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$2MENU18.ZIP26586Jun 23 1990Turbo C code generator that makes simple menu systems.
25-43.ZIP2168Feb 11 1989C source code that will set the number of rows in text mode to 25, 43, or 50 depending on your video mode.
2ASYNC.ZIP14287Dec 7 1993Microsoft C source for two async comm routines and a timer/delay routine.
3DLIB.ZIP45378Feb 28 19883D TRANSFORMS is a Turbo C library of functions used to create, manipulate and display objects in three dimensions.
3DLL.ZIP20460Aug 20 1991C source for 3-D Dialog boxes in Windows 3.x.
3DVIEW.ZIP17443Aug 28 1991C Source for 3D rendering.
3TCTGR.ZIP31255Dec 12 1987Turbo-C TSR calculator with full source.
4-54.ZIP10938Mar 17 1993From Microsoft, how to implement a "splash screen" in a Windows application, includes full C source code.
ABOUTC.ZIP9219Jul 6 1986Help with the C Language.
ABOUTNEW.ZIP26193May 10 1987This contains a simple help facility which looks up sections of ASCII text files according to keys and displays them. The data provided is for the C programming language. Source included.
ACTLIB14.ZIP67776May 27 1993"Another C Tools Library" of C source functions.
ADC_IN_C.ZIP3179Jul 14 1989Analog to Digital functions in C using the 2801 series A/D converters.
ADDMENU.ZIP6146Sep 6 1991Sample C source for Windows developers. Shows how to add menu items to existing Windows applications.
ADVC12.ZIP9911Nov 10 1991"Advanced C" library, a collection of assorted routines for use with C. Includes full source code. Now free.
ADVENTUR.ZIP116681Oct 23 1986Adventure game with C code source, for experimentation/learning.
ADVGRAPH.ZIP100660Jan 31 1987Source code from "Advanced Graphic in C".
ADV_IN_C.ZIP46229Feb 1 1989Adventures in C - on screen C tutorial.
AETSK101.ZIP78391Mar 7 - full pseudo-tasking support for djgpp.
ALLOCAAP.ZIP5332Aug 29 1990ALLOCA.H compatible header file for use with Turbo/Borland C/C++.
ALLOCATC.ZIP1050Mar 3 1988Local stack allocation routines with full Turbo C source code.
ALLOCATE.ZIP2496Mar 28 1987Very high speed memory allocation routines with C source code.
ALSTSR.ZIP139338Mar 3 1989Excellent source code from the book "Turbo C: Memory-Resident Utilities, Screen I/O, and Advanced Programming Techniques".
ANCTEST.ZIP3607Jul 9 1988Test if ANSI.SYS is loaded w/C.
ANSI-C.ZIP128418Apr 12 1990The full ANSI C standard, including C and Library standards.
ANSI8MSC.ZIP14090Dec 23 1987ANSI windowed video routines for Microsoft C, with full source code.
ANSIC.ZIP10051Nov 30 1987A collection of C screen manipulation routines that only use ANSI output.
ANSICPP.ZIP56096Jul 24 1990Source files for the exercises in Teach Yourself C++.
ANSIINT.ZIP20227Jun 18 1989Turbo C source code for an ANSI interpretor, and TYPE replacement.
ANSISYS.ZIP3876Jun 28 1988Complete C source for a ANSI.SYS clone. Very educational.
ANSITC.ZIP1961Aug 20 1987ANSI Generator Function - This C function will return the ANSI color codes for the foreground and background colors passed as paramaters.
ANSI_C.ZIP7646Nov 25 1985C routines for ANSI graphics.
ANSI_SCR.ZIP1109Oct 5 1986C-source for inclusion of ANSI controls in functions.
APM.ZIP61464Mar 2 1989C precision math library.
APPROX.ZIP1982Oct 18 1988Approximate string searching subroutines with C source code.
AR001.ZIP11794Apr 23 1990A new compression program -- C source code
ARC521_C.ZIP117115Aug 12 1988Source for arc utility w/squash algorithm (archive & compress).
ARCSRC.ZIP170060Oct 10 1991Source code for SGLMS processor.
AREACODE.ZIP27109Nov 19 1988Area Codes for US & World w/local time (QC src).
ARGEX2.ZIP21196Mar 8 1988Command line argument expansion (like Unix) for Turbo C.
ARITHCOD.ZIP17596Jun 12 1987C code for Arithmetic data compression from an article in ACM.
ARJ_DECO.ZIP12156Apr 9 1991C Source to de-compress ARJ files.
ARPAC.ZIP24461Dec 9 1987ArpaNet C conf from '86.
ARTOOLV1.ZIP201555Feb 9 1992Art tool for utilizing the BGI graphic interface. Writes code in C.
ASE10.ZIP16716Aug 6 1989A Turbo C library that provides a fast and versatile arithmetic string processor. Parses a string expression and then performs the required mathmatical calculations.
ASM4QC.ZIP41242Jul 17 1992ASM4QC is a library of assembly language functions that are designed to be called from programs written in C. These functions provide high performance, low level video routines designed for text mode applications.
ASMPROCS.ZIP8934Aug 14 1991A text article describing when and how to easily add assembler routines to your Borland CPP code.
ASMX87.ZIP65866Jan 24 1992Assembler and C code to access math coprocessor.
ASNC13.ZIP29791Nov 28 1990Async routines written in C, includes full source code.
ASOLVER.ZIP32610Sep 28 1989A_SOLVER (Algebraic Equation Solver) can be used to create any program from a simple expression parser to a more sophisticated file based mini-interpreter. OBJ suitable for linking with C. Plenty of C examples.
ASPRINTF.ZIP4217Jul 20 1991Formatted string printing routines for graphics and text modes using a choice of BIOS, direct video or stroked fonts. For Turbo C 2.0 with source.
ASSIGN.ZIP6135Dec 30 1987Keybd redefine w/ Turbo C src.
ASYNC130.ZIP28790Nov 28 1990Good public domain comm library, with C source code.
ATTVIDEO.ZIP1691Sep 14 1987C routines that provide for changing of video mode on the AT&T 6300.
AUTODOC.ZIP18831Jul 5 1988Autodoc is a program which aides in the documentation of C programs. It will read a C source code file looking for a special comment statement indicating where to start documentation. Includes Turbo C source.
AVLBST11.ZIP18169Sep 4 1993Sorted list data type in ANSI C.
AWKLIB.ZIP10250Nov 23 1990AWK functions/routines ported to C. Includes C source code.
AWKSC320.ZIP65259May 22 1991C source code for AWK string processing language, version 3.2.
AXMSLIB.ZIP16491Feb 28 1992A(nother) XMS library with source in C.
B2C.ZIP41646Dec 19 1992b2c is a tool for generating C source chunks or C header files from binaries. It automagically generates complete C header files which can directly be included using the C pre-processors's #include directive.
BACKGRND.ZIP11164May 28 1991C example of programming background activities in Windows 3.0.
BANG20.ZIP133569Oct 27 1993A fun Windows destroy-your-desktop game. Includes C source.
BAR3OF9.ZIP15963Sep 3 1992Prints 3 of 9 Barcode on an HP LaserJet or compatible with C source.
BARCOD.ZIP9567Feb 6 1988C functions for printing bar codes.
BASIC_C.ZIP3571Oct 10 1989This file contains C function routines that parallel those found in Quick Basic 4.5.
BAWK.ZIP21568Apr 15 1986Bawk is a text processing program that searches files for specific patterns and performs "actions" for every occurrance of these patterns. C source included. UNIX-like.
BBSC2.ZIP13995Dec 24 1985Bulletin board Software written in unix C .
BBSCKIT.ZIP26961Jan 1 1980Commented C source code that is intended for people who wish to roll their own Version of a BBS.
BC20P1.ZIP10979Mar 8 1991First patches for Borland C++ version 2.0.
BCALCS.ZIP46371May 31 1989BigCalc Version 4.4. Complete MSC 5.1 source code.
BCDVPT.ZIP18414Jan 7 1992Patch Borland C++ 3.0 to fix conflicts with Desqview or any DPMI program.
BCOMMENT.ZIP727Apr 3 1991Various Macros for Borland C++'s IDE.
BCPPTECH.ZIP132886Mar 4 1992Technical Information Sheets for Borland C/C++ products, with index.
BCWINDOW.ZIP10952Jan 24 1989Pop-up window routines written in C. Includes full source code.
BEAV132S.ZIP124471Mar 18 1992Binary editor. Uses EMACS command structure for full editing; not just byte substitution. Source code in C.
BFONTC11.ZIP20521Apr 25 1991Use BIOS fonts in Turbo C and Borland C++.
BFSORTS.ZIP41232Mar 31 1991A collection of sort routines written in ANSI C. Includes source code.
BIBLIO.ZIP6627Nov 21 1988Bibliography of C++ articles & information.
BICKEL.ZIP1715Mar 27 1989A C implementation of Bickel's name comparison algorithm, which is a SOUNDEX replacement.
BID3SRC.ZIP22057Jun 30 1989This program lets you practice your bidding and opening leads when playing bridge. Full DOS and UNIX C source is included.
BIGBRO.ZIP3486Jul 2 1989Turbo C source (TSR) to log keystrokes.
BIGCAL44.ZIP46371May 31 1989Multi-precision HP-like calculator. Comes with complete 'c' source.
BIGDICT.ZIP230753May 26 1993BIGDICT Version 1.0 120,000 word dictionary Includes a 120,000 word dictionary for use with MGSPELL V1.2 or higher. Public domain supplement for MGSPELL. Replaces 60,000 word dictionary included with MGSPELL. From MicroGe
BIGTIME.ZIP12499Feb 24 1988Displays Time in LARGE numbers, with C source.
BINARY.ZIP1226Jan 25 1987"C" source code for converting decimal numbers to binary.
BINHEX.ZIP9215Mar 16 1988Convert EXE to Intel ascii (with C source).
BIOV3.ZIP2199Dec 22 1990C source code for an EGA/VGA biorythm program.
BISON122.ZIP259069Jul 29 1994C source code for GNU Bison 1.22, a freeware replacement the yacc parser generator, from the Free Software Foundation.
BITMANIP.ZIP2596Jul 21 1988Bit manipulaton for C with complete source.
BITMAP.ZIP9086Jul 31 1987Video utilities with C source code.
BITOPS.ZIP4412Sep 22 1987Commented bit manipulation routines in C language.
BITSET.ZIP4865Sep 7 1987BITSET is a package supporting the creation and manipulation of bitset objects in C, with C source code.
BITSTR.ZIP2042Jul 12 1989Unique bit operation functions in C. From an older Byte article.
BITSTRG.ZIP13760Jun 5 1989Large collection of Bit manipulation functions in Microsoft C.
BLAST13.ZIP178723Jul 11 1991BLAST13 is a library for programming the SoundBlaster card. It includes library version for each memory model. Allows playback and/or record from within your C code.
BLDLIB.ZIP1957Oct 17 1989Build LIB's from all .C filesin a directory. Turbo C source.
BLKADE20.ZIP82814Mar 20 1992Blockade v2.0 C/C++ .LIB to self-examine programs for tampering (virus infection, etc.).
BLMENU.ZIP6457Dec 6 1992Simple C windowing routines that work from Borland.
BLTC17.ZIP146467Aug 31 1993BULLET is a super-fast, super-small B-tree/dBASE .DBF, transaction-based, multi-user database toolkit for DOS C compilers.
BMG.ZIP2393Aug 29 1986Boyer-Moore-Gosper String Search function in C.
BMGREP2.ZIP14557Oct 5 1987BM is a fast pattern matching utility that uses the Boyer-Moore method, and includes full C source code.
BMGSUBS.ZIP9039Jun 3 1986These routines perform fast searches for strings, using the Boyer-Moore-Gosper algorithm. Full C source code.
BOEHMGC.ZIP272087Nov 27 1994Garbage collection subsystem for 32-bit C (replaces malloc()).
BOOKCOMM.ZIP128053Jan 29 1992Collection of async routines in C and C++.
BOOZ102S.ZIP17101May 29 1989ZOO file archiving - 'C' source only.
BORNBASE.ZIP4556Jun 18 1990Simple C source for a database from "Born To Code C".
BOSS.ZIP350881Jan 18 19933/15/92 revision of the Window Boss library for many C compilers.
BOSSPRNT.ZIP4066Oct 17 1990This program allow a 3.5" by 6.5" pocket size book to be printed from CASIO B.O.S.S. *.TEL and *.BUS files. C source code only.
BP.ZIP8282Jan 6 1988Builds TurboC project file from files in arg list. Source included.
BPLUS120.ZIP19751Apr 20 1989B-PLUS is a versatile, carefully designed module for C programmers who need a fast, efficient program for indexing data files. Complete C source code is included.
BPLUS22C.ZIP14019Aug 30 1988Compuserve's B-plus protocol implemented in C.
BPREAL.ZIP6100Apr 19 1993C code to convert floating-point values between IEEE "double" format and Borland (Turbo) Pascal "real" format. Uploaded by author.
BRIK.ZIP42202Mar 13 1989Computes a CRC-32 for your files useful for Virus detection. C Included.
BSEARCH.ZIP1587Jul 16 1989Much IMPROVED Binary Search C functions.
BSRC_140.ZIP149675Feb 21 1988Binkley Term source code (BEXE140).
BTOA.ZIP13932Nov 13 1992Binary-TO-Ascii encode/decode is similar to uuencode but produces smaller files with error detection and correction. It is superior to most other encoding schemes and is used by many FTP mail servers. Full C source code.
BTOOL1.ZIP118033Oct 14 1990Btrieve Access toolkit. Supports both Turbo C and Microsoft C.
BTREE.ZIP39509Mar 1 1985B+Trees w/ C source code.
BTREE2.ZIP14640Mar 21 1986B-Tree routines with complete C source code. Well documented.
BTREE3.ZIP10093Dec 24 1989Btree index file management in UNIX/MCS 'C' source.
BTREEC.ZIP28915Mar 21 1989A collection of B-Tree routines with full C source code.
BTREECPP.ZIP847May 9 1991This is a simple Turbo C++ binary tree class & demo by Steve Kirchner.
BUIWC.ZIP356750Jul 20 1991Boston University Windows Class. Includes example C source code.
BYEPC300.ZIP150805Mar 7 1993Masm and C source for a program to control a PC from remote location.
C#1.ZIP39921Jun 18 1987Assembly language routines to be called from C 1 of 3.
C#2.ZIP19307Jul 10 1987More C routines written in Assembly 2 of 3.
C#3.ZIP15948Nov 13 1984Even MORE C routines written in assembly 3 of 3.
C--EX100.ZIP213499Sep 14 1994Examples for the Sphinx C-- Compiler.
C-AIDS-1.ZIP50615Mar 2 1989C programming aids. 1 of 8.
C-AIDS-2.ZIP58106Oct 7 1987C programming aids. 2 of 8.
C-AIDS-3.ZIP62956Oct 7 1987C Programming aids. 3 of 8.
C-AIDS-4.ZIP55992Mar 2 1989C programming aids. 4 of 8.
