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Printers Apprentice v.6.0 - great font viewer/manager.

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Printer's Apprentice v6.0 -Install and
remove fonts, view uninstalled fonts on CD-
ROM/floppy/etc. Print font samples, font
lists, ANSI charts, and keyboards. Works w/TT
and ATM fonts. Features a great looking
interface! Wizards are included for removing
TrueType fonts, printing contents of CD-ROMs,
and viewing uninstalled TrueType fonts.
Important upgrade for this popular font
manager. Excellent shareware!

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Printers Apprentice v.6.0 – great font viewer/manager.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANSI1.$00 3476 3438 deflated
ANSI2.$00 2429 2347 deflated
ANSI3.$00 1582 1582 stored
CATALOG.$00 2325 2325 stored
CATANSI.$00 1709 1709 stored
CATIII.$00 2135 2135 stored
CATIV.$00 2078 2078 stored
CATKEY.$00 1323 1298 deflated
CBK.$00 35672 35672 stored
CMDIALOG.$00 9545 9545 stored
DWSPYDLL.$00 37645 37645 stored
EDI3D.BIN 10779 10779 stored
FEATURES.TXT 2034 922 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 432 278 deflated
GRID.$00 24973 24973 stored
INSTALL.BIN 53061 53027 deflated
INSTALL.BMP 1838 573 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 14080 7538 deflated
INSTALL.INF 800 800 stored
KEYBOARD.$00 1554 1554 stored
KEYSTAT.$00 9409 9409 stored
LYM16.$00 27601 27540 deflated
LYM256.$00 50031 49890 deflated
LYMBOOK.$00 12389 12389 stored
LYMLOGO.$00 42654 42596 deflated
OMBUDSMN.ASP 1672 543 deflated
PA.$00 1028 1028 stored
PA.$01 145134 144804 deflated
PA.$02 392855 392254 deflated
PACP.$00 15187 15187 stored
PAREG.$00 6415 6251 deflated
README.TXT 11313 4237 deflated
SBCEASY.$00 33373 33373 stored
SPEC1.$00 3758 3665 deflated
SPEC2.$00 4445 4386 deflated
SPEC3.$00 3782 3747 deflated
SPEC4.$00 3574 3546 deflated
SS3D2.$00 39046 39046 stored
SSFORMFX.$00 35182 35182 stored
SSIDXTAB.$00 35569 35569 stored
THREED.$00 29687 29687 stored
TOOLTIPS.$00 14521 14521 stored
VENDINFO.DIZ 7730 3755 deflated
VENDOR.TXT 216 78 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Printer's Apprentice v6.0 -Install and
remove fonts, view uninstalled fonts on CD-
ROM/floppy/etc. Print font samples, font
lists, ANSI charts, and keyboards. Works w/TT
and ATM fonts. Features a great looking
interface! Wizards are included for removing
TrueType fonts, printing contents of CD-ROMs,
and viewing uninstalled TrueType fonts.
Important upgrade for this popular font
manager. Excellent shareware!
Printer's Apprentice 6.0
The easy way to look at your fonts!

Lose Your Mind Development
Bryan T. Kinkel
Post Office Box 302
Haverford, PA 19041-0302

70564,[email protected]
[email protected]
Support: (610) 645-0749 (evenings, EST)
Orders: (217) 535-1000

"Virtually every user can benefit from Printer's Apprentice."
April 1993

"The best-designed Windows font viewer for all font formats..."
-PC Magazine
October 27, 1992

(c) copyright 1991-1995 by Bryan T. Kinkel

Thanks for taking the time to download Printer's Apprentice 6.0. This
file contains information about this software, what it does, and
what the system requirements are. Instructions for quickly installing
Printer's Apprentice 6.0 are also included. Information for registered
users of the software is a few pages down in the document. The manual
for Printer's Apprentice is located in a Windows help file.

