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OMF 2097: v2.0 to 2.1 Upgrade: This patch updates Epic's One Must Fall version 2.0 (required) to version 2.1. Version 2.1 fixes several bugs in v2.0, and is the final release of OMF 2097.

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--== OMF 2097: v2.0 to 2.1 Upgrade ==--
This patch updates Epic's One Must Fall
version 2.0 (required) to version 2.1.
Version 2.1 fixes several bugs in v2.0,
and is the final release of OMF 2097.

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OMF 2097: v2.0 to 2.1 Upgrade: This patch updates Epic’s One Must Fall version 2.0 (required) to version 2.1. Version 2.1 fixes several bugs in v2.0, and is the final release of OMF 2097.
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Contents of the HELPME.DOC file

One Must Fall 2097 * Instructions & Troubleshooting Info * Version 2.1

One Must Fall Requires:
* A 386 or faster IBM-compatible PC
* VGA graphics
* Hard disk
* 4 Megabytes of RAM, 540K of conventional memory free
* 9600 baud or faster modem for modem play

Also supports:
* Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16,
and Gravis Ultrasound, and 100% compatible music cards
* One or two joysticks
* Modem and IPX Network Play

To start One Must Fall:

1. Switch to the drive where the game is installed (C:)
2. Switch to the subdirectory where the game is installed (CD \OMF)
3. Type OMF.

Memory requirements:

To start One Must Fall, you'll need at least 550K of available conventional
memory and at least 2.5 megs of higher (XMS/EMS) memory.

Anti-Virus False Positive
Our testers have reported that some antivirus packages find a virus,
(Whisper, Whisper Tai-Pan, or Tai-Pan 438) in OMF versions 2.0 or greater,
particularly in the file FILE0001.EXE. We have examined this matter
extensively and verified that the indication of this virus in OMF is a
FALSE POSITIVE (i.e. the file was tagged as infected, but that virus is
not present in the file).

Version history

* Version 1.0. The initial release of OMF in 10/95.
* Version 1.1. Fixed a problem in version 1.0, which sometimes caused the
game to crash after you fought Raven in the tournament.
* Version 2.0. Added the options of modem and network play to OMF.
* Version 2.1. All of the same Multiplayer/Arena options but fixed
several bugs created by version 2.0.

- Fixes the scoring bug in v2.0
- Fixes joystick problems in normal games (not modem/net games)

NOTE: For two-player modem/net/serial games, different versions of OMF are
not compatible. Make sure both players have the same version of OMF before
starting a two-player game.

Common problems and solutions

Running with WINDOWS
To run this game under Windows 3.x, be sure to run the file "OMF.PIF" (not
the file "OMF.EXE").

OMF may work under Windows 95 on some computers. However, if you have any
problems running under Windows 95, you'll have to run OMF from DOS Mode

OMF does not work reliabily under Windows 3.x with sound on. Please run
SETUP and select "No Sound Card" under setup if you need to OMF from

Running with OS/2
Though One Must Fall will work reliably under OS/2 on some computers, we
don't recommend this because it might result in the game locking up.
Please run One Must Fall through DOS instead. We tried to make
this game compatible with OS/2, but alas we were not successful.


If you're having problems running OMF, you might be able to get it
up and running by "Booting your computer clean". By this, we mean starting
up your computer without loading all of the little memory managers and
device drivers that might interfere with the game. It's a relatively
simple process, so please bear with us.

If you have DOS 5.0

Please skip this section if you have DOS 6.0 or later!
You need to create a "boot disk" to allow you to start your computer
without loading all the TSR's and memory managers that take away
memory. Here's how.

A. Put a blank disk in your A: drive and format it as a DOS disk. (Don't
do this in your B: drive - it won't work!) To do this, type the
following command:


B. Wait while your computer formats the disk.
C. Label the disk "Boot Disk" and keep it handy. You'll need this
disk whenever you want to start OMF.

Now, you can reboot your computer and play OMF:

A. Put the boot disk in your A: drive.
B. Restart your computer, either by pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE, by
hitting your reset button, or by turning it on.
C. Wait while your computer boots from the boot disk.
D. After a little while, your computer will stop and give you the A>
E. Now change to your hard disk by typing C:
F. Go into the Tyrian directory by typing CD\OMF
G. Begin by typing OMF

If you have DOS 6.0 or later

Reboot your computer by pressing RESET or Ctrl-Alt-Del. Wait for the
message "Starting MS-DOS..." to come up. Now press the [F5] key.

This will cause DOS 6.0 to bypass all of your TSR's, memory managers,
and other programs which normally occupy main memory.

Now change into the OMF directory and begin the game.



Q: When I run OMF, the game refuses to start and gives me the
message "You need (amount) of free memory to run this program".
A: To run One Must Fall, you'll need:

* At least 540K of free conventional memory
* At least 2.5 megs of higher (XMS/EMS) memory.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Make sure you have at least 4 megabytes of memory installed in your
computer! You'll need this much in order to have 2.5 megs free.