C-AIDS-5.ZIP76953Mar 2 1989C programming aids. 5 of 8.
C-AIDS-6.ZIP61775Oct 7 1987C programming aids. 6 of 8.
C-AIDS-7.ZIP76852Mar 2 1989C programming aids. 7 of 8.
C-AIDS-8.ZIP79486Oct 7 1987C programming aids. 8 of 8.
C-ALL.ZIP121844Nov 7 1991Borland technical information sheets (from BIX/Borland) re Turbo C, Turbo C++, and Borland C++.
C-BOOKS.ZIP32900Apr 9 1989Bibliography of books on "C" (programming language).
C-CALLS.ZIP11833Aug 1 1985calls: calls prints a paragraphed list of who calls who within a body of C source code. C source included.
C-CARD.ZIP14337Apr 8 1987Reference card for Lattice C and others.
C-DATES.ZIP24910May 29 1987Several very useful DATE routines in C.
C-FAQ.ZIP37927Mar 7 1992C frequently asked question.
C-FDC.ZIP9300Aug 1 1986C Source to format a floppy- has some nice low-level IO stuff.
C-FLOW.ZIP44079Jun 24 1985CFLOW accepts C source files as input and generates as output a roughly structured listing of module (function) declarations and the function calls within them. C source included.
C-GRAF.ZIP33792Nov 6 1987Halo type graphics in c.
C-PROTO.ZIP16365Jan 22 1991This program parses a K&R C program and produces a list of function prototypes for every function defined in the source. Includes C source.
C-RECIPE.ZIP122248Dec 22 1987Source code for the C functions in the book "Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing" published by Cambridge University Press (1988).
C-RESI.ZIP4285Mar 5 1986C-source for memory resident programs.
C-STRUCT.ZIP4044Jan 25 1991Excellent example of using structs to make coding easier in 'C'. Example comes from an excellent mind and great 'C' programmer. Look at his stuff and learn.
C-TC-RUN.ZIP76393Sep 3 1988Turbo C tutor.
C-TOOLBX.ZIP80511Nov 13 1987Source from Hunt's "C Toolbox".
C-TUTOR.ZIP192235Feb 1 1988A Turbo C tutor.
C-WNDW.ZIP77857Mar 29 1988Turbo-C misc functions for beginners.
C2DBASE1.ZIP53725Nov 28 1985C to dBase Interface files.
C7PATCHB.ZIP46143Dec 16 1992Second patch to Microsoft C/C++ 7.0, from CompuServe.
C7PTCH.ZIP342281Jul 29 1992MS C/C++ Patch file - From MS conference on CIS.
CACHE-C.ZIP2785Jan 4 1988C routines that handle a memory cache of fixed sized records. All memory is allocated through the standard library routine malloc().
CADSRC.ZIP60702May 18 1989Source to the CAD graphics book by Lee Adams.
CAL.ZIP14037Mar 10 1988Two programs that will print calendars for any year, and will pull out items in a text file that match the current date. C source.
CALC-TC!.ZIP20233Jun 21 1987Calculator Program with Turbo C Source Code.
CALC.ZIP5160Apr 5 1986A simple calculator program in C. Only includes source.
CALLS.ZIP11290Dec 10 1985Calls - prints out calling pattern of functions in a C program. Full C source is included.
CALLS2.ZIP12173Dec 7 1985C source that prints a paragraphed list of function calls that occur in a body of C source code.
CAROTC.ZIP1970Jun 15 1988MS "C" routines for CTRL-C trapping.
CASYNC.ZIP18087Feb 21 1988Very fast and easy to read Comm routines written in C.
CAVANTS.ZIP3743May 12 1993C source for ant simulation.
CAWARE.ZIP15567Aug 1 1988C routine to allow an executable file to check if it has been modified. Prevents others from patching your code.
CB.ZIP16135Oct 27 1987This program takes as input a "C" source program file and formats it with the proper indents for each statement. Pretty Printer.
CBARS.ZIP3211May 31 1989Bar menus in C by Robert Klein.
CBASE102.ZIP272153Sep 23 1991Latest (September 1991) version of Citadel's CBASE data base builder's kit. Written in C, has compiled and run on DOS, Unix, and VMS systems.
CBAT_A.ZIP3241Apr 28 1989QuickC DOS batch procedure and documentation.
CBDLIB.ZIP7023Oct 25 1986Misc string handling routines.
CBENCH.ZIP18737May 25 1987A collection of C benchmark routines. Full source is included.
CBGI111.ZIP125959Jul 11 1990BGI Library and C Source for writing your own BGI Drivers.
CBIBLE.ZIP178725Feb 15 1990Source code for the Turbo C Bible. Tons of source code.
CBRKMSC4.ZIP1932Apr 15 1987Control-Break trapping for Microsoft C 4.0+.
CCC1053A.ZIP27532Dec 25 1989Complete C. C++ Compiler 1 of 3. For use with Microsoft and Turbo C. This is basically a C++ pre-processor.
CCC1053B.ZIP223052Dec 25 1989Complete C. C++ Compiler 2 of 3.
CCC1053C.ZIP300374Dec 25 1989Complete C. C++ Compiler 3 of 3.
CCHECK.ZIP21106Jun 23 1985Ccheck checks C programs for correctly matching brackets of all kinds, including quotes and comment brackets, checks that the indentation of matching brackets also is correct. C source included.
CCL.ZIP17794Jan 13 1991The C Communications Library (CCL) is an asynchronous communications library for developers programming in Microsoft C or Turbo C.
CCOUNT12.ZIP13654Apr 6 1989Counts the number of procedures, and comment lines in C source.
CCT.ZIP17247Jan 19 1990CCT is a Turbo C command line Pre-Processor. If you don't use th integrated environment this my be for you. Allows you to set compiler switches from within your source code. Source included for Turbo C.
CDATA.ZIP32290Jun 14 1988These are all the program files for a relational database manager and a sample application written in C. A full description is contained in the source book, "C DataBase Development" by Al Stevens.
CDB120.ZIP72451May 20 1991CDB network-model ISAM database package. Version 1.20. Microsoft C and Turbo C support. Includes a Data Definition Language.
CDBDEV.ZIP33076Dec 5 1988"C" source for book "C Database Development".
CDBF.ZIP16074Oct 20 1987A collection of C database routines that access dBase DBF files.
CDD2.ZIP23637Jun 28 1987Enhanced directory change program with C source.
CDECL24.ZIP18023May 20 1988Translate those complex C/C++ declarations to/from English.
CDEP.ZIP8323Feb 4 1991CDEP v1.0 by Russell Wallace. Generates depenency reports for C source.
CDRAW.ZIP20363Feb 26 1987A screen drawing program that generates C source code.
CENVID17.ZIP178289Nov 17 1993C language interpreter version 1.7, very interesting.
CEPHES.ZIP42779Jun 20 1987This collection of C routines contains a series of fast and highly accurate double precision mathematical routines for scientific and engineering applications. Full source included.
CEPHES22.ZIP290907Mar 7 1993This C library is a collection of more than 400 high quality mathematical routines for scientific and engineering applications.
CEXPERT.ZIP35684Nov 8 1988Source code for book "C/C++ for Expert Systems".
CEXPRESS.ZIP239513May 5 1989Source code for book "C Express". Lots of ASM code.
CEXTRACT.ZIP61682Aug 8 1993CEXTRACT will extract function prototypes and documentation from C source files, great for ansi-fying old K&R C code and also as a rudimentary automatic documentor. C source code, freeware.
CFC.ZIP19657Apr 4 1990CFC checks C source files for format discrepencies and possible errors not commonly flagged by compilers. C source code is included.
CFF51B.ZIP225598Oct 30 1993Culver's Fabulous Filesystem Version 5.1 Beta release. This is a portable 32 bit filesystem/database engine for memory, and disk. It has copyable objects and a permanent malloc. Dos, Unix, OS2, WinNT.
CFFT.ZIP3124Dec 24 1986A Fast Fourier Transform implementation based on Cooley's successive-doubling method. Includes full C source code.
CFLOW1.ZIP10544Jul 21 1985CFLOW -- a program to reveal C program structure, includes source code.
CFUNS.ZIP41347Sep 17 1986C function library.
CGEN.ZIP13516Aug 13 1988C Source Program Generator.
CGIF.ZIP3692Jun 25 1987C source code for examining GIF files.
CGOODIES.ZIP20480Jun 8 1988Various C routines.
CGRAFDDJ.ZIP24143Nov 11 1987Turbo C Graphics Software from Dr. Dobbs 11/87.
CGRAM.ZIP3396Feb 12 1990LEX and YACC grammar for Standard ANSI C.
CGRAPHIX.ZIP41197Jul 7 1986Graphics tool box for Turbo C.
CHAININT.ZIP3381Jul 31 1991Borland tells (on BIX) how to chain interrupts in Turbo/Borland C/C++.
CHOP11.ZIP10869Feb 27 1986CHOP splits files into smaller files, Turbo C source included.
CHRLST.ZIP11031Oct 1 1988C prog to decipher BGI fonts.
CINTERP.ZIP30952Sep 1 1984SCI is a "C" language interpreter loosely based on the language subset described in James Hendrix's book "Small C".
CJ.ZIP2105Jul 14 1992Right-justifies C comments to improve code readability. C source code.
CLEARC11.ZIP24325May 26 1992ClearC V1.1 is intended to help make C source more legible by spacing operators, function calls, control guards, & reformatting code to a specified style.
CLEAR_C.ZIP4371Dec 7 1989Make your C program easy to read. Uses defines to make C look more like Pascal. Easy to add to.
CLINT162.ZIP175359Oct 19 1993CLint is a tool which reads the source files of your C programs, and generates reports about possible problems.
CLMDEBUG.ZIP20504Apr 7 1986DEbug routines for C from Computer Language Magazine.
CLOCK0.ZIP3138Feb 17 1989Display Clock on mono screens w/C source!.
CLT162.ZIP175359Oct 19 1993Check cross refs and lint in C source code across several files.
CM100EXE.ZIP61200Mar 7 1993CMAKE 1.00 - The best MAKE for MSC/WIN SDK: Executable & Samples.
CM100HLP.ZIP112074Nov 16 1991CMAKE 1.00 - The best MAKE for MSC/WIN SDK: QuickHelp.
CM100TXT.ZIP50686Nov 16 1991CMAKE 1.00 - The best MAKE for MSC/WIN SDK: Help-Text Format.
CM3.ZIP9511Feb 12 1995Source code for multi-heap malloc implemented with skip lists.
CMAGIC15.ZIP224828Sep 6 1992This is a C library that makes mouse and graphics code easy.
CMAKE100.ZIP1713Nov 16 1991CMAKE 1.00 - The best MAKE for MSC/WIN SDK: Description.
CMOUSE.ZIP1186Jan 7 1987Mouse driver written in C.
CNEWS001.ZIP6571Dec 27 1987C programers' news letter - vol 1.
CNEWS002.ZIP5788Jan 10 1988C NEWS Issue #2 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS003.ZIP21375Mar 1 1989C NEWS, Issue #3 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS004.ZIP49276Feb 21 1988C News, Issue #4 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS005.ZIP70608Mar 1 1989Latest C newsletter.
CNEWS006.ZIP34002Apr 10 1988C News, Issue #6 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS007.ZIP10253Mar 2 1989C NEWS, Issue # 7 --Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS008.ZIP60053Jun 14 1988C News, Issue #8 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS009.ZIP74623Mar 2 1989C News, Issue #9 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS010.ZIP48806Mar 2 1989C News, Issue #10 - Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS011.ZIP32826Mar 2 1989C News, Issue 11 -- Newsletter for C Programmers.
CNEWS012.ZIP12941Oct 30 1988C News, Issue #12 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS013.ZIP83360Mar 3 1989C News, Issue 13 -- Newsletter for C Programmers.
CNEWS014.ZIP70829Mar 2 1989C News, Issue 14 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS015.ZIP29376Jul 6 1989C NEWS Issu #15 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS016.ZIP65779Jul 27 1989C programmers newsletter issue #16.
CNEWS017.ZIP16590Sep 30 1989C News #17 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS019.ZIP28919Aug 5 1990C News #19, Newsletter for C programmers.
CNEWS18.ZIP40941Dec 31 1989C News, Issue 18 -- Newsletter for C programmers.
COLRBORD.ZIP23890Feb 18 1992Multicolor MSC borders C programs, heavily commented, beginning programmers.
COMLIB11.ZIP32511Oct 6 1989Communcations Library by L. Lively in C with full source code.
COMMAFMT.ZIP1547Sep 21 1989C subroutine that will return a comma formatted string of digits. Supports both Turbo C and Microsoft C.
COMMAND.ZIP16950Jan 31 1986A joke with C source. Not harmful.
COMMC.ZIP4643Mar 13 1990C Source for modem routines. Very good for reference and learning.
COMMV20.ZIP4255Apr 7 1991Latest version of TC++ communication functions library.
COMPC1.ZIP244711Jan 30 1989OOPing with COMPLETE C, 1/89 and latest Shareware Version, 1 of 2.
COMPC2.ZIP285693Jan 29 1989OOPing with COMPLETE C, 1/89 and latest Shareware Version, 2 of 2.
COMPLANG.ZIP37018Feb 3 1992Computer Language C FAQ (frequently asked questions).
COMPRESS.ZIP30226Jun 15 1986Compatible w/unix compress/uncompress. source for msc, unix, etc.
COM_232.ZIP41115Aug 29 1987Nice set of Assembly Routines for Buffered Serial Communications, callable from C. Includes full source code.
CONCEN.ZIP7841Feb 22 1989C source code to Concentration Game for Microsoft Windows.
CONFIGF.ZIP12308Sep 16 1990C Source code example of how to read information from a configuration file.
CONIO.ZIP8506Oct 9 1989Very fast ASM Console I/O routines for C.
CON_IO.ZIP8506Jun 9 1987C source for console I/O routines for the PC.
COPPY32.ZIP15439Jan 6 1988Copies files from HD to floppy using soace efficiently. C source.
CORE.ZIP8817Jul 15 1993Borland C source to check free memory.
CP13.ZIP36267Jan 28 1991Updated version of an excellent C documentation tool - from DDJ originally. Includes complete source in C.
CPAREN.ZIP44755Oct 16 1989Tool to understand complex C expressions; helpful for those who don't recall all precedence rules. With C, lex, yacc sources.
CPGMS.ZIP88023Jan 10 1987Various C programs.
CPORT2.ZIP77467Nov 6 1993Cport is a C language interrupt-driven serial communication library. Supports the 16550, and has full source code.
CPOWER.ZIP55992Dec 29 1987"C" source code for book "C for Power Users".
CPPB.ZIP30982Jul 13 1989Two programs : 1) A C++ Reformatter which will take a C++ source file and reformat it. 2) A Class Analyser. This will read a C++ source file and display the hierarchy of classes as a tree.
CPPCOMBO.ZIP34707Aug 16 1990Modifications to allow BISON to work under C++ .
CPPCOMM.ZIP16106Nov 18 1990C++ classes for serial communication.
CPPL1.ZIP8909Jun 29 1990C++ tutorial thats focus is on operators.