Q. What is it?
A. Printer's Apprentice is a font management utility for the Windows
3.1 operating environment. It helps you manage all your TrueType
and Adobe Type 1 fonts by printing inventory sheets (3 flavors!),
ANSI charts, keyboard layouts, and specimen sheets. It was noted
as the *BEST* Windows font utility by PC Magazine (10/27/92) and
features one of the sharpest interfaces around.

Printer's Apprentice is a great addition to the font CD-ROMs with
500 or more fonts. The Printer's Apprentice Font Install Wizard
lets you look at TrueType fonts BEFORE you install them! You can
even print a catalog of fonts from a CD/floppy/hard drive without
installing or copying a single file!

The Printer's Apprentice User's Guide is a full featured, context
sensitive Windows help file. A printed User's Guide is available
upon registration.

Q. What are the system requirements?
A. Printer's Apprentice 6.0 will run on any PC running Windows 3.1,
Windows 3.11, or Windows NT. We recommend at least a 386 with
4 megs of memory. Printing functions will work on any printer,
but we recommend a laser printer for acceptable quality.

This software also requires a copy of VBRUN300.DLL. This DLL can
be found on many BBS systems. It can also be found on Compuserve
in the DTPFORUM, library 6, VBRUN3.ZIP.

Q. What's New with 6.0?
A. 6.0 adds Wizards for installing, uninstalling, and printing
TrueType fonts. There is also a resource Wizard that searches your
windows\system directory for unused font FOT files that take up
precious hard drive space. Printer's Apprentice can preview and
print uninstalled fonts (through the Wizards). This version is
also faster and takes up fewer system resources.

Q. How do I install this program real quick?
A. Unzip the distribution ZIP file to a new diskette or directory
and run INSTALL.EXE. The installation program copies the files
files to your hard drive and creates a Program Manager icon
for Printer's Apprentice.

Q. I purchased and earlier version of Printer's Apprentice. Will
my registration password still work?
A. The registration password you received with the diskette will
work with this and all future versions of Printer's Apprentice.
If you are a registered user, you will be receiving an upgrade
notice around April 1995.

Q. What about Windows NT, Windows95(96?), and OS/2 Warp?
A. Printer's Apprentice has been fully tested on a variety of
machines running Windows 3.1/3.11. It has also been tested
on Windows NT Workstation 3.5. However, we can only provide
technical support to Windows 3.11 users.

We are fully committed to a version of Printer's Apprentice
for Windows95. However, we will only support Windows95 when
the system is released to the general public in August, 1995.
We *cannot* support Printer's Apprentice 6.0 running on
beta versions of Chicago/Windows 4.0/Windows95.

Q. How do I remove the program if I need more space on my machine?
A. There is a file named INSTALL.LOG located in the PA directory. This
lists out *every* file and Program Manager group added to your system.
You can use this file to track down the EXE, VBX, and DLL files
used by Printer's Apprentice.

Be aware, however, that other programs on your system may rely on
the support VBX and DLL files used by Printer's Apprentice. This
is especially true if you are an active user of many shareware
programs. For example, lots of commercial and shareware packages
use the THREED.VBX library. If you delete this from your
WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, you might get a error
when you try to run a program that uses this DLL.

Q. How do I purchase this program?
A. We offer three easy payment options. Prices are listed below.

1. Phone - For quick orders over the phone with a credit card, please call
(217) 535-1000. You will speak with KeyData Specialists, a group
that handles credit orders for us. A charge from KeyData will appear
on your monthly statement from your bank. Order lines are open
8am - 5pm Central Standard Time.

2. Mail - Please enclose a check or your VISA/MC number and send to
Lose Your Mind Development, PO Box 302, Haverford, PA 19041-0302.
If you are paying via credit card, a charge from KeyData Specialists
will appear on your statement. Please make checks payble to
"Lose Your Mind Development" (believe me, the bank takes them with that
business name!). Please take the time to fill out the order form. The
order form can be printed from the PA.HLP file. You need to install
Printer's Apprentice first, access the PA.HLP file, and jump to the
topic "Order Form."