2. If you are trying to run OMF from Windows, completely exit
Windows and try running it from DOS.

3. If you are trying to run OMF from "DOSSHELL" or any other menu
program, please exit from the menu program. Then, run OMF from the
DOS prompt. Menu programs often occupy enough memory that there won't
be enough left for the game.

4. If none of the above help, you can solve this problem quickly by
"Booting your computer clean". See above for details!

Q: When I run OMF with a normal boot, it tells me "not enough XMS." Then
when I do a clean boot by pressing F5 during startup, I don't have enough
free conventional memory. AAARRG!
A: This often occurs on systems running DoubleSpace or DriveSpace, in which
these drivers are loaded up AUTOMATICALLY, even with a clean boot
(otherwise your computer could not access the compressed space!).
The solution for this problem becomes slightly more complicated than a
clean boot, but here are a few suggestions:

1. The easiest method of freeing enough memory for OMF to run is by
making a special boot disk. Follow the procedures explained above to
make a standard boot disk. When the disk has finished formatting,
do the following:

A) Copy your CONFIG.SYS from your hard drive to the boot disk:

B) Use the DOS Editor or another text editor to open the CONFIG.SYS
which is now on your boot disk (DO NOT Edit the CONFIG.SYS on your
Hard Drive unless you know exactly what you're doing!)

* For the DOS Editor, type: EDIT A:\CONFIG.SYS

C) Delete all of the lines from your CONFIG.SYS on your boot disk EXCEPT:


* For some sound cards, it may be neccessary to also load your sound
drivers which may be found in your AUTOEXEC.BAT and/or CONFIG.SYS

D) Save the new CONFIG.SYS onto your boot disk. Do this from the DOS
Editor by pressing ALT-F, then S.

E) To exit the DOS Editor, press ALT-F, X

F) Reboot your machine with the new boot disk in the A: drive, and proceed
to start OMF normally through DOS.

2. You may want to implement a Multi-Config startup menu with an option
to load only the above lines in your CONFIG.SYS. Please refer
to the DOS menu for a detailed explanation on how to set this menu up (it
is fairly easy to do, but the syntax is precise enough that a lengthy
explanation would be required).

Q: When I run One Must Fall, the computer locks up or reboots.
A: Run SETUP and verify that your settings are correct. If you are
not using a sound card, make sure that SETUP is set for "No Sound Card".
If you are using a sound card, verify that:

1. The correct options are specified in SETUP. Check your address, IRQ,
and DMA settings (most sound cards operate on DMA 1). If you don't know
your card's address, IRQ, and DMA settings, consult your manual for
details on figuring them out.

2. Make sure your sound card has no address, IRQ, or DMA conflicts with
other cards in your system. If your sound card works properly with other
games, you can assume that there are no conflicts. However, if your
sound card does not work with other games, you have a conflict. See your
sound card manual for details on fixing this.

Q: OMF runs slowly on my 386 or 486 computer. What can I do?
A: Your computer or VGA card isn't as fast as the game would like.
You can speed up the game by going into the "Configuration" and
"Video Options" menus and turning off "Animation", "Palette Animation"
and the other detail settings.

Q: While playing, I get dumped back to DOS with an error message.
A: This means that either (1) OMF is conflicting with your memory
managers and TSR's, or (2) you need more free memory to run OMF.
Try booting clean and running OMF.

Several Epic testers have reported errors when running OMF with
QEMM. We haven't been able to duplicate this problem or figure out
its cause, but booting clean has always solved it.

Q: I can't seem to get ANYTHING on the screen. I type OMF and the system
"hangs". What now?
A: Make sure you have the system requirements mentioned earlier in the
manual. If you do, you may have TSR's that conflict with OMF. Remove
the TSR's and try running OMF with a "clean boot" from a DOS

Q: My dad won't let me play past 11:00pm. What can I do?
A: Wait till you're 18 then move out. If you're over 18, wait till you
get to your office to play. Or you could get your dad hooked on the
game so he'll be playing too!


Q: I can't seem to get any sound from OMF. What did you do to me?
A: First, you must run the SETUP program that came with the game. It
will prompt you for settings for your sound card. Make sure these
are correct. If you still don't hear anything, try running another
program that uses the same card and make sure it works. Make sure
the settings in OMF match that of your other programs.

Q: The music sometimes skips like a broken record.
A: The "Sound Quality" setting is too high for your computer and
sound card to handle. Please run SETUP again and select a lower
"Sound Quality" setting. The Medium setting will give you okay sound
quality, while avoiding most music problems. If this doesn't cure the
problem, try booting clean -- that will give OMF extra CPU power to
handle the music and sound.

Q: The music and sound effects sound OK when I start OMF, but
they get cut off several seconds after a song begins.
A: Whoops! This is what happens when you select the wrong IRQ for
your sound card! Run SETUP again and pick the correct IRQ.

Pro Audio Spectrum Notes

One Must Fall should work fine with the PAS, PAS+, and PAS-16 sound cards.
You need to run SETUP and tell it that you have a Sound Blaster card (not
a Sound Blaster Pro).