CPPMOUSE.ZIP4776Dec 1 1990Mouse routines in C++.
CPPOOPS.ZIP177374Jun 27 1989This is a DOS implementation of the National Institutes of Health Object-Oriented Program Support(OOPS). CommonView C++ source code.
CPPTOUR.ZIP52877Jun 21 1989HyperGuide-based C++ Guide. Very good tour of C++ features by author of C++ Primer. HyperGuide viewwer included. C Programmers get this one!.
CPR33.ZIP19297Sep 4 1989C program lister, provides table of contents, function calls, statistics on functions called by, etc. C source included.
CPRINT4.ZIP9112Aug 17 1985Formatted print util.
CPROTKIT.ZIP98599Apr 2 1990All the source code from "C Programmer's Toolkit".
CPTUTOR1.ZIP95820Jul 20 1990Coronado Enterprises C++ Tutor Disk 1/2.
CPTUTOR2.ZIP100172Sep 21 1990Coronado Enterprises C++ Tutor Disk 2/2.
CPU100.ZIP36140Apr 14 1993C routines which allow you to check CPU type and speed.
CRC.ZIP12090Jan 26 1987Calculate 32-bit CRC.
CRC113.ZIP12848Jan 3 199016-bit and 32-bit CRC routines in C.
CRC4MSC.ZIP3232Apr 18 1987CRC Check for Microsoft 'C' with source.
CRCAL.ZIP11219Jan 26 1987Calculate CRCs with source in C.
CRC_V3.ZIP29902Jul 18 1994CRC checking in C.
CRDEP1.ZIP137300Apr 21 1991The C Relational Database Engine is a library of over 90 functions which support the creation, maintenance, and querying of single-user databases.
CREADMAC.ZIP6206Nov 16 1987C source to read a mac file.
CREFCARD.ZIP14337Apr 8 1987A quick-reference card for C language.
CREFSYNC.ZIP12142Dec 24 1987Simple async routines written completely in C. Close to being out of date, but still excellent for a beginning C programmer.
CRERR4G.ZIP1384Apr 2 1992Critical Error Handler for Watcom 9.5 (32 bit). A short example.
CRITTER1.ZIP22455May 26 1989Critical error handler for MSC and CXL 5.0.
CRNCHR22.ZIP68999Apr 14 1993C Libs: FFT, Wavelet, Coherence, Filter, Regr. etc.
CRULES.ZIP3666Jun 23 1990A text file with some "rules" for writing good C code.
CRUNCH22.ZIP68999Apr 14 1993CRUNCHER is a series of signal processing routines written for C.
CRYPT.ZIP2157Apr 26 1989Encruption/decryption function with C source code.
CRYPT_C.ZIP1872Jan 15 1986File encryption routine.
CSCOP110.ZIP43713Apr 15 1993C-SCOPE 1.10 - c-scope completely analyzes the functions in a multi-file C program. c-scope produces reports showing which file each function is defined in and its starting line number in the file, the functions defi
CSH.ZIP45118Aug 13 1986Unix-like command shell.
CSORTS.ZIP14678Aug 31 1989Qsort routine with C source. This is a non-recursive version that greatly improves processing speed.
CSOUND.ZIP1938Jan 2 1980Very simple PC speaker functions in C.
CSOURC.ZIP24096Jan 28 1987C Source analyzer and maintaince utility.
CSOURCE.ZIP52603Aug 7 1987Surprisingly good PD source code print utility. Set indent, select from a number of options, menu driven, function/symbol cross referencing, line numbering, page numbering, etc.
CSR-1.ZIP84207Jul 13 1988C Spot Run (CSR) User support C add-on library. Archive number 1 of 3.
CSR-2.ZIP103244Jul 13 1988C Spot Run (CSR): User Supported C Add-on Library. Archive Number 2 of.
CSR.ZIP56799Jul 12 1988C Spot Run (CSR)-- User support C add-on library.
CSRC1.ZIP169992Nov 13 1988A very large collection of C source code for all sorts of functions.
CSRC2.ZIP139986Nov 18 1988Part 2 of a very large C collection.
CSTRING.ZIP17786May 25 1986Large collection of C functions for strings.
CSTUFF.ZIP6646Jun 13 1989Various C routines from PC Magazine.
CSWITCH.ZIP70388Mar 20 1990C multitasking library, similar to CTask, no source, decent docs.
CTB100T.ZIP113979Sep 7 1987C toolbox v1.00.
CTOASM.ZIP6204Nov 8 1985Tutor that shows how to call ASM routines from C with examples.
CTOOLS01.ZIP6986Dec 1 1985Useful functions in C.
CTOOLS10.ZIP57875Apr 6 1992Various routines in "C" to help the struggling c programmer.
CTREE.ZIP11456May 9 1992CTREE will show you what functions call other functions in your C source code. It does not show you the order in which the functions are called. It's a shell archive.
CTSK22.ZIP274304Aug 15 1991CTask is a set of routines that allow your C program to execute functions in parallel, without you having to build in sophisticated polling and switching schemes.
CTUTOR.ZIP22013Jul 29 1986A C Tutor by Kernighan himself (C author).
CTUTOR1.ZIP106193Aug 25 1986C Language Tutor Program using Ansi.sys.
CUG150.ZIP60178May 25 1986C Users Group - Vol. 150.
CUG168.ZIP80563Jan 11 1986C Users Group - Vol. 168.
CUG236A.ZIP86600Jan 13 1989Highly Portable Utilities from C Users' Group (CUG #236).
CUG_364.ZIP120138May 27 1992This is a C Users Group volume. The program is C-across, a C programming tool that sees across multiple C modules, and generates information about your source code.
CURSES.ZIP99075Jan 1 1985UNIX "curses" for PC.
CURSES04.ZIP65024Mar 31 1987Full set of Curses, UNIX style screen routines for C.
CURSESNT.ZIP100756Jul 3 1992Curses port to Windows NT.
CUTPASTE.ZIP13235Mar 1 1990C source to Unix like cut & paste programs.
CVIRPROT.ZIP8783Jun 4 1990Allows you to patch C programs so they check their own CRC values.
CVIRUSPT.ZIP9688Jun 3 1990C Routines that are useful for making software more virus proof.
CVT100.ZIP50310Apr 19 1989Curses. Mini version with C source.
CWIN.ZIP109373May 29 1993CWIN - small & fast menu-window library (c, assembler source code).
CWORD.ZIP15239Aug 22 1992Create Microsoft Word documents using C.
CXLCALC.ZIP38444Jul 26 1989Very nice windowed calculator, with full Turbo C 2.0 source code.
CXLFILEV.ZIP5754May 12 1990For use with the CXL Library. Opens a window to view an ASCII file.
CXLHELP.ZIP91165Apr 18 1989QuickC 2.0 HELP Screens for CXL Library Functions. Context Sensitive.
CXLNG51.ZIP68562Oct 2 1989Norton's Guide Database for CXL Version 5.1.
CXLNGS51.ZIP82039Nov 11 1989Norton Guide source files for CXL Version 5.1.
CXLSFD2.ZIP37930Aug 9 1989Companion to CXL51-1 and CXL51-2 extended C library functions.
CXLXPLOD.ZIP4448Jun 12 1989Add exploding/imploding windows to CXL. C source code.
CXREF.ZIP10386Jan 1 1984A simple PD C Cross-Reference utility.
CXREF2TC.ZIP20690May 15 1990Public domain CXREF modified by Roland Brown to compile under ANSI conforming compilers (Turbo C in particular).
CXRF.ZIP31413Dec 28 1989XRF Cross-Reference Lister for C programmers. Many options. Source included.
CYPHER.ZIP13486Mar 4 1985IBM/NBS algorithms en/decrypt / C source.
C_ANALYZ.ZIP24096Jan 28 1987What's that function do? this'll tell you.
C_DATES.ZIP24910May 29 1987Date manipulation routines for 'C'.
C_DBFS.ZIP45444Jan 28 1990A C library that provides access/manipulation of database files.
C_FAQS.ZIP48060Feb 3 1992Frequenly asked questions about C - from the Internet.
C_PARAL.ZIP4281Apr 9 1991C source for bidirectional parallel port data transfer.
C_PROTO.ZIP30110Feb 10 1992Program to extract function declarations from C source code.
C_PSLIB.ZIP68447Mar 20 1991C source that generates PostScript Language code without having to learn PostScript. Looks good.
C_ROTATE.ZIP12953Mar 28 1994Turbo C Graphics routines to rotate a screen image in any direction.
C_STRING.ZIP61180Apr 9 1986String manipulations in C source.
C_TEXT.ZIP8710Jun 24 1987C screen routines in assembly.
C_TUTOR.ZIP160024Jan 28 1990CT is an interactive onscreen tutorial designed to help you learn the C programming language. The program includes an introductory course on the syntax of C language and the standard library.
C_VECTOR.ZIP6750Jan 2 1987Display interupt vector with C source code.
C_WNDW.ZIP119355Feb 12 1990A toolkit for Turbo C and Quick C that provides windows, menus, formatted entry, and file access functions.
DAIMS.ZIP30625Feb 10 1988These are some example C++ files from the DAIMS project mentioned in issue #40 (March-April 1988) of Micro Cornucopia: "A Programmer's Introduction to C++" by Bruce Eckel.
DATE.ZIP746Nov 9 1992Check date since last event (C-Source).
DATECLSS.ZIP7206Jul 25 1990A complete Date class for C++ with source.
DAYNBR.ZIP10234Mar 23 1988Turbo-C date routines.
DB.ZIP37529Jul 12 1987Good database routines for MSC with source.
DB20PRO1.ZIP38332Dec 10 1988Dialog Box Toolkit Docs.
DB20PRO2.ZIP79895Jan 22 1989Dialog Box Tookit examples, menus, C source code.
DB20PRO3.ZIP59833Jan 22 1989Dialog Box Toolkit, Turbo C Library.
DB20PRO4.ZIP59628Jan 22 1989Dialog Box Toolkit, Microsoft C 6.0 Library.
DBF-TEST.ZIP4333Sep 5 1991Dbase .DBF files operations. Generate a dummy .DBF file. C source.
DBIIITOC.ZIP19736Nov 18 1987As the name Says dBASE III to C (good).
DBPCXL18.ZIP176572Dec 15 1993C callable lib for read/write 16 or 256 color PCX files, includes support for VGA/VESA display modes and two sample pcx files.
DBPRO.ZIP189363Sep 9 1989Dialog Box Professional is a C toolkit that helps with designing and coding dialog boxes in your own programs.
DBPUTS.ZIP35371Jan 13 1993Handy Windows utility that lets you send debug message to a Server window that then displays them. Full source code is included.
DBTOOL-C.ZIP79771Dec 24 1987Database tools in C.
DBVGAL17.ZIP94021Jan 26 1992VGA/VESA C library with C and ASM source, version 1.7. Much improved.
DBW_REND.ZIP97760Sep 26 1990DBW-Render. One of the best Raytracing algorithms around. Does require some conversion for PC but the source is in standard C. Can be used in Unix systems as is.
DCURS122.ZIP214999May 4 1989Virtually complete implementation of UNIX Curses for DOS (MSC 5.1 & TC 2.
DC_C.ZIP83184Sep 29 1991The Data Compression Book. Disk 1, C Source.
DEBUGC.ZIP2630Jul 18 1985Dr. Bob's C debug macros.
DECODER.ZIP4908Mar 16 1989A GIF file decoder with complete C source.
DEMO4350.ZIP1452Apr 1 1990Illustration in 'C' of extending EGA/VGA displays to 43/50 lines.
DES_PC.ZIP20456Jan 26 1986NBS Encryption Program, with full C source.
DETANSI.ZIP842Jul 19 1991Simple C source code to detect Ansi.sys.
DEVDRV20.ZIP4763May 2 1987MS-C shell to create device drivers, v. 2.0.
DEV_C.ZIP15799Mar 17 1986Aid to writting Device Drivers in C.
DFPP03.ZIP68068Sep 27 1993Dflat++ v.30, from, from DDJ.
DHRYSTON.ZIP10203Jul 7 1989MIPS Magazine Dhrystone benchmark. Full C source code.
DIALOG.ZIP115088Mar 13 1991C source and exe for Zinc/Paradox Engine application.
DIFF114.ZIP141969May 11 1990GNU Diff and Diff3 1.14 for OS/2 and DOS with source code.
DIFF_DDJ.ZIP16016Sep 7 1987File compare and change-bar for text files with C source.
DIRECT.ZIP8229Jul 9 1991Experiment in obtaining DOS directory information. Includes C source.
DIRSEL.ZIP10887Jul 12 1987Pop-up files selection utility with Turbo C source code.
DISKSP.ZIP5024Nov 20 1990Demonstrates techinque for determining remaining free space on disk (uses MSC 6.0) also includes EXE.
DISPWIND.ZIP2305Mar 12 1993This is a modification of the w4display() function provided by Sequiter Software in their CodeScreens package. It displays a message in a window, allowing you to set the color of the border, background, and text.
DJ11BIN1.ZIP1241364Dec 27 1993DJ Delorie djgpp 1.11 C and C++ compiler for DOS, based on GNU Gcc 2.5.7, binaries part 1 of 3 (requires a 386 or better).
DJ11BIN2.ZIP1279461Dec 27 1993DJ Delorie djgpp 1.11 C and C++ compiler for DOS, based on GNU Gcc 2.5.7, binaries part 2 of 3 (requires a 386 or better).
DJ11BIN3.ZIP1228643Dec 27 1993DJ Delorie djgpp 1.11 C and C++ compiler for DOS, based on GNU Gcc 2.5.7, binaries part 3 of 3 (requires a 386 or better).
DJ11DOC1.ZIP1021719Dec 27 1993DJ Delorie djgpp 1.11 C and C++ compiler for DOS, based on GNU Gcc 2.5.7, doc files part 1 of 2.
DJ11DOC2.ZIP1040815Dec 27 1993DJ Delorie djgpp 1.11 C and C++ compiler for DOS, based on GNU Gcc 2.5.7, doc files part 2 of 2.
DLFONT.ZIP3319Nov 15 1990A C function written to D/L HP fonts from within Clipper S87.
DLINK.ZIP27881Jul 1 1990A double linked list address list with Turbo C 2.0 compatible source code. Includes sample data file. Many functions are reusable, and extremely useful. Have fun.
DLLSKEL.ZIP16928Oct 8 1992Windows 3.1 code to demonstrate how to create a medium model dynamic link libraries.
DLPHONE.ZIP7225Mar 30 1989Windows Dynamic Library Link Example of Phone Database Library. C source code is included, originally from Computer Language.
DM100.ZIP18112Dec 9 1987Calculator with C source.
DMAKE38A.ZIP253883Mar 7 1993Dmake utility version 3.8 C source code. Part 1 of 2.
DMAKE38B.ZIP146568Mar 7 1993Dmake utility version 3.8 C source code. Part 2 of 2.
DMAKE38C.ZIP168603Mar 7 1993Dmake utility version 3.8 C source code. Part 3 of 3. This part contains code options for non-MS-DOS systems.
