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Nifty DLL to create group windows. (I.E. like "Accessories" for write...
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Nifty DLL to create group windows. (I.E. like “Accessories” for write…
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VB_INST2.DLL 19968 6107 deflated
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Contents of the NOTES.TXT file

What this is, exactly:

Those last little details of your project are such a bother. You know,
you have spent all of your weekends writing this great little program,
and now you are hung up on the most trivial part of it all :

The installation program.

Having gone through this myself, I have written a little function
(Part of the INST2.DLL and VB_INST2.DLL files included with this archive)
that simplify one part of the process. In windows, all neat programs
are supposed to create their own group windows. (By group windows, I mean the
program manager group windows. I.E., Microsoft Write is in the "ACCESSORIES"
group window. You want your "GREAT UTILITIES" group window, but are befuddled
about how to get it to work. The INST2.DLL and VB_INST2.DLL files may be of
interest to you. The INST2.DLL file is used in a Pascal, Powerbuilder,
or C environment, and the VB_INST2.DLL file is used in a VB environment.
This incarnation (ver 1.0 beta) should be treated as such (a beta program),
subject to change and enhancement (refinement) . Also, please read the
disclaimer to be found in the PAS_INST2.PAS file. (I.E. we take noooooooooo
(absolutely none at all) responsibility whatsoever for use of this program

The PAS_INST2.PAS file details how it works in a pascal environment.
The VB_INST2.TXT file details how it works in a VB environment.
The PB_INST2.TXT file details how it works in a Powerbuilder environment.

Essentially, the DLL function build_group takes two arguments and builds
a groupbox for you, and inserts the icon for your application.

Happy programming!

-- Ron Scheckelhoff, Main Street Software Co.
P.O. Box 1083
Findlay OH 45840

Ph 419 425 3100


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