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C Programming Contest #2. Entries are due November 15, 1995 and entry fee is $7. $$$ prizes. Small, challenging problem.

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C Programming Contest #2. Entries are
due November 15, 1995 and entry fee is
$7. $$ prizes. Small, challenging
problem. 1st contest results enclosed.

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C Programming Contest #2. Entries are due November 15, 1995 and entry fee is $7. $$$ prizes. Small, challenging problem.
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Company: Invariant Software

Owner: Greg Marston
Address: 3117 W. Gordon
Spokane, WA 99205 USA

Phone: 509-328-9542

E-mail: CIS 73501,1643 (for Internet use 73501,[email protected])


This is the second of many programming contests I will sponsor. A
properly run contest is a great way to sharpen your skills, compare your
programming abilities with your peers, and have some fun. The problems
will not be large projects which require thousands of lines of code.
They will instead be small, challenging problems which will test your
abilities to write efficient algorithms. Execution efficiency will be
the sole factor in determining the winner. I hope you have fun and find
it challenging!

The results for the 1st contest are listed in the file RESULTS.DOC.
Although there were only 15 entries for the first contest, I have good
reasons to believe the number will be much higher this time. The first
contest was uploaded to three CompuServe forums (sort of a trial contest)
- this contest will be uploaded to a number of CompuServe, America Online
and Prodigy forums, and over 40 BBSs around the country. In addition, I
received very favorable comments from a majority of the entrants and most
were looking forward to the next contest. So give it a try!

The following files should be enclosed:

RAIN.DOC Documentation for contest problem
RAIN.C Source file containing problem
STREAKS.C Source file for your solution
FILE_ID.DIZ Information file for BBSs
RESULTS.DOC Results from 1st contest


* The winner(s) will split 1/2 of the total contestants' fees received
or $200, whichever is greater. For example, if 200 programmers enter,
the winners pot would be 1/2 * 200 * $7 which equals $700.

In addition, the winning solution will be enclosed with the next contest.
Nothing like a little publicity!

* Second place finishers will split 10 percent of the total winners' pot.
For example, 10 percent of $700 is $70.

* All entrants will get the results via email or regular mail, guaranteed!


* Entries must be received by November 15, 1995.

* All contestants must be over 18 years or older.

* The entry fee is $7 per person and must be paid with a check or money
order (U.S. dollars) made payable to "Invariant Software".

* Entry files (STREAKS.C) can be submitted either through the mail
(diskette) or through e-mail (See CompuServe # above). If possible,
please compress the file (ZIP only). In addition, each file name
should reflect the contestant's last name. For example, my file
would be named MARSTON.ZIP.

Please see RAIN.DOC, RAIN.C and STREAKS.C for more details.

Perhaps the easiest method to enter is to submit your file via e-mail
and your check through the mail. I'll match the two up.

Thanks, Greg Marston

Please distibute this ZIP file as widely as possible - the more entries
the bigger the pot!

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