DOS2WIN.ZIP64544Sep 1 1991STDIO library and samples to ease porting DOS apps to Windows.
DOSMUSIC.ZIP40697Sep 21 1988Easily add sound to your programs. Includes LIB's for Turbo-C.
DPMI4G.ZIP1131Sep 16 1993Watcom 9.5 - Rational 32 Dos extender DPMI info.
DPMIXM.ZIP4276Mar 10 1991Examples of using DPMI in Windows 3.x.
DPMI_LIB.ZIP34556Nov 6 1991Turbo C source to write protected mode programs that can access megs of memory including virutal memory on any machine running windows 3.0 in 386 enhanced mode through the Dos Protected Mode Interface.
DRAWFN3S.ZIP66249May 6 1990Display 3D parametric surfaces, part of IRIT. C source code.
DRWIN101.ZIP199541Jan 31 1992Outstanding windowing and mouse C library with source code. Part 1 of 3.
DRWIN201.ZIP182267Jan 31 1992DRWIN C library, Part 2 of 3.
DRWIN301.ZIP124820Jan 31 1992DRWIN C library, Part 3 of 3.
DRY.ZIP9707May 13 1987Drhystone benchmark routine, with complete C source.
DRYSTONE.ZIP12789Mar 22 1987Computer benchmark written in C with source.
DSIIC2.ZIP112158Apr 3 1992C code to "Designing Screen Interfaces in C" by James Pinson.
DTE50.ZIP129853Sep 5 1990C source editor using Borland-Wordstar commands for DOS and UNIX.
DU.ZIP2870May 15 1987Source code to display disk usage. "C" source.
DVLIB.ZIP16525May 28 1990LIB for MicroSoft C to make programs DesqView aware. Demo program included.
DYNAM_S1.ZIP94643Dec 15 1988Microsoft C source code for Yorke's DYNAMICS part 1 of 2.
DYNAM_S2.ZIP65212Dec 14 1988Microsoft C source code for Yorke's DYNAMICS part 2 of 2.
DZNR_096.ZIP116950May 19 1991Beta release of the TCXL code generation utility. Dezyner.
ECH.ZIP7065Apr 7 1993ESCHER.CPP - Program to display Escher's triangle in a window using mapping modes.
ECSTR.ZIP57931May 21 1986Excellent set of string functions for use in C programing.
EDIT-C.ZIP40942Oct 1 1985Text Editor written in C.
EDIT-ME.ZIP7340Feb 27 1992All purpose editing function in Turbo C with source code.
EDITTECH.ZIP18684Apr 17 1993This is a collection of text and routines discussing the basics of text editing alogrithms in C (buffer gap, linked list of lines, ect). From the internet, this is the articles referenced in the Apr 1993 DDJ Issue, article
EDSOURCE.ZIP15095Feb 15 1989Turbo C source for a Unix-like ED editor for DOS.
EEDSRC24.ZIP197219Nov 20 1993Full C source for an EE Cad drawing program using Borland Turbo C.
EGA-C.ZIP32470Jul 8 1987Complete C routines for accessing and controlling an EGA graphics card. For Microsoft C 3.0+, Turbo C, and Turbo Pascal.
EGAGRAX.ZIP19847Sep 30 1991High Speed EGA and VGA graphics routines with ASM and C source code.
EGAPAINT.ZIP82190May 26 1988C source code for an EGA paint program.
EGATEST.ZIP5148Aug 25 1989Color test pattern for EGA with source in "C".
ELM23SRC.ZIP497627Mar 7 1993Elm mail reader source code in OS/2.
ELMENTC.ZIP75463Nov 5 1985Some simple C programs. Good for beginners to get a feel of C.
ELVIS184.ZIP264469Oct 22 1994C source for Elvis 1.8.4 clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor. Elvis runs under AT&T SysV UNIX, LINUX UNIX, SCO Xenix, Minix, OS/2, MS-DOS, Atari TOS, OS9/68000, Coherent, VMS, and AmigaDos. Archived with tar and gzip.
EM38FSRC.ZIP151230Feb 16 1987MicroEMACS 3.8f (Feb 87) source.
EMSFUN.ZIP12201Sep 17 1988C Functions that will test and allocate EMS 3.2 and later memory.
EMSLIB.ZIP31513Jun 2 1991Version independent C interface to LIM EMS functions.
EMSTOOLS.ZIP164460Feb 4 1990Intel's LIM EMS 4.0 C Toolkit with information on how to obtain EMS 4.0 info and disks from Intel's Personal Computer Enhancement Operation.
EMS_C.ZIP2427Aug 20 1989C source that will test and allocate LIM 3.2 and 4.0 EMS memory.
EMXDEV8C.ZIP211332Mar 7 1993Update to EMX, the 32 bit C compiler for DOS and OS/2. Now supports PM programming (barely). Version .8C. Uses the newer GCC 2.1, but doesn't yet include C++ support. (1 of 5).
EMXLIB8C.ZIP132270Apr 8 1992Libaries for the updated EMX, the 32 bit C compiler for OS/2 2.0 and DOS. (2 of 5). .
EMXTEST8.ZIP28770Mar 7 1993Sample source files for the update to EMX, the free C compiler for OS/2 and DOS. (3 of 5).
ENCODER.ZIP11419Mar 22 1989A GIF file encoder with complete C source code.
ENCRYPT.ZIP3189Oct 30 1990C routines which will encrypt and decrypt any file.
ENVSET.ZIP3341Jan 7 1989Utility to change DOS environment variables on the fly. C source code included.
ERRHNDLR.ZIP4577Feb 10 1989ASM and C routines to bypass and improve upon DOS's "Abort, Retry, Fail" error handler.
ERROR.ZIP456Jun 8 1992Turbo C function. Takes variable arguments like printf(), prints them to stderr, and then exits; Written in Turbo C++ 1.0 (C code).
ETAGS.ZIP12153Aug 31 1989The FSF tags file generator program. Generates a TAGS file from all source files for quick access from an editor. C source code.
ETCH.ZIP3124Nov 12 1992Simple demo of mouse interface for 32 bit mode. Watcom 9.5 code.
EUROSET.ZIP16022Jan 27 1994C source code so that programs can support European character sets and code pages, includes postscript file of ISO Latin 1 character set.
EVAL.ZIP13072May 21 1988C source for mathematical expression evaluator.
EVISION1.ZIP135954May 19 1992EasyVision v1.0 is a textmode based, windowed user interface for C++. It provides a DESKTOP, a STATUSLINE, a MENUBAR, WINDOWS, CONTEXT SENSITIVE ONLINE HELP, and much much more.
EXECOM33.ZIP16597Nov 22 1987Replacement for EXE2BIN w/ C source.
EXEVIEW.ZIP32955Mar 5 1992Windows 3.1 example code to extract and decode resources and tables for executable of library files.
EXPAND.ZIP6707Aug 26 1988Example of creating an expanding dialog box. C source code.
EXPLOD.ZIP18895Jul 3 1989See explosions on screen with c source, excellent graphics demo.
EXPTAB.ZIP11505Nov 10 1990Expands tabs contained in C source files created in Borland's integrated environment. Includes complete C source code.
EXTLIB2.ZIP66781Mar 9 1990Extended Library 2.0 is an extensive library of C runtime routines for use in your user interface. Small model LIBs for Lattice, Turbo, MicroSoft and QuickC.
EYES.ZIP18411Nov 18 1988Windows program that follows mouse cursor around screen. C source.
EZDB102.ZIP16116Feb 16 1991Maintenance release 1.02 of the EZ-DB Turbo C programmer's databasing library. Fast efficient and easy to use.
EZWIND.ZIP39348Apr 13 1988Windows pkg for MSC and QC.
E_C_STR.ZIP57931May 21 1986Unix string package source in C.
F2C-EXE.ZIP262830Jun 15 1991Fortran to C executable.
F2CSRC.ZIP318065Aug 21 1993Source code for F2C.EXE - compile your own exe file - This file and its companion are compliments of AT&T Bellcore Laboratories.
F2C_LIB0.ZIP36392Nov 24 1992Fortran to C library for DJGCC.
F77TOC.ZIP208326May 5 1990Fortran 77 to C converter. Includes C source code.
FADE.ZIP154792Jun 23 1993Windows 3.1 program/ source code demonstrates how to fade a bitmap.
FAQ-C.ZIP9504Jun 5 1991Frequently asked questions in C and their answers.
FASTFFT.ZIP13537Aug 21 1988Very fast FFT generator. With full C source code.
FASTFORM.ZIP72312Jun 22 1989Allows C programmers to design user input screens.
FASTGREP.ZIP19620Apr 5 1988C source for string searches in a file. Uses the Boyer-Moore method.
FASTVI.ZIP8433Jun 3 1987Fast Video routines for Turbo C.
FASTVI3.ZIP25715Aug 5 1987Fast video procedures in C.
FAXCOM.ZIP10225Jul 3 1989Unix C source for CCITT FAX encoding & decoding.
FBM10.ZIP231372Aug 23 1990Latest version of the Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation (FBM) library of programs. Full C source included.
FBMTIFF.ZIP247393Jun 4 1990FBM TIFF utilities for reading and writing TIFF files. Modules are also present for converting between TIFF and FBM Files. Source code only.
FCOMPAR.ZIP10245Feb 26 1984Compare two files for differences. C Source included.
FEND20.ZIP108230Sep 13 1993Frontend processor generator. SLEX (s/t LEX) and SYACC (s/t YACC) combined program. New version, support linking multiple-generated-processor files into one program for both SLEX and SYACC.
FFSOURCE.ZIP16458Jun 16 1987File Find + C source.
FFT.ZIP1473Dec 25 1986Fast Fourier Transform - C Source.
FFTC.ZIP12834Apr 12 1990Fast Fourier Transforms written in C with full source code.
FF_DATES.ZIP1059Dec 12 1989Here's a little code that demonstrates accessing ffblk structures and a routine to change the date/time stamp of a file. Turbo C source.
FGMP.ZIP10122Aug 7 1993Public domain multiprecision math library for C. Same calling syntax as GNU gmp.
FGREP11.ZIP49769May 7 1990GNU FGREP 1.1 for OS/2 and DOS, with C source code.
FILEDIRS.ZIP19049Dec 6 1985Display a listing of files in UNIX format (ls). C source.
FILE_IO.ZIP12059Jun 23 1993C source code for extended file_io with commit, written by David Thielen. see his article Safer Functions for Working with MS-DOS Files (MSJ).
FILTERS.ZIP16726Oct 27 1986UNIX filters ported to dos.
FINAGOL.ZIP6348Aug 17 1988Text file on : Financial Modeling With C, the Advantages and Pitfalls.
FINDS101.ZIP12571Aug 5 1986Finds selected strings in file with C source.
FIX610.ZIP13161Nov 25 1992Patch for early release of TCXL 6.10.
FLC2.ZIP36682Dec 7 1990FlexList is a searchable-sortable-implodable generic heterogeneous-homogeneous hybrid stack-queue-list-array accessible by value, reference or node. Includes full C source code.
FLEXLIST.ZIP74390Sep 28 1989An excellent C libray that creates hypertext applications. This is a fabulous toolbox, and includes full C source.
FLILIB.ZIP118774Aug 29 1990A very good Autodesk Animation routines for Turbo C. Loads and runs *.FLI files.
FLOOK.ZIP7279Aug 19 1987View a file in HEX and ASCII, C source included.
FNTSRC.ZIP16600Apr 13 1993C source code for Windows that prints out all available fonts.
FORMGENC.ZIP45421Apr 20 1989Formgen is a tool which lets you interactively create a data entry form for use with C software applications. It generates data-entry functions for you and automatically generates the C code needed to compile.
FORTUNE.ZIP39635Mar 2 1986Displays a saying (for AUTOEXEC).
FPCLIB36.ZIP214858Jun 11 1993FlashPac C Library V3.61. Direct Video functons for fast screen I/O. Include bios video for ega & vga. BIOS Mouse support includes interrupt hander for queuing mouse events BIOS, DOS keyboard, and general DOS support funct
FRAC151S.ZIP425010Sep 23 1991Fractal generation program with full protected mode C source (386).
FRAGX.ZIP24754Mar 19 1993A best fit malloc routine with routines to measure heap fragmentation.
FRASRC18.ZIP867622May 24 1993Source for Fractint v18.
FREEWAY.ZIP30172Sep 7 1992Nice algorithim in C.
FTPTST.ZIP1330May 23 1989An example source programming in TCP/IP networking environment.
G-STRING.ZIP38351Sep 30 1989This is version 1.00 of the G_STRING library for Turbo C by Unicorn.
GBLENV.ZIP3225Jun 25 1988Turbo C routines that will locate, retrieve, update, and remove "Variables" from the MASTER copy of the DOS Environment table.
GCCTXT.ZIP509194May 22 1992Information on Gnu C/C++ internals.
GCOBJECT.ZIP26702Aug 7 1990Garbage Collecting Object for TC++ and Zortec C++ using new function.
GCOOPE10.ZIP182129Jul 23 1994Generic ANSI-C OOP Extension -- New and Improved from the author.
GC_C.ZIP178960May 27 1994Garbage collection replacement for malloc() in C. Ports to wide variety of OSes, but not MSDOS.
GENLIST.ZIP8313Jun 17 1994C source code for generic list handling routines: double-linked lists, queues, stacks, sorted lists, etc. FREEWARE.
GENX.ZIP45160Aug 1 1988GENMAK is a program for creating customized MAKE files compatible with the Turbo MAKE utility. The output created by GENMAK can be easily modified with the TC editor.
GETATRIB.ZIP10616Apr 15 1990Turbo C source and com to demonstrate getting, changing, and restoring text screen colors. Useful for restoring the screen settings to their original colors.
GETCOLOR.ZIP9858Oct 28 1989C Source to a color selection program.
GETOPT.ZIP6220Feb 28 1989GNU Project's implementation of getopt, the official way to parse command lines.
GETOPT90.ZIP7604Dec 14 1990Getopt ported to PC from UNIX. Includes C source code.
GHLNKLST.ZIP11042May 26 1994ANSI C Source code for Garyl Hester's linked-list tool kit and library.
GHSTSCPT.ZIP258918Jun 23 1989GNU's Postscript-compatible printer driver C source code.
GIFLIB11.ZIP205995Mar 7 1993New release of PD GIF read/write C library with many utility programs. Now supports Borland BGI devices. Slow but very nice.
GIF_LIB.ZIP154198Aug 1 1989Library of GIF related functions in Turbo C. Includes Herc GIF viewer, GIF printer, GIF encode and decode functions etc. All source is included.
GIF_LIB2.ZIP144000Feb 1 1991This is a package I wrote so that images can be generated as easy as possible using GIF format. I needed such routines, and as I did not find anything like this (at list not free) I decided to write one
GLOB.ZIP9026Jul 20 1987These are routines that perform wildcard expansion for DOS.
GLOBES.ZIP44358Jan 30 1991C source for a ray traced image and show program. An example of using graphics mode 0x38H (1024x768x256) for the TSENG4000 chip (Orchid Prodesigner II, etc).