3. Online - Compuserve users can order online via the Shareware
Registration forum. GO SWREG to access the service. The charge will
appear on your bill with the rest of your Compuserve charges.

For foreign orders, please use a credit card, postal money order or a
bank check drawn on US dollars. Pricing is as follows.

Domestic United States:
1 copy of Printer's Apprentice, with 30 page users guide $25
1 copy of Printer's Apprentice $20

Canadian, Foreign orders, Europe, the world outside of the US
1 copy of Printer's Apprentice, with 20 page users guide $30
1 copy of Printer's Apprentice $25

Please make checks payable to "Lose Your Mind Development"

Q. What is the upgrade policy?
A. When you register, I will send you a registration code, a diskette
and a license card. Upon release of major upgrades, I will notify
you with a post card. Upgrades run between $5-$10 to cover the cost
of mailing, diskettes, and duplication. The registration codeword
will always work for future versions of the product.

Q. Printer's Apprentice seems to install OK, but when I try to run it,
I get a ".VBX is out of date" error. What is the problem?
A. This is common for programs written in Visual Basic and Visual C++.
VBX files are like DLLs. They are files with common routines used by
many programs. "Out of Date" errors and other problems with VBX files
are often caused by two problems.

1. Version Control
Just like end-user software packages, VBXs are always being improved.
Setup programs are supposed to check versions before installing a
VBX/DLL file over one that is already on your computer. But this is
not always the case.

2. Duplicate Files
VBX files are supposed to be placed in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory by
setup programs, but not everyone does this. Many times you will have
duplicate copies of the same VBX in both your WINDOWS and your

The installation program used by Printers Apprentice makes every effort
to ensure the correct VBX files are placed in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM
directory. However, if you already have an older copy of a VBX file in
your WINDOWS directory, the setup program may not be able to detect it.
So when Printers Apprentice loads, it may see the older VBX in your
WINDOWS directory instead of the newer one that shipped with PA and was
placed in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. (Got all that?) This is when you
get the "out of date" errors.

The situation is easy, but tedious to fix.
1. Search your hard drive for every copy of the VBX file that is
giving you errors.
2. If you have only one copy of that VBX file, then a recently installed
software package copied it's older version of the VBX over the newer
version that shipped with Printer's Apprentice.

a. Move the older VBX file to your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory
b. Rerun the Printer's Apprentice installation program.

3. If you have multiple copies of the same VBX file (for example, one in
windows and one in windows\system), then you need to figure out which is
the most recent version and move it to the windows\system directory.

a. Use the Windows 3.11 File Manager to find out which copy has
the most recent version number. Select the file and press
ALT-ENTER to see the files properties.
b. Move the most recent one to the windows\system directory.
c. Move the older version off your computer to a floppy disk.

- if you dont have the Windows 3.11 File Manager -

a. Move all the duplicate copies of the VBX file to floppies.
b. Rerun the Printer's Apprentice installation program.

Generally, you should only have one copy of each VBX file needed by your
software programs. The VBX files should all be in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM
directory so installation programs dont stumble...

Believe me, this problem does not just happen to Printer's Apprentice!
Lose Your Mind Development distributes a program called VersionViewer
for inspecting the version resources of executables, DLL's, VBX's,
and drivers. See the help file for more information on this wonderful

Other Information
Many software programs are written using third party programming tools.
Printer's Apprentice is no exception. The following libraries were used
to build PA.

File Version Company/Author
cbk.vbx 2.00$ Desaware, Inc.
cmdialog.vbx 3.00 Microsoft
grid.vbx 3.00.0537 Microsoft
keystat.vbx 02.0.9000.1 Microsoft
ss3d2.vbx Sheridan Software
ssformfx.vbx Sheridan Software
ssidxtab.vbx Sheridan Software
threed.vbx Microsoft/Sheridan
tooltips.vbx James F. Lamb
dwspydll.dll 2.00$ Desaware, Inc.

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