Important! To run One Must Fall on any Pro Audio Spectrum sound card, you
need to have the PAS drivers loaded properly. OMF will only recognize
your PAS card if the drivers are loaded. See your PAS manual for
instructions on loading the right PAS drivers in your AUTOEXEC.BAT and
CONFIG.SYS files. These drivers will not be loaded if you boot your
computer clean.

Gravis UltraSound

One Must Fall requires that your GUS card has at least 512K of onboard
RAM to play a GUS soundtrack. Most new GUS cards meet this requirement,
but some older ones were shipped with only 256K. If you do not have
512K of onboard RAM (on your GUS), try loading SBOS (in your AUTOEXEC.BAT)
and setting up OMF for Sound Blaster emulation.

Other sound cards

Since new models of sound cards are always being manufactured and revised,
sometimes a new sound card will come out that's not compatible with
OMF. Here's how to contact the top sound card makers for information about
sound card problems and obtaining the latest driver files.

Company Sound Card Phone BBS CompuServe GO
------------- ------------------ ------------ ------------ -------------
Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 800-638-2807 510-770-0527 MultiVen (12)
Creative Labs Sound Blaster 405-742-6622 405-742-6660 Blaster
Gravis Ultrasound 604-431-1708 604-431-5927 PcVenB (14)

Modem and Network OMF Notes

Advanced Setup Options

For each of the previously mentioned methods of playing OMF over the modem,
you can specify advanced setup options where necessary. Just choose the
method of play you wish and choose "Advanced Options." The following is a
list of parameters possible for the advanced options line.

-ADDR To manually specify the prot address being used, enter
this parameter, followed by the port address.
-ACCEPT Accept calls in the background as game plays.
-ANSWER Wait for a call then answer the phone.
-ANSWERNOW Answer immediately.
-BAUD Set baud. 2400, 9600, 14400, 28800, 19200, 38400.
-COM <1/2/3/4> Use COM1, COM2, COM3, or COM4. Default is COM2.
-DIAL "" Dial this phone number.
-INIT "" Your modem's init string (Default is "ATZ")
-IRQ # For nonstandard IRQs, you can specify your modem's IRQ in
this string. Just replace the "#" symbol with the IRQ used.
-NO16550 If you have an older 8250 UART COM port, or your opponent
does, use this setting (esp for Serial Link).
-ONLINE My modem is already connected and online.
-SERIAL Use direct serial link, not modem.
-SET <8N1/7E2> Set data bits, parity, stop bits. Default is 8N1.
-TERM Go into terminal mode so you can manually log in.

Speeding up Net/Modem/Serial play

There are many factors that can cause OMF to run slowly over a network,
modem or null modoem connection. The following is a list of suggestions to
play OMF at a reasonable speed.

Game options:
Speed - Because some slowdown is inherent in Modem/Net games, you may need
to turn you "Speed" setting up.
Video Options - Turning off Video options will also make gameplay faster.

Modem/BBS link:
Make sure your init string turns OFF both Error Correction and Data
Compression. Consult your manual for details.

Modem/Net Problems

Q: OMF plays really slow over modem/BBS link. How can I speed it up?
A: Some suggestions are listed above in the "Speeding up Net/Modem/BBS Play"
section. Some factors which may slow down the game that you cannot
control are: line noise, the speed of your opponent's computer, your
opponent's connection (baud rate and line noise on his/her end).

Q: Help! I can't seem to connect with my friend by modem to play OMF.
A: Check to see that your init string is valid and each command in it is
performing the desired function (turn off error correction, for example).
Consult your manual for details regarding your init string. Also try
connecting at various baud rates.

Q: Net/Modem OMF won't recognize my modem because it's not using a standard
IRQ. What can I do?
A: Include the line: -IRQ # (where "#" is the IRQ which your modem uses) in
the Advanced Options section where you set up your modem for OMF. Other
Advanced options are listed in this document or by typing NETMODEM -? at
the OMF> prompt.

Q: I can connect with a friend to play OMF, but it "times out" or locks up
during the game.
A: Make sure you and your friend are running under the same operating system.
OMF will not work over network/modem/serial play if one computer is
running under Windows and another under DOS. If one person is using
Windows 95, rebooting into MS-DOS MODE should allow OMF to work with
another DOS system.


If you need further assistance, please call our tech support department:

In the USA: voice: 301-983-9771 fax: 301-299-3841
In the Europe: voice: +44 (0) 1767-260903 fax: +44 (0) 1737-262043
In Germany: voice: 0130 822887 fax: 0130 822886

You can also contact us online:

CompuServe: GO EPIC
WorldWide Web:
Internet Mail: [email protected]
Internet FTP:
Internet News: We answer questions in
America Online: We answer questions posted in the "Games" area
GEnie: We answer questions in the Games Roundtable

Contact: Epic MegaGames
2400 Baud: 414-789-4210
14.4K Baud: 414-789-4360


Epic's Email list:

To subscribe to Epic's email list and receive late-breaking news
from Epic every month or so, just send an Internet message to
[email protected] with the subject: SUBSCRIBE EPIC

Enjoy Playing OMF 2097!

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