GLOBLENV.ZIP3482Feb 27 1992Allows you to set environment variables in the master environment. C source code only.
GMAKE370.ZIP427619Jan 23 1994C source code for GNU Make version 3.70.
GMICE.ZIP6755Jun 16 1989Generic Mouse functions in C.
GNUCHESS.ZIP99805Apr 5 1993GNU Chess with ansi C source updated with makefile for Microsoft C 7.0 and Nmake.exe.
GNUCPPLI.ZIP546518Jul 6 1989This file contains the code for libg++ version 1.35.1. Libg++ is the run-time library for the GNU C++ compiler from the Free Software Foundation.
GNUDEV8C.ZIP814340Mar 7 1993Update to EMX, 32 bit C compiler for DOS and OS/2. Version .8C. This file is executables for the GCC 2.1 compiler. (4/5).
GNUDIFF.ZIP115487Dec 31 1988UNIX Diff and Diff3 utilities with full C source code.
GNUDOC8C.ZIP441023Mar 7 1993Documentation for the GCC 2.1 compiler used by EMX 0.8C. You need a program such as emtex to view these TeXinfo files.
GP.ZIP1618Jun 24 1990Prints a graphics image to an Epson compatible printer. Allows for stretching height by a factor of 2. This improves the appearance of images from CRTs with low vertical resolution. C source.
GPERF.ZIP104743Nov 2 1990The GNU Perfect Hash Function Generator with C source. A useful tool when used with lex and yacc for generating parsers.
GPFAUL.ZIP4949Jun 4 1991Text file released by Borland International on Compuserve. Describes the conditions that may cause General Protection Faults and crashing of the Protected mode compiler (bcx.exe).
GPLTS202.ZIP264642Mar 7 1993Source code to GnuPlot version 2.0, revision level 2.
GPPDOCS.ZIP336132Jun 6 1991Documentation for DJG++/Gnu C++/Gnu C. Files are in TeX - which is just ASCII with formatting codes stuck in. If you're familiar with TeX, the style file (texinfo.tex) is included. Otherwise, ignore the commands.
GRAFGEM1.ZIP94126Mar 7 1993C Code from "Graphics Gems" volume 1 by Glassner.
GRAFGEM2.ZIP84359Mar 7 1993C Source code from volume 2 of Graphics Gems.
GRAFGEM3.ZIP115463Mar 7 1993C source code from Graphics Gems Vol III.
GRAFIX.ZIP40781Mar 1 1989Graphic Libarary for Turbo and Microsoft C.
GRAM5A.ZIP176596Aug 15 1991Grammatic analyser for C++.
GROUP4.ZIP18798Apr 19 1993CCITT group IV compression/decompression routines in C.
GTAK201S.ZIP319299Apr 24 1993Source code for Gtak tar tape backup program.
GTAR108S.ZIP116752Aug 27 1992GNU tar version 1.08 C source code for all operating systems, LINUX patch and makefile included also.
GTOLS101.ZIP16429Dec 16 1991GC is a program for displaying, adding, and removing comments from GIFs. C source code only.
GWMALLOC.ZIP87091Apr 8 1993Gray Watson's debugging malloc library C source code. This package will help you track down stray pointers and memory corruption problems.
GXSCROLL.ZIP21293Feb 19 1992A C source code sample of scrolling a pcx file, uses Genus PCX Toolkit.
HACKSRC.ZIP218350Jun 8 1986C source code for HACK.
HASHTAB.ZIP3798Feb 11 1991Hash table algorithm - with full C source code.
HDIFF.ZIP33692Sep 8 1986UNIX "diff" tool ported to PC (source in C).
HEADHU.ZIP14402Sep 4 1987Scans TurboC source files to produce a list of the header files that contain the prototypes for the library functions called. C source included.
HEAPDBG.ZIP6148Jan 17 1990Helps to catch C memory allocation and reference errors.
HEAPMAN.ZIP9812Feb 5 1991C source code for a heap manager.
HELPLIB.ZIP26379May 23 1989Sample Help routines for Microsoft Windows, includes C source code.
HERC-C.ZIP30241Jul 11 1986A hodgepodge of 'C' callable Hercules graphics functions, some of which are written in Microsoft macro assembler and optimized for speed of execution.
HH_STR13.ZIP241536Mar 13 1993An amazingly extensive string/character function library for C language programmers. Documentation is so far above average that it has to be seen to be believed. If you write programs in C, grab this one.
HICOLOR.ZIP1921Aug 22 1991An example of programming the Sierra HiColor DAC present in some newer ET4000 based boards. Supposed to view Targa .TGA files, didn't work right for the file I tried, but the important setrow() and putpixel().
HIM100.ZIP143047Apr 11 1988C toolkit for menus,help,lists,etc.
HOOK.ZIP6999Dec 21 1990Programmer's interface for PROCOMM PLUS 2.0 in C.
HSA_GRAF.ZIP89107Nov 13 1988C Graphics library, VGA, EGA, MCGA, CGA, Hercules same EXE fast,flexible.
HSA_TEXT.ZIP41617Apr 9 1989Fast flexible C library for CRT writing & reading and Mouse control all.
HSA_WIN.ZIP84474Apr 9 1989C Windows/Menus library, requires HSA_TEXT, Fast,simple,powerful.
HSORT.ZIP2553Jul 16 1987Heapsort in Turbo C syntax like qsort().
HUGESORT.ZIP5648Aug 27 1991This is a C implementation of a sort routine that handles data bigger than 64Kb.
HYPERC.ZIP79445Apr 25 1990HyperC is a hypertext C source code browser. Very nice.
IA_POP_C.ZIP22168Aug 6 1989POP up windows for TC 2 all models.
IBMCOM-C.ZIP6825Jan 26 1990Async routines with full Turbo C source code.
IBMCUR.ZIP1224Feb 28 1994Programming example to change cursor, in C.
ICEBOOT.ZIP6708Mar 19 1994C callable function to coldboot your computer. .ASM, .C, .H .LIB files included. Coded in Borland C, Tasm 3.1.
ICONBAR.ZIP31151Jan 9 1992Add toolbars and toolboxes to your Windows/C programs. C DLLs.
ICONSRC2.ZIP188846Mar 2 1989C source for Icon language, part 2.
ICONVRT2.ZIP35135Oct 14 1993Use FastGraph to display MS windows Icons. This is a bug fix to a previous version of ICONVERT. Fixes minor bug with the writing of the ASCII Include file. Version 1.01.
ICOOKIE.ZIP8236Oct 28 1987TSR cookie monster in Turbo C.
ICOPIK.ZIP73932Sep 29 1992Ownerdraw listbox of icons for Windows, C source included.
ICURSES.ZIP47311Aug 29 1988C-Source for UNIX-like windowing system.
IFF2TEMP.ZIP9516Jul 1 1984Outputs C source for accessing Amiga IFF graphics files from your progra.
IGME200.ZIP36023May 13 1992Mouse cursor creator for C - creates an array you then use with int 33h to change pointer shape.
IMAGE.ZIP991May 21 1992Description of the _putimage/_getimage format used by Watcom 9.5.
IMDSRC78.ZIP244038Jul 9 1992Source code for IMDISP v7.8 - uploaded by local author.
INDENT.ZIP62782Nov 2 1986C-Source Code Formatter (Pretty Printer).
INDENT6X.ZIP41806May 30 1993C indent program version 6, dos executable.
INDEX103.ZIP23577Feb 2 1988Convenient set of b-tree indexing routines in Turbo C to access data files with fixed-length records. Index key may be one of several types. Version 1.03.
INFERENG.ZIP42490Feb 1 1986A simple inference engine with full Microsoft C source code.
INIFUN.ZIP24712Mar 5 1993This package offers functions to retrieve and manipulate information stored in text-based configuration files. Full C source code.
INMEM.ZIP26895Mar 30 1989MSC 5.1 functions to search/view RAM.
INPRTC.ZIP2681Oct 7 1990C source code for a program that reads and writes the PC parallel port. Can easily be integrated to other programs. Use parallel port to switch an external TTL circuit, control lights, security system, etc.
INSIDETC.ZIP5785Jun 30 1991Discussion of Turbo C vs Microsoft C contains caveats for Turbo C 2.0 programmers doing assembly interfacing linking.
INSTR.ZIP9525Feb 12 1986Provides a sophisticated means of reading input from the keyboard. Includes full C source code.
INT.ZIP747Jun 2 1989Examples of Borland C interrupt servicing routines.
INT24-C2.ZIP3102Apr 16 1990C routine to intercept Abort/Retry/Ignore message.
INT24-TC.ZIP8511Aug 19 1987Critical error handler with source code for Turbo C.
INTC.ZIP28867Jun 29 1988A powerful performance analyzer to evaluate code efficiency. This is a try before you buy version of the commercial product INSIDE!. Some features disabled. Good Docs included.
INTERP11.ZIP7321Nov 3 1991Expression evaluator with c source.
INTRLIB1.ZIP95852Mar 10 1992INTR_LIB C toolkit - an interaction graphics library for MSDOS environment. This library provide basic windowing facilities, pop up and pull down menus, and support keyboard, mouse and joystick devices.
INTSER.ZIP3217Jan 11 1989Interrupt driven serial routines written in C. Full source included.
INT_MUS.ZIP8183Oct 29 1988INT driven music demo with TC1.5 source.
INT_PKG.ZIP34710May 19 1985Interrupt driven communication package. ASM source with 'C'.
IOCCC.ZIP62992Mar 26 1989Results from the official C obfuscate contests. Some pretty weird code.
IRITLIBS.ZIP13071May 5 1990Libraries for IRIT sources.
IRITS.ZIP211103May 7 1990Complete C source code to IRIT.
ISHDFU.ZIP11377Sep 2 1989Various C CRT and I/O functions. Very simple, but good for the beginner.
ISQRT.ZIP1520Jan 23 1988Fast long integer square root ASM routine written to be callable from Turbo C. 7 times faster then Turbo C's SQRT() function.
IS_CON10.ZIP4121Nov 5 1993Identify if console has been redirected w/ C and .ASM source examples.
ITSY.ZIP120295Mar 19 1993C module to create small title bars on your windows. Include documentation, examples, and source code.
IXREF11B.ZIP98636Apr 15 1993Interactive Cross Reference v1.1b - turns C code into a cross referenced database, nice tool.
J414SRC.ZIP241628Nov 2 1989Jonatha's Own Version of Emacs 4.14 source code.
JAZLIB.ZIP142242Jul 21 1986Another set of Turbo C library.
JAZ_CLIB.ZIP165469Feb 1 1987Jack Zucker's library for C - manu functions, good.
JER_MSC.ZIP11914Mar 7 1987Assorted 'C' routines for use with Microsoft C. Very useful.
JFKLIB.ZIP80748May 11 1991Extensive Windows 3.0 C++ class for Borland C++ and Zortech C++ compilers.
JJBQC.ZIP78277Feb 24 1989A very complete set of high level I/O routines for Microsoft+Turbo C.
JOYSTICK.ZIP8381Jul 29 1988Calibrate and read w/TC1.5 src.
JPL-C1.ZIP61733Feb 3 1987C utilities from Jet Propulsion Labs.
JPL-C2.ZIP71492May 18 1986More assorted 'C' routines.
JPSRC2.ZIP251583Dec 13 1991The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software. Full C source code.
JSTR.ZIP5332Oct 10 1988Various string routines in Turbo C.
JULIDATE.ZIP42131Apr 15 1988Julian, Gregorian, and Modified Julian C functions with source.
JUMBLEPZ.ZIP2167Sep 29 1992Contains the source code to generate all permutations of n char string. Convenient for solving the Jumble puzzles in the paper. Unix shar file.
JZCHKDSK.ZIP19169May 11 1986JAZZ CHKDSK Replacement, Many Options Including Search For Bad Blocks !!.
KAFSORT.ZIP112264Jun 14 1993KAFS 2.0 is a full featured file system and sort package for C programmers. The package contains source code, specifications, instructions, and associated utilities.
KERMCU01.ZIP233561Feb 17 1993Kermit 5A(188). Docs, makefiles and c-source file for many varients of Unix. Disk 1 of 5.
KERMCU02.ZIP211921Jan 25 1993Kermit 5A(188). More source files for various unix systems. Disk 2 of 5.
KERMCU03.ZIP184859Feb 17 1993Kermit 5A(188). More C souce, generic Unix. Disk 3 of 5.
KERMCU04.ZIP210712Feb 17 1993Kermit 5A(188). C source for VMS, OS/2, OS9 files. Disk 4 of 5.
KERMCU05.ZIP161557Jan 25 1993Kermit 5A(188). C source for DG, Atari, Amiga files. Disk 5 of 5.
KERMIT.ZIP8964Jan 19 1986C source for kermit.
KERNEL.ZIP16142Nov 25 1986C Multi-tasking kernel.
KEYLIB11.ZIP16559May 4 1994Low-level keyboard handler. Tests for key combinations that other routines will not handle. Libraries for C.
KEYS.ZIP6976Jan 16 1987KB Macro Creation Program with C Source.
KSLIB.ZIP32833Oct 13 1991A Turbo C library with basic window, database, sound, etc. No src.
K_R.ZIP17000Feb 15 1989This disk contains demostration programs that parallel the Kernighan and Ritchie book: The C Programming Language. The programs are grouped by chapter (C-CH.1 thru C-CH.7). Each chapter contains various examples or C programs that demostrate a function or method. These programs are not meant to be finished C programs, rather they were created for classroom use as an aide. Most of these programs are in general C libraries although generally in a greatly enhanced form.
LANCE.ZIP3084Feb 28 1993C source to trap any Windows API function calls made by any program.
LCOMM50.ZIP121110Aug 1 1989The LiteComm Communications Toolbox for MS C and TurboC.
LEARN-C.ZIP83923Sep 26 1987A simple to use C tutorial that is great for beginners to C.
LESSSRC.ZIP50194Apr 23 1988'C' source code for LESS which is more than MORE for PC's.
LH113SRC.ZIP34798Jul 17 1989Turbo C (and TASM) source code for Lharc version 1.13b.
LHA211S.ZIP58882Mar 4 1991Complete C source code for Lharc 2.11.
LHARCSRC.ZIP38186Aug 5 1991Complete C source code for the Lharc compressor.
LHARC_C.ZIP4394Apr 1 1989C code for the LHARC file compression algorithm.
LH_UNIX.ZIP56738Mar 12 1990LHARC C source code that has been ported to UNIX and OS/2.
LIBLISTS.ZIP3446May 30 1987A comparative listing of Turbo C 1.0 and Microsoft C 4.0 Library functions and macros, MS-DOS versions.
LIBTOOL.ZIP33281Aug 11 1988Keeps track of your libraries, documents your .OBJ files.
LINGUA12.ZIP33945May 21 1993LINGUA v1.2 - a package designed to help C-programmers develop applications in multiple languages.
LINKLIST.ZIP8172Sep 9 1987Linked Lists implemented in C with source.
LIST1.ZIP4136May 17 1988UNIX Compat. Std I/O Library.
LISTZIP.ZIP7953Oct 26 1992Very fast ASCII file viewer with 'C' source from Byte.
