more careful with MIME boundaries (fixes the
netcom Dilbert problem 8^)
(dumoulin) Title of Logging Options dialog was wrong (it said 'Dialog')
(jcooper) 'n' group indicator goes away as soon as group opened.
(jcooper) If changed Always On Top from Syscommand menu while status block
window minimized -- weirdness
(jcooper) Changed scroll behavior of article-list at end-of-retrieval, now
scrolls to first unread article instead of last
(jglasser) Fix for start-minimized problems - when start minimized, screen
was messed up when the window was restored

-- New features
(dumoulin) New sub/unsub toolbar button
(jcooper) Use the hourglass during blocking operations

WinVN release .93.2:

-- Bug fixes
(jcooper) Will now upgrade from pre .93 ini file
(jcooper) Mail address dialog opened from To: or Cc: will be prefilled
by whatever was already in the To: or Cc: control
(jcooper) Crash if threads were initially disabled, then retrieved an
art-list then enable threads in the dlg, then sort by threads
(jcooper) Reduces size of WinVN system font to 8pt MS Sans Serif (makes
compose heaer controls smaller)
(jcooper) Fix in decoder to deal with encoded lines whose count value
incorrectly includes the count-character in the count
(jcooper) TZ env variable not needed in NT
(jcooper) Execute Decoded now uses CreateProcess if Win32
(jcooper) From: control was not being filled properly
(jcooper) Crash if select Update from server, then cancel from the
threshold dialog.

-- New features
(jcooper) Added ShowFromHeader option
(jcooper) Added PrefillCcAddress option for followup postings
(jcooper) First pass at massively renovated help files

WinVN release .93.1: these version numbers are getting silly

-- Bug fixes

(jcooper) Find-again in usenet window acted strangely
(jcooper) SMTP mailer still failed '251 User not local' on Cc:
(jcooper) Changed default color back to Subscribed:black, Unsub:blue
(jcooper) Moved Signature ini stuff under [Compose]
(jcooper) Fixed Browse button in Compose dialog (for Signature)
(jcooper) Fixed SelectPath occasional memory overrun (long volume
(jcooper) Fixed crash bug. If, while retrieving an article, closed the
parent group/article-list window, crashed on retrieve complete
(jcooper) Can now tab/arrow into edit control from compose headers
(jcooper) After post, occasionally leaves "Waiting for news server
acknowledgement" in stat bar

Internal WinVN release .93.0:

-- New features:

(jglasser) Toolbars and status bars
(jglasser) Configurable Min # articles to retrieve
(jglasser) Article threshold dialog box shows you # of unread
(jglasser) New optional multi-selections (using standard windows
shift/anchor and ctrl keys) in group-list and article-list
(active line has indicated by focus rectangle)
(jglasser) Keyboard support in lists: down, up, end, home, pgup, pgdn
(jcooper) New post/mail composition window with separate header edits
- word wrap option in article body
- configurable headers (summary, keywords, distribution, etc)
(jcooper) New attachment procedure
- allows multiple, configurable attachments
- attachment are not processed until send
- all size limits have been removed (not dependendent on
(jcooper) New send engine. Mail/Post/Logging will happen simultaneouly
and more efficiently.
(jcooper) Forward article is now editable
(jcooper) New categorized config dialogs and modified WINVN.INI layout
(jcooper) 3D controls
(jcooper) Saved articles and log files are stored in mailbox compatible
(jcooper) Configurable article scroll-past-headers
(jcooper) New Trim-Headers option in article retrieval
(jcooper) Optional Wrap-Text during article retrieval
(jcooper) New WinVN "system" font used for header-composition,
init status, and status bars
(jcooper) Configurable 'Says' templates for reply/follow-up
(jcooper) Mail follow-ups generate In-Reply-To header
(jcooper) New 'Read file into buffer' option from Compose window
(jcooper) Decoding is now more memory-efficient and faster
(jcooper) Can now forward mail using MAPI
(jcooper) New option to include any open articles in selected-art decode
(jcooper) Signatures are now preceded by the standard "-- " delimiter
(jcooper) All menus are appropriately grayed at appropriate times 😉
(jcooper) On printouts, added subject after page number on pages > 1
(jcooper) New auto-minimize coding status window option
(jcooper) Coded block window now tracks number of articles to go in
multi-article decode (i.e. "5 to go")
(jcooper) In group-list, instead of '*', shows a 'n' if there are
new/unread arts and a 'u' if unread, but no new arts
(cnolan) Path Select dialog now determines volume label of CD
(jglasser) Optional true reverse selections
([email protected])
Enable/disable saving of NNTP password in Config Comm
([email protected])
Group Filter support (i.e. "rec.*|comp.*")

-- Bug fixes:

(ishido) Auto-show-unread wasn't operating correctly
(kulokari) Allows exucute files when running Winvn16 under NT
(jglasser) variable used before initialization could cause crash when
using DumbDecoded (lkahn also spotted this one)
(jglasser) Reduce comm polling time from 1sec to 250ms - fixes some
flakiness in Chameleon and Trumpet(maybe) Winsocks
(ishido) Article dates were being reported incorrectly betw midnight and
1am (due to bogus daylight-savings-time variable)
([email protected])
Avoids crash if receives bogus blank XOVER info line
([email protected])
Rare scrolling crash-bug
(jcooper) Occasional call to close_socket on already-closed socket
causing GPFs
(jcooper) Service failures (auth/server-disconnect) didn't clean
up properly (led to GPFs)
(jcooper) Increased stack size in link - fixes some general flakiness
(jcooper) Path-select now works properly for root-dir selection
(jcooper) Title of coding block status always said "encoded block
status" even when decoding
(jcooper) SmartFiler ext mapping listbox now works a little better
(jcooper) Black text selected wasn't showing up
(jcooper) SMTP mailer now handles result '251 User not local'
(jcooper) Logging dialog now tests for ability to write to files
(jcooper) Fixed crash bugs in F6 NextWindow function
(jcooper) Fixed occasional stray bytes at end of decode
(jcooper) Fixed SmartFiler handling of dupe names -- if file
was F, dupe would lead to F0, then F01, then F012...
(jcooper) Optimized drag-selection for long lists.
(jcooper) Drag-select scrolling in article text failed in up/left
directions with Win32
(jcooper) Select-all in article text failed with Win32
(jcooper) Fixed bogus upgrade msg if start with empty winvn.ini
(jcooper) Make sure newsrc and winvn.ini are writable at startup
(jcooper) Loads of general interface cleanup...
and a bunch of other stuff 8^)

Also thanks to jglasser, cnolan, lkahn for their efforts porting to Win32.

WinVN release .92.6:

-- New features:

- In article window, after marking text with left-mouse-button/drag,
clicking the right button copies to clipboard a la cmd.exe. (brydon)

- new smart-filer - customizable extension remapping (i.e. jpeg->jpg),
as well as configurable renaming of too-long file names. (jcooper)

- new cc-by-mail option when posting - only available for SMTP
mail (jcooper)

- new Window menu with Cascade, and Close window operations (jcooper)

- now remembers the last search keys used in the group, article-header,
and article windows. also, pressing search-again if no search key present
will pop-up find dialog instead of doing nothing (jcooper)

- main window now shows '-' next to groups instead of '0' when the number
of articles in the group is undetermined (jcooper)

- new post/mail logging dialog (with browse buttons) (jcooper)

- new open-path dialog with folder/disk bitmaps for decode-path (jcooper)

- In SMTP mail address dialog, add/delete buttons are greyed at
appropriate times - more intuitive operation (jcooper)

- all Mail-related menu items are greyed if mail is disabled

- Forwarded article header now references original article header
instead of always saying "Forwarded usenet article" (jcooper)

- Decode Block Status window now has "Always on top" option,
selectable from its alt-space system menu

- Subject template for attachments now allows zero-padding in
part num. Use %0p for zero-padded part num. part num is padded
with zeros to length of total num parts. (jcooper)

- new decode/save multi articles option: keep current article header
visible in group window (jcooper)

- When reading articles with the power key (space), the article
header is automatically kept visible in the group window (jcooper)

-- Bug fixes:

- MAPI now disabled in win32s (rushing)

- ini and newsrc files with "Archive", "System" or "Read only" bit now
work ok. (brydon)

- any group windows open on winvn exit were not updated in newsrc -
seen articles were not properly saved (jcooper)

- last-seen-article id's were getting lost on winvn exit for groups not
accessed in the current session (jcooper)

- doesn't allow attachment generation if decode session active (jcooper)

- Catch-up & exit is not allowed in article window until article header
retrieval is complete, and is not allowed during multi-save/decode
operation (jcooper)

- a slash at the end of the decode path name is now handled properly (jcooper)

- using browse to select a save-to path, when the append-to-file box
is checked now works properly (jcooper)

- color schemes with background color set to black will now work
correctly (jcooper)

- using Reset server protocol during a post/decode/etc properly ends
the work-in-progress (jcooper)

- isnumber returned true on '+' and '-'. caused some problems in
decoding files. (jcooper)

- decoder no longer pops up a message box upon attempting to decode
an article containing a invalid custom table (caused stack crash if
multiple articles with invalid tables encountered) (jcooper)

- decoder now handles early WinCode v1.x info headers (jcooper)

- changing the Show Full Subject from the Misc dialog now causes a repaint
of all open group windows (jcooper)

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