LITE286.ZIP616254Feb 28 1994Shareware version of Phar Lap 286 DOS extender. Works with Borland C.
LLIST102.ZIP28499Mar 11 1988Doubley-linked list routines in C.
LLISTMGR.ZIP19759Aug 23 1989LLIST is a set of C functions that make it easy to implement single or double link lists in all your C programs. All C source is included.
LLST1201.ZIP28369Dec 1 1986Link lists in c good code comments.
LNFDEMOZ.ZIP194877Feb 11 1991Oakland Groups Look & Feel Demo For C Scape Programmers.
LOOKIT.ZIP2012Aug 14 1992Source of "C" file used to scan text files for strings.
LOOKUP.ZIP4237Mar 21 1989C++ source code for a command lookup table. Turbo C++ compatible.
LOVE-C.ZIP294235Jun 19 1994Tim Love's famous C language tutorials and teaching materials. Requires postscript printer or TeX to produce beautiful manual of C programming. Also lesson materials suitable for classroom use. First rate, and free from Ca
LPTPIN.ZIP9915May 5 1994Sample C source code to control the pins on parallel port.
LS.ZIP18876Oct 18 1988Brings UNIX ls command (DIR) to MSDOS. C source.
LSAM23.ZIP141507May 8 1988LSAM (Lydian Software Access Method) V2.03 is an indexed sequential (ISAM) file access method implemented as a runtime library accessed through a set of interface subroutines for users of Microsoft C.
LSPD05-1.ZIP107457Oct 21 1991Light Speed graphics lib v0.05 [1 of 2] - Prerelease of high speed C graphics library hand coded in ASM optimized for speed & size. Includes mouse & extended keyboard support. Also available - a wide variety of graphics pr
LSPD05-2.ZIP67078Oct 21 1991Light Speed graphics lib v0.05 [2 of 2].
LSTDRG.ZIP7802Jun 18 1992Source code showing how to drag and drop from one list box to another in Windows 3.0+. From Microsoft support on Compuserve.
LUCIFER.ZIP6304Feb 8 1985Encryption decryption routines with full source.
LXEXE.ZIP18075Jan 23 1993VERY detailed info on LX file headers (WATCOM & OS/2).
LZHSRC10.ZIP5888Apr 19 1989More source for the lzh compression format.
LZHUF10.ZIP25248Apr 6 1989C source for compression used in LHARC.
LZPIPE.ZIP68155Mar 14 1994C and ASM code for LZW & deflate file compression.
LZW.ZIP6958Aug 20 1985Full C source to a simple LEMPEL-ZEV file compressor.
M68KDIS.ZIP23624Nov 9 1994C source code: m68kdis is a disassembler for the Motorola 68000 family of cpu chips. The disassembler attempts to discern between the instruction and data portions of an object code file.
MAKEMA.ZIP28218Jul 12 1988Makes a Makefile for C5.1 with source.
MAKER.ZIP13638Apr 29 1989MAKEFILE maker with source.
MANYKEYS.ZIP12615Aug 27 1991C (or C++) routines which implement a multi-key replacement BIOS interrupt, providing the capability to read more than one key at a time (among other things). Uploaded by author.
MASSMAIL.ZIP1626Sep 3 1993Mass mailer generates letters from address file and a form letter file. Includes C source code only.
MATRIX.ZIP8710Jan 13 1985Matrix Math Functions for C.
MAXS_102.ZIP526261Aug 11 1990C source code to the Maximus BBS system. Will compiler under Turbo C and Microsoft C, both as a DOS and OS/2 program.
MAZE.ZIP44574Nov 10 1988TurboC program that draws.
MC212.ZIP200639Jun 9 1991Micro-C 2.12. A superb multi-platform C compiler. FULL source available with registeration. Nomimal registration fee. A must if you want to examine simple and effective C code and compiler design.
MCDT101.ZIP47599Jan 27 1992Mouse Cursor editor for C. Shareware. Edit a cursor & save the C code to use it. Works great.
MCOMM600.ZIP166153Oct 3 1994MCOMM ASYNC COMMUNICATIONS LIBRARY - Fast serial communications library for C programmers. Supports 4 simultaneous ports, up to 115200 baud, 16550 FIFO mode, and IRQs 2-15. Async code is 100% optimized assembler for maxim
MCWINM.ZIP94931Jan 11 1988Windows and QUIK WRITE routines for TC, MS-C, & Quick-C. FAST!!.
MDIDEMO.ZIP9380Jul 1 1990C source for demo of Windows MDI program. From Microsoft.
MEMDEBUG.ZIP45516Jul 30 1994MEMDEBUG version 1.5, a free utility for C provides memory management error detection of leaks, illegal free()'s, illegal access errors, off-by-one errors, memory usage profiling, trace of memory function calls, low memory
MEMRES.ZIP34688Jun 13 1988Turbo C TSR-building files VG!.
MENU.ZIP6580Nov 1 1987Great pulldown menu routines in C.
MENUDEM.ZIP6492Nov 8 1987A demonstration of menu and windows using Turbo C source code.
METER.ZIP2460Feb 19 1991C source code for a simple meter display. Handy code to have.
MEWEL11.ZIP222514May 10 1989Windows/PM look-alike with full API and extensions.
MEWELDT.ZIP87574Dec 12 1989This is a great demonstration of the MEWEL C Toolkit- MS Windows simulation.
MEWELMSC.ZIP49635May 11 1989Mewel largeÿmodel library for Microsoft C.
MEWELTUR.ZIP49797May 11 1989Windows/PM look alike/part 2 Turbo C large model API.
MF2PC.ZIP1535May 9 1994Two simple c functions: 1. to translate ebcdic to ascii 2). translate Packed Decimal data to an ascii string.
MF2PCPAK.ZIP4840Jul 8 1990C source for uncompressing ASCII data files transfered from a mainframe to PC. Source code only.
MG2A-DOS.ZIP221972Aug 10 1988Mg (aka MicroGnuEmacs) editor for DOS, w/ C src.
MIC.ZIP17142Mar 19 1989Mini Curses. Complete and portable - UNIX/MINIX/TC/DOS.
MICROC15.ZIP305146Jun 24 1990Small 'C' compiler/utilities with source & documentation. Works with MASM.
MIDSTR.ZIP2132Dec 11 1987These functions were designed to acquire the same results as the BASIC equivalents. Full C source.
MIKECOMM.ZIP41115Aug 29 1987Communications routines for 'C' written in assembly.
MIKES40C.ZIP26186Oct 24 1986C function library.
MIRACL.ZIP87505Feb 11 1993Arbitrary precision math library in C with source. Shareware.
MIXISAM.ZIP10590Jul 20 1992Set of functions to make the Mix C/Database Toolkit substantially easier to use. Compiled, it lets you use the Toolkit right away. As text, the source code shows the calling protocols and sequences for the Toolkit.
MKPREP.ZIP59696Feb 1 1989MAKEPREP is a utility that removes the drudgery in preparing large make files. MAKEPREP collects a set of basic information, scans the C and ASM files in the current directory, and then formulates the make file.
MKPROTO.ZIP16138Sep 7 1989Make ANSI C style function protocols from your existing source.
MKPROTOB.ZIP33481Jul 27 1992Mkproto takes as input one or more C source code files, and produces as output a list of function prototypes (a la ANSI) for the external functions defined.
MNDL.ZIP93507May 10 1988"C" src to display, edit the Mandlebrot Set (EGA).
MNP14.ZIP44259Oct 5 1989MNP transfer Protocol in software verision 1.2 with C source.
MODELS.ZIP3407Aug 11 1991Electing a model for Turbo C or Turbo CPP simplified.
MONO.ZIP14690Dec 2 1991C routines that allow printing of debug messages to a secondary B&W monitor. Support is included for Windows 3.0, DOS and Actor 3.1.
MONOV2.ZIP22584May 18 1992Windows and DOS secondary monitor support routines. Source Code INCLUDED.
MOU.ZIP25544Jan 8 1991These C routines will allow you to interface with the mouse driver in your programs. The routines have the added feature of displaying a 'true' mouse cursor in text mode on an EGA or VGA by reprograming the font on the fl
MOUSE_C.ZIP25399Apr 27 1990Mouse event handler in TC 2.0. C and TASM source is included. Stuffs the keyboard via mouse movement and button presses.
MOUSE_TC.ZIP29344Apr 29 1990Mouse source code for Turbo C.
MOUSY.ZIP10072Nov 14 1990Experiments in programming a mouse, includes full C source code.
MPUSR2.ZIP37733May 24 1992C source code that provides basic MIDI message handling for IBM-PC systems equipped with a Roland MPU-401 or compatible MIDI interface card.
MPU_C.ZIP16241May 4 1987MIDI MPU401 source code drivers in C.
MRANDOM3.ZIP101396May 8 1994Mrandom 3.0 is a package to write machine independent C-language programs that call pseudorandom number generators (RNGs). A standard interface to nine different RNGs is provided in C source code form.
MRU-TC.ZIP34688Jun 13 1988Memory Resident Utilities in TC from the book -Turbo C:Memory Resident.
MSC51PAT.ZIP38404Jun 3 1988Official Microsoft patch, MSC 5.1 printf().
MSC5BUGS.ZIP2303Feb 4 1988Bugs in MSC5.0 compiler.
MSC60.ZIP3469Apr 11 1990Press release about Microsoft C version 6.0.
MSCHRT3.ZIP48177Jul 24 1990MSCHRT (Microsoft C High Resolution Timer) is a software library that provides the software developer with reliable timing functions that work across the entire Intel 80xxx PC compatible hardware environment with microseco
MSC_COLR.ZIP7316Dec 6 1987MSC Color rtns.
MSC_CRC.ZIP21966Nov 19 1989These ASM functions calculate a 32 bit CRC, and are callable from Turbo C or Microsoft C.
MSC_WIND.ZIP6025Dec 6 1987Windows routines for MSC v 5.0.
MSPELL.ZIP222933May 26 1993MSPELL v1.5 C/C++ Spell checking library. Spell checking library for c/C++ programs. Includes library files for all models of Borland and MicroSoft C. Current dictionary sizes are: 39,000 words and 119,000 words.
MSPELL1_.ZIP136739Jul 23 1987Micro Speller. EMACS type spelling checker with C source.
MSSWITCH.ZIP1881Jul 1 1987Undocumented switches for MicroSoft C.
MSTOOLB.ZIP2671Apr 13 1991Quick C (2.0+) mouse functions toolbox. Easily ported to other compilers.
MTLIB.ZIP49530Dec 8 1988A cooperative multi-tasking library in C written by Lynn Lively. Loosely based on one that appeared in Oct. 88 Computer Language. With C source and short demo program.
MTVSRC.ZIP63044May 8 1990Microsoft C 5.1 source code for a ray tracer.
MULTINST.ZIP11977Feb 21 1992Windows 3.1 C code to show how to create a multi instance DLL that maintains separate data for each task that links to it.
NAMEC.ZIP1625Sep 4 1989C source code for a random name generator.
NBSAMP.ZIP26528Sep 26 1988Example "C" source for accessing NetBios.
NDMAKE43.ZIP42264Sep 22 1987Fully Unix-compatible 'make' for C.
NDX201.ZIP21103Jul 31 1989Create and maintain B-Tree type indexes in C.
NETCLB23.ZIP122425May 19 1994A hot new novell developer's library to lots of novell specific application development. For C programmers only (BC, MSC, TC). Small module library is only included.
NETCPP.ZIP58470Oct 1 1990This neural network in Turbo C++ was described in "Building a neural net in C++" in the October, 1990 AI EXPERT magazine. It's non-optimized, but might be a good introduction to neural nets for someone with a knowledge of
NEWRBOOT.ZIP510Nov 17 1989An example source for rebooting the computer from C.
NEWTREE.ZIP17883Mar 23 1989C source that is an excellent example of recursive programming. Displays a complete directory tree. OS/2 and DOS versions.
NH313SC1.ZIP644331Aug 6 1993NetHack 3.1.3 C Source (1/4). #1 is needed to compile all versions.
NH313SC2.ZIP548825Aug 6 1993NetHack 3.1.3 C Source Code (2/4).
NH313SC3.ZIP593767Aug 6 1993NetHack 3.1.3 C Source Code (3/4). This file, #3, contains files for DOS, OS2, and some files used for WinNT.
NH313SC4.ZIP692681Aug 6 1993EtHack 3.1.3 C Source Code (3/4). This file, #4, is not needed for DOS or OS2 versions. It is for Amiga, Mac, VMS, Unix, WinNT, and some other versions only.
NIH.ZIP177810Jul 21 1989C++ routines from the National Institutes of Health.
NIHCL30A.ZIP166654Apr 14 1991NIH C++ class library. Described in the book "Data Abstraction and Object-Oriented Programming in C++" by Keith E. Gorlen, Sanford M. Orlow, and Perry S. Plexico. Part 1 of 3.
NIHCL30B.ZIP159553Apr 14 1991NIH C++ class library, v3.0. Part 2 of 3.
NIHCL30C.ZIP183775Apr 14 1991NIH C++ class library, v3.0. Part 3 of 3.
O88_V310.ZIP23233Nov 16 1986Optimizer for the Personal C Compiler (PCC) works very well.
OBFUSC89.ZIP22067Oct 14 1989Winners of the 1989 Most Confused 'C' Code. Try to figure these out!!.
OCM_SRC.ZIP5238Dec 28 1986Opus fossil for Microsoft or Lattice C.
ODLIST.ZIP5283Jul 5 1990Windows C source code that illustrates the use of functions and messages for owner-draw, single select list box with strings.
OHLMAKE.ZIP464843Mar 7 1993MS-DOS Port of GNU Make 3.58 with complete C source code.
OKUMURA.ZIP17781Apr 10 1989Source code for 3 Japanese Compression routines in C.
OLEO130S.ZIP341966Apr 15 1993GNU Oleo version 1.3 spreadsheet from the Free Software Foundation, like Lotus 1-2-3, freeware from the Free Software Foundation, full C source code.
ONECOPY.ZIP4418Nov 28 1989C source to copy a file from one drive to another using all free memory as a buffer. Very fast.
OPTC38.ZIP12671Jul 12 1992Hints on how to optimize C code for the utmost in performance.
OPTIONS.ZIP2876Feb 2 1986Using Command line options. C-source.
OWNDRAW.ZIP8600Apr 7 1993OWNDRAW.C - Example of using an owner-draw listbox.
O_ZMODEM.ZIP21477Jul 10 1987C Source for Zmodem Protocall.
PARANOIA.ZIP18360Jul 12 1990C source for checking compiler floating-point performance.
PARSER.ZIP7248Jan 14 1986A powerful parser written in C with source.
PAS2C.ZIP4033Jun 1 1987Convert pascal source code to c source.
PASSWRD.ZIP2038Sep 26 1989Very simple password protection for your HD. Turbo-C source.
PATCH12.ZIP110924Oct 2 1990Patch version 12. Useful for maintaining changes in software. With DIFF and PATCH, you have a rudimentary source control system. Turbo C source.
PC-8250.ZIP37106Feb 7 1991Complete source code for 8250 Programming (Includes source to make a terminal program with including vt100 stuff).
PCBOOK.ZIP33686Oct 22 1987Programs from book on TSR's and popup menus for Turbo C - good stuff che.
PCC-COMM.ZIP34494Dec 3 1988Extensive C Comm support routines.
PCC-FNCT.ZIP33590Dec 3 1988Several general purpose C routines.
PCC12D.ZIP176776Jan 11 1993Latest Version of The Personal C Compiler (v1.2d) direct from PSYMATIC BBS.
PCGRAPH.ZIP43374Sep 29 1987Lattice/Datalight C IBM graphics.
PCKERMIT.ZIP90616Jan 20 1987Kermit module including 'C' source.
PCL4C.ZIP72832Mar 15 1992Personal Communications Library for C.
PCSHEL23.ZIP97360Dec 31 1993Full IDE for Power C Compiler. Pull down menus, dialog boxes, etc.
PCTHREAD.ZIP87537May 26 1991Library for building multithreaded PC applications. Library is for Turbo C & small model only.
PCURSE14.ZIP86018Jan 20 1990'C' source and a make.exe comprising the PCCURSES 1.4 package. U*ix like screen handler package.
PCVMM1.ZIP26062Mar 19 1990pcVMM (PC Virtual Memory Manager) is a FAST memory manager that allows your C programs to allocate up to 32MB of virtual memory. pcVMM was written to be small and FAST. Microsoft C libraries only.
PCX256SR.ZIP1581Jun 22 1991C source code to display 256 color PCX images.
PCX2TXT2.ZIP16768May 28 1992This utility converts PCX or PCC picture files into text files that can be assembled or compiled using C.
PCXL16.ZIP86120Jan 26 1992C source for manuplating PCX graphic files.
PDOC17.ZIP25907Feb 13 1991PDOC will format .c and .h files, using the concepts of Marcus at Berkeley. Will print to laser printers (PostScript and PCL).
PDSPREAD.ZIP46693Feb 15 1988'C' source code for a PD Spreadsheet on U*ix systems.
PDTAR.ZIP87358May 16 1988Public Domain UNIX TAR utility, compiles under dos, minix, unix, etc.
PDW1231.ZIP70331Dec 31 1987Window source code in 'C'.
PDXPP.ZIP6659Jun 28 1990Access the Paradox Engine using C++ class objects.
PERL4035.ZIP597668Nov 13 1992GNU Perl programming language version 4.0 patch level 35. Complete C source code for many systems including Unix, VMS, OS/2, Atari, and others. Requires "tar" to unarchive. Perl is a very powerful language similar to Awk b
PETZOLD.ZIP180367Nov 12 1990Source code for Charles Petzold's book "Programing Windows".
PFILE2.ZIP24572Jan 11 1988MSC 5.0 Execution Analyzer.
PFKEYS.ZIP19201Jan 17 1989C source to redefine pf keys.
PGP20SRC.ZIP351609Mar 7 1993PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Ver 2.0 - RSA public-key encryption freeware for MSDOS. Executables in file PGP20.ZIP.
PH_BENCH.ZIP17111Oct 26 1989This is a simple set of benchmarks intended to give programmers timing information about common C operations. By Plum Hill.
PH_MACRO.ZIP11115Oct 26 1989This is a tutorial program which illustrates how the Standard's macro expansion algorithm works. By Plum Hill.
PI-5WAYS.ZIP4831Jun 15 1991Five ways to calculate PI. C source code.
PI.ZIP1046Jun 22 1987Source Code for calculating PI.
PICK.ZIP2573Feb 20 1992Utitility to pick and choose files. ( C source).
PI_CALC.ZIP7059Sep 23 1988Calculate pi to 1000 places, with C source.
PLUM_S.ZIP174253Mar 2 1989Source from Book "Learning to Program in C" Tons of code.
PMAK_125.ZIP22421Apr 1 1993ProtoMak 1.25 Prototype generator for C/C++.
PML.ZIP4315Jun 11 1990Poor Man's LAN Source from "C Power Users Guide". C source code.
POLY3DHS.ZIP57024May 5 1990Turbo C ver 2.0 sources for POLY3D-H.
POLY3DRS.ZIP72335May 7 1990Turbo C ver 2.0 sources for POLY3D-R.
POLY3DS.ZIP85517May 7 1990Turbo C ver 2.0 sources for POLY3D.
POPI.ZIP212330Dec 13 1989POPI Graphics language implementation. Includes a LOT of C source code. Interesting to those doing UNIX programming.
PORTABLC.ZIP12772Jan 30 1990Various C files including a file compressor, and some Kermit utilities. Only uses generic C calls.
POWER-C.ZIP55992Dec 29 1987Source listing from "C: Power User's Guide".
PPC.ZIP13526Feb 2 1989Pretty C Printer. Formats C source code for Indents. Includes C source.
PPT100.ZIP435876May 1 1993PPT V1.0 - Programmer Productivity Tools. A collection of search, replace, and flow analysis tools for (mostly C) programmers.
PRESSKEY.ZIP6193Apr 20 1991This small C routine, source included, will return the getch codes for various keys in an unsigned integer and display the results to the screen.
PRGCRST1.ZIP99217Jun 21 1990Programs for use with "Graphics Programming in C". VGA, CGA, and Mono.
PRGCRST2.ZIP105905Jun 21 1990Programs for use with "Graphics Programming in C". VGA, CGA, and Mono.
PRINTF.ZIP38404Jun 3 1988Official patches to MSC 5.1 from MSSIG on Compuserve.
PROFIL.ZIP46480Sep 1 1990Link into Turbo C 2.0 programs and will generate a log file of all function calls, including % of time spent in each. Can also generate a histogram from the data. Appears to work with Turbo C++ also.
PROGDDE.ZIP84037Jan 30 1991Windows 3.0 C++ Code to Add Programs to Program Manager.
PROGPROT.ZIP25045Nov 5 1988Allows you to add serial numbers to your programs. C source.
PROGRE.ZIP6346Feb 2 1988Small piece of Windows C code that illustrates both a textual and visual progress indicators.
PROTO217.ZIP109975Jun 15 1992The prototype extractor automates part of an ANSI C and C++ 2.0 programmer's work. It also supports K&R functions declaration syntax.
PROVER.ZIP8971Jun 13 1988C source for Theorem prover (formal logic).
PROWINDC.ZIP50915Oct 17 1989Good Professional windows toolbox for use with C. V2.021.
PRTCHK.ZIP8289Nov 4 1989Checks printer status, "C" source.
PRTGRAP.ZIP1317Apr 1 1991Turbo C source code to dump graphics to dot-matrix printer.
PTRS.ZIP1389Jun 22 1988Pointer conversion routines with Turbo C source.
PUBWIW_C.ZIP85143Nov 10 1987Graphic windows uses metawndo; requires mouse; c source; mac like interf.
PULLDN_C.ZIP7829Jun 2 1987C source code for pulldown windows.
PXENG.ZIP15031Dec 31 1991Norton guide for Paradox Engine C library.
QA.ZIP18582Aug 18 1986This program constructs a binary tree using the data contained in a text file. It then queries the user for directions for traversing the tree. This technique can be used for designing simple expert systems, or games. C
QCDEMO.ZIP63923Jan 29 1987Demo of QC, a C interpretor. Looks like it may be interesting.
QCSYS.ZIP2704Oct 15 1987Unix type system header files for Quick C.
QCTBOX.ZIP69009Aug 11 1991Source code from book Microsoft QuickC Toolbox by Craig.
QCTSR.ZIP6218Aug 7 1989TSR on-screen clock utility with full Quick C source.
QC_K_R.ZIP74000Feb 15 1989I recently purchased QuickC to learn C programmimg. I used "The C Programming Language" by Kernighan and Ritchie as a text. I completed all the programming exercises in this effort. Exercise 1-2 and 1-9 are not included for since they do not require a program. I thought that perhaps others learning C might find them helpful. All exercises have been tested but since this was a learning effort, some errors can be expected. Any feedback, corrections or observations are welcomed. Jack Johnson
QSEARCH.ZIP3206Oct 20 1992Quick Search! Fast substring search routine in Ansi-C.
QUALDPMI.ZIP553405Nov 23 1992The Qualitas C/C++ Libraries for DPMI provide the C/C++ programmer with easy access to DPMI.
QUOTE25B.ZIP87443Mar 8 1994TifaWARE QUOTE v2.5b -- display randomly generated quotes. User can modify quote datafile with any ASCII editor. Default datafile contains 1000+ quotes. Includes source for BCC++ v3.1.
QWIKC21.ZIP70810Jul 6 1989A collection of shareware C functions utilizing DOS ASM language for speed.
QWKREP.ZIP35053Sep 25 1992Source code for using QWK packets in C programs.
R386DEV4.ZIP194507Mar 7 1993REND386 -- A 3-D Polygon Rendering Package for the 386 and 486. Complete C library.
R50TOASC.ZIP7660Aug 8 1990C routine that demonstrates conversion of Radix-50 to ASCII.
RAND31.ZIP20016Jan 7 1991Random number generator with TASM and C source code. C visual test source & noise generator.
RAYTRACE.ZIP2393Aug 15 1990Ray Tracing program that includes complete C++ source.
RBBS-2C.ZIP17109Sep 17 1987Read RBBS msg file/ C source.
RCS55SRC.ZIP142103Dec 6 1991GNU's RCS source code version control version 5.5 ANSI C source (TC++v2).
RDIR.ZIP19668Jun 14 1987Some good tsr examples for Turboc-C.
READFLOP.ZIP9939Jun 9 1988Turbo C source to read in selected floppy sectors into a file.
READKY41.ZIP21496Aug 14 1991C source code to read a keystroke directly from the keyboard, and return the scan code generated.
README95.ZIP12719Sep 23 1993Description of fixes (patch A) for Watcom 9.5 (32 bit).
READRX.ZIP6913Sep 25 1987Read Reflex data files in C.
REGEXP.ZIP20480Sep 13 1987A regular expression parser in C, does replace.
RESLB201.ZIP24762Oct 31 1987TSR TC library.
RFILE.ZIP1206May 27 1988Allows Random Access Files in C.
RMXTK1.ZIP50326Dec 13 1991RMAXTASK Multitasking library for C/C++. Much easier to use than most C multitasking libraries, and well documented. Shareware.
ROFF60.ZIP21876May 25 1986PC version of UNIX nroff text formatter utility for DOS. Includes C source code.
RPNCALSC.ZIP38432May 30 1990RPN Calculator. HP scientific style, very nice. C source included.
RS232-C.ZIP28240May 3 1993Small library of serial I/O code for Borland C.
RTFPARSE.ZIP89161Jul 19 1993C source code to parse RTF files, from Internet.
RTX.ZIP75548Mar 8 1992Real Time Executive written in C language and 8086 Assembly from The Computer Applications Journal ( Circuit Cellar Ink).
RWPAT1.ZIP6741Sep 23 1991Patch for Borland's Resource Workshop so that it will run under Windows 3.1 beta.
RXGRAPH.ZIP21361Sep 17 1987Low level graphics (MSC or REXX).
RZSZ317.ZIP61907Nov 10 1991Z-Modem C source code rz/sz for various platforms, direct from Omen Technology BBS.
SALVE.ZIP43396Jun 3 1988C functions "Use 'em for whatever you want".
SAMPLR.ZIP25948Feb 29 1992C-source for ODBC sample application (from MS-ODBC Forum).
SBDAC.ZIP55428Feb 12 1992Sound Blaster .VOC routines (Using DAC) with C and ASM source.
SBF2.ZIP242889Dec 1 1992File that's very useful for programming the SoundBlaster. Includes C source code as well.
SC20HL.ZIP69872Aug 31 1990SC20.HLP is the SoftC Database Library Reference Manual in Quick-C context sensitive help file format.
SC3X02.ZIP16244Oct 21 1992A programming example showing you how to make system calls for novell 3.x. In C.
SC88.ZIP84915May 13 1988Newest version of SMALL C. With source files.
SCANCODE.ZIP5390Feb 17 1987C program shows how to read keyboard scancodes.
SCED15.ZIP238558Aug 1 1990SCREDIT - a screen design utility program and library functions for C programmers. Shareware.
SCI-12.ZIP23691Feb 20 1986Small C Compiler.
SCLIB131.ZIP227077Jan 30 1992Shareware C library of functions relating to video, mouse, keyboard, XMS, EMS, sound, etc.
SCR2TC20.ZIP10674Aug 23 1989Convert screens from TheDraw to Turbo C format.
SCREDT1A.ZIP126911Jun 24 1989Screen Display Management for Turbo C.
SCRGEN.ZIP20268May 4 1987C Language Screen Generation.
SCRIO1.ZIP6011Aug 14 1987Screen IO program with C source.
SCRLIB.ZIP1788Jun 29 1987Library of screen rtns for C. Quick and good.
SCRN11.ZIP31720Jun 30 1987SCRNLIB is a library of text screen routines for the Microsoft and Turbo C compilers. Routines were written in ASM for speed and performance.
SCRNLIB2.ZIP61260Dec 1 1987MS-C5 Data entry screen design library v2.0.
SCROLL2.ZIP41185Jan 16 1994C source and example executables demonstrating screen scrolling.
SDB.ZIP79650Aug 1 1990Simple Database System. A small DBMS with C source included. Intresting.
SDD11.ZIP12372Jul 1 1988Directory Sort with C source code.
SEALINK.ZIP21690Feb 9 1987Sealink protocol routines in C.
SED106.ZIP90911May 11 1990GNU Sed 1.06, Stream text editor for OS/2 and DOS, with C source.
SEGHEAP.ZIP3614Jul 26 1992Implements a based heap out of a Windows GlobalAlloc() buffer.
SEM10.ZIP14692Oct 24 1989Implements semaphores using files. Will run on DOS and UNIX. Includes full C source for Turbo & MSC.
SERIALC.ZIP3284Apr 19 1988Serial communication routines written in Turbo C with full source.
SERIALTC.ZIP3284Apr 19 1988Serial port functions foTurbo C.
SERUS221.ZIP13259Sep 1 1990SERIOUS version 2.21 -- serial communications device driver for C.
SER_TC.ZIP5020May 14 1990Turbo C++ source code for async communication routines that do not require supporting assembly-language routines.
SETCOMM_.ZIP9283Dec 7 1988View and/or set com port addresses w/TC source.
SETENV13.ZIP21924Sep 28 1989Set DOS environment from within a C program. Includes source code.
SETMODE.ZIP5216Nov 25 1987Set video mode w/ TC source code.
SETVAR.ZIP2745Apr 27 1986Incredibly useful undocumented dos function (int 2e). with asm/c example.
SFD2.ZIP37930Aug 9 1989Screen & form designer, version 2.0, for CXL.
SHADE.ZIP20328Dec 17 1992SHADE is a way of packetizing a file for transmission via e-mail in such a way that if some of the packets are lost, the original file can still be recovered thanks to a novel application of the Chinese Remainder Theorem.
SHERLOCK.ZIP103031Jan 30 1992Sherlock C Debugging code. Uses debugging macros and commmand line switches to turn on debugging code.
SHOWENV.ZIP6616Feb 5 1988Show DOS environment strings (w/ C src).
SHOWIT2.ZIP36963Aug 3 1991Turbo C++ Source to load PCX files, upgraded from Turbo C 2.0.
SHROUD.ZIP18237Jun 7 1990Shroud your C source code - compilable but nearly unreadable to humans.
SIOD30.ZIP63504May 31 1994C source code for Siod 3.0, a scheme interpreter with built-in procedures using the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) and DIGITAL RDB SQL Services.
SLCPX200.ZIP4614Oct 30 1989Scott Ladd's complete complex number class for C++.
SLIB11.ZIP43174Dec 7 1986Screen control function library for MS and Turbo C.
SLSTR201.ZIP7188Oct 26 1989Scott Ladd's complete dynamic string class for C++.
SMALLC.ZIP65336Aug 7 1985Small 'C' compiler.
SMALTALK.ZIP314171Dec 16 1992GNU Smalltalk Version 1.1.1 Object Oriented Programming Language from the Free Software Foundation. Highly portable C source code.
SMALTERM.ZIP33178Mar 26 1988A small terminal program utilizing the mikecomm communications routines.
SMCPC.ZIP20449Feb 22 1986Another C compiler.
SMDATA.ZIP31974Oct 22 1989Data smoothing program with full C source.
SMPDEMO2.ZIP101264Jan 24 1991Demo of the Screen Manager Professional. Is a library of routines linkable to C to handle all your screen interfacing needs. For serious programmers only. Must see to believe.
SMTC130.ZIP131327Aug 22 1987SM Turbo C Library of Utilities (Very Nice).
SNAV0111.ZIP127134Apr 16 1990The Screen Navigator is an object-oriented device-independent character graphics driver package written in the C++ language. Full source code is included.
SNIP1292.ZIP318773Mar 7 1993Fidonet's C_ECHO Snippets. Many, many C examples, most are Public Domain. Excellent resource for those learning the C language.
SOFTC2.ZIP253436Aug 8 1990SoftC library V2.0 A library of C functions which allow creation, manipulation , and access to dBase compatable files. Very useful and well documented shareware library supporting MS C and Turbo C.
SOLITR.ZIP20270Feb 18 1986Excellent game of solitaire with source in C.
SORTDEMO.ZIP2225Mar 13 1992Sort routines in C. From Bubble to Quick Sort. C source code.
SOUNDC.ZIP33835Mar 31 1991Soundkit 1.0 is a collection of sound functions designed especially for users of Microsoft C compliers.
SOUNDHAX.ZIP86085Dec 19 1991Turbo C experimental SoundBlaster code of assorted types.
SOUNDSYS.ZIP14337Apr 9 1989This file contains the C source code for a background sound system that can be used in games and other types of applications that want to produce sounds and noises in the background.
SOX.ZIP73652Jun 15 1992C source code for sound conversion.
SPLINE.ZIP1864Oct 10 1991Natural qubic spline fast linear algorithm adopted from the book Algorithms by Robert Sedgewick. Only C source code included.
SPLINT.ZIP21792Apr 18 1989Sample file compression program using splay trees. Includes C source.
SPLITAP.ZIP2258Jan 5 1990Turbo C source splits TAPCIS .MSG files into individual message threads, great way to keep track on Compuserve Topics.
SPREDSHT.ZIP6169Dec 11 1991Sample C source code for a Windows 3.0 spreadsheet type application.
SPU12.ZIP41086Jul 4 1989Source Print Utility written in C with source.
SPWNO413.ZIP99880Dec 12 1992Ralf Brown's spawning replacement for TC, TP, and MSC spawn routines.
SQHDR.ZIP1699Apr 26 1991Squeeze C header files, usually halves disk space, will not destroy original. Includes full C source code.
SQLIB.ZIP7308Jul 5 1991Stack and Queue Library written in Turbo C 2.0. LIB, no source code.
SQLVER1.ZIP48000Jan 6 1989SQL interpreter for text files with Microsoft C code.
SQZ32.ZIP5951Jan 5 1988Squeeze/Unsqueeze spaces from ASCII file. C source included.
SSPELL14.ZIP82121Jul 18 1992Spell checker with C source code.
SST110.ZIP92035Jan 28 1992Library of C code to produce some very functional pulldown menus and windows. Comes with make file, demos and docs. Real nice starting kit.
STARS256.ZIP27759Mar 27 1991Stars is a 256 640x400 space flight demonstration. Pretty neat. Includes Source Code in C.
STAYRESC.ZIP20309Oct 27 1985TSR example, tips..with C source.
STKTRACE.ZIP11583Sep 16 1992Windows 3.1 app which contains complete code to obtain a stack trace of the current task. Uses the Toolhelp Library and can be used in both Win 3.0 and Win 3.1 environments.
STNDRDH.ZIP4309Jul 29 1992This file contains standard.h which is designed to fix some problems with the C language and to provide a basis for portable code.
STOPWCH.ZIP20055Mar 4 1990Simple c program that uses the PC as a stopwatch.
STRANGEC.ZIP10524Jan 24 1988Collection of strange c programs.
STRCATM.ZIP923Jul 17 1990A C function that allows multiple strcat()'s. For example : strcatm( string,"hello ","world ","what's ", "happening",NULL ).
STRFIND.ZIP1306Jul 8 1987C source code that searches a string for a given string.
STRINC.ZIP1080Jun 30 1986Generic C string handlers. Excellent for beginers.
STRNG.ZIP15418Oct 30 1991It searches strings in the C source and substitute these with defines. Strings are then listed in H files. Useful for language translation.
STRPCHRT.ZIP103351Aug 4 1993This is a C graphics library to create strip charts on dot matrix printers. It has lots of features of expensive, dedicated strip chart recorders.
SUNMOON.ZIP5791Sep 9 1992C source code to compute sun and moon rise and set times.
SUPER_C.ZIP52047Jan 1 1980Files from book supercharging C w/assembly language.
SUPRMAKE.ZIP302662Aug 16 1990A UNIX style make utility - lots of options. Works with Turbo C and Microsoft C. Includes Make editor, and Help facility.
SVGAKT31.ZIP293998Apr 4 1993The SuperVGA Test Library is a set of routines for automatically detecting a number of different SuperVGA chipsets, and performing bank switching and extended page flipping on supported SuperVGA's. Includes C source code.
SWAP300.ZIP80549Oct 4 1990SWAP is an ASM routine that can be called from a C program. It will swap most of the current program to extended memory, expanded memory, or disk.
SWEARS10.ZIP23466Jun 25 1991C Library Of Cursor Control Functions.
SYBUILD.ZIP11161May 2 1990Poor man's MAKE program from Sydex. Allows one to automatically execute complex compilation commands based on if the source code was modified.
T1WIN.ZIP15634Aug 8 1988Turbo C routines for screen management. Includes source code.
T2C.ZIP103414Dec 1 1987MS issued Turbo Pascal to QuickC translator.
TALGOL.ZIP22775Jun 19 1989"C" source code for book "Turbo Algorithms".
TANDYTST.ZIP5109Sep 6 1989Color test pattern for Tandy 16 color mode with source in "C".
TASK_C.ZIP14736Jul 31 1988Co-operative Multi-Tasking C routines. Not much documentation.
TBISON0.ZIP81038Jan 23 1989Bison modified for Turbo C with known bugs removed.
TBUG.ZIP35957Jan 27 1988Debugger for Turbo C.
TC-BOOK.ZIP33686Oct 22 1987Turbo C source for windows.
TC-CRC.ZIP5127Jul 29 1987Turbo C source for CRC file checker.
TC-DBF.ZIP16669Jun 19 1987Access Dbase files with Turbo C.
TC-DSPLY.ZIP16202Jul 14 1987Turbo C source to determine display type (CGA,EGA,VGA,MONO).
TC-EQUIP.ZIP3602Jun 11 1987Turbo C code that uses BIOSEQUIP() and shows 2 approaches of evaluating the data that is returned by this function.
TC-HELP.ZIP27457Jun 8 1987Help for Turbo C.
TC-LIB.ZIP4698Jun 4 1987Some Turbo C fast screen write routines.
TC-MENU.ZIP6492Nov 8 1987Turbo C pull down menu system that can be used in other programs.
TC-PLOT.ZIP1227May 22 1987Turbo C plot routines that use Inline Assembly code.
TC-TOUCH.ZIP15475Oct 2 1987Turbo C code that will update a file's date/time stamp. "Touch".
TC130.ZIP134522Jul 22 1989Turbo C routines for text dumps and much more.
TC15WIND.ZIP15634Aug 8 1988DLL windows package which utilize Turboc C v1.5 windows (C source).
TC256DEM.ZIP34785Jul 3 1991256 color Super VGA BGI driver for Turbo C. Supports all Super VGA chipsets in 256 colors and up to 1024x768 resolutions. Written in highly optimized assembly code.
TC2PAT-2.ZIP24900Mar 31 1989The latest TC v2 patches from Borland's BBS.
TC2PAT.ZIP17086Oct 6 1988In the Borland traditon- TC 2.0 bug fixes.
TC4PAT.ZIP20679Dec 15 1988Turbo C, Ver.2 patches.
TCANSI.ZIP1788Jun 29 1987ANSI screen routines in LIB format for Turbo C.
TCBBALL.ZIP3704Jul 9 1988Turbo C source for the 3D Beach Ball from Byte Magazine.
TCBISO.ZIP100887Dec 17 1987PD version of Unix's YACC and LEX for Turbo C.
TCCLB2.ZIP87030Feb 15 1990Turbo C Library 2.0. Quite a few C routines with complete C source code. Great for the C novice.
TCCLIB2.ZIP87030Feb 15 1990Turbo C function library Version 2 with menus, windows, data entry fields, etc. Includes complete source.
TCCMNU11.ZIP20135Nov 21 1988Front end menu for the Turbo C command line compiler. Makes TCC a little more user friendly and easy to use.
TCCODE.ZIP1388Mar 1 1988How to use CodeView with Turbo c.
TCCOMM.ZIP29187Jul 7 1987Communications utilities TC & DATALITE.
TCC_MISC.ZIP24661Jun 16 1987Miscelaneous Turbo C Programs.
TCDEBUG1.ZIP58633May 8 1988Very good Turbo C debugger. Allows passing of command line parameters. Also allows assembly level debugging.
TCEGA.ZIP32470Jul 8 1987EGA Demo for Turbo C with Source Code & LBR File.
TCEKBD.ZIP11477Oct 13 1990Routines for Extended Keyboard access. Source code for Turbo C.
TCG101.ZIP200895Aug 2 1994TrueColour Graphics 1.01 - TCG is a very fast graphics library for C/C++, devoted to 32k-, 64k-, and 16.8M-colour video modes. TCG has such features as a powerful library of graphical and mouse interface functions, device-
TCGRAP.ZIP4809Jul 14 1987Turbo C graphic primitives.
TCGRAPH.ZIP8593Jun 10 1987Turbo c graph library.
TCHELP.ZIP27457Jun 8 1987Turbo C help system written in TC with full source code.
TCHELPER.ZIP14692Jul 21 1987TCHELPER is a TSR program that allows TURBO C programmers to have pop-up access to the Reference Guide.
TCHERC.ZIP3976Mar 22 1988Hercules Graphics card primitives with full Turbo C ASM source.
TCHK20.ZIP135653Mar 2 1989An excellent set of routines for Turbo C. A must for C programmers.
TCHK21.ZIP208928Jun 6 1989TCHK Turbo C library. Contains HUNDREDS of useful function.
TCHK21EX.ZIP148439Jun 6 1989Examples for TCHK 2.1, includes source and executables.
TCHK21NG.ZIP93272Jun 6 1989Norton Guide database for TCHK 2.1.
TCHRTV2.ZIP11600Feb 4 1989TCHRT (Turbo C High Resolution Timer) is a software "toolbox" of routines to manipulate one hundred different timers each with one microsecond resolution.
TCINTFX1.ZIP4402Mar 22 1989Yet another patch for TC.2.
TCIRMA.ZIP31617May 26 1988IRMA support routines with Turbo C source code.
TCISAM.ZIP25822Aug 21 1987Turbo-C ISAM rtns. What more could you want ?.
TCJOYSTK.ZIP9449Mar 6 1991Turbo C source code for a Joystick interface library.
TCKEY.ZIP19049Jun 8 1990Turbo C keyboard interface taken from 'The compleat keyboard: Retrieving Scan codes and extended keys' by Richard Hale Shaw. Full source code.
TCLEX.ZIP94860Oct 2 1987Unix LEX ported to Turbo C.
TCLIB.ZIP12248Jun 22 1987The TCLIB librarian is an object code library manager for use with Turbo C librarys used with TLINK.
TCLIB2.ZIP25996May 25 1987Documentation for Unicorn Library TCLIB1.arc.
TCLX33.ZIP87146May 13 1988A great C Toolbox...!.
TCM4.ZIP26445Apr 14 1988M4 is a MSDOS version of the Unix m4 macro processor. C source included.
TCMAKE.ZIP22492Jun 25 1989Create make file from TC Make/Project file.
TCMENU.ZIP6492Jul 17 1987Turboc menu.
TCMOUS.ZIP16065Jan 31 1991This is a Microsoft mouse menu program for use with Borland's Turbo C integrated environment.
TCMOUSE.ZIP1151Sep 21 1987Mouse routines for turbo c 2.0.
TCMP-S.ZIP214239Sep 9 1991IDC's 'C' library for data compression (shareware version).
TCMUSIC.ZIP6750Jun 20 1987Music routines written in Turbo-C.
TCOMM21.ZIP33085Jul 18 1987A great set of Comm routines in Turbo C.
TCOMM50.ZIP121110Aug 1 1989Version 5.0 of LiteComm communications library for Turbo C. Greatly improved documentation. Small model library only included in Shareware version, other libraries and source available.
TCPAT.ZIP19230Dec 17 1987The Official Borland patches for Turbo-C v1.0.
TCPBUGS2.ZIP13182Jan 18 1991Turbo C++ bug list with updates through 12/90, with Borland responses from 1/91.
TCPLOT.ZIP8244Jun 7 1989Turbo C source code that will take an array and plot it on a labeled axes.
TCPPBUGS.ZIP4273Nov 6 1990Text file describing some of the known bugs in Turbo C++ 1.0.
TCPPT1.ZIP38173Aug 29 1990Latest patches for Turbo C++. Fixes growing .PRJ files, CGA colors, heap fix, etc.
TCPPTECH.ZIP49962Aug 28 1990Source Code from the book Turbo C++ Techniques and Applications.
TCPROF.ZIP28787Oct 4 1988Profiler for Turbo C 2.0. Shows the number of times your C routine was called and executed.
TCQB.ZIP18439Feb 29 1988CompuServe Quick B protocol with Turbo C source.
TCRAT2.ZIP14370Jan 10 1989TC Mouse Driver Source Code in the form of definition files.
TCREF.ZIP12033Aug 12 1987A popup language referance for Turbo C 2.0.
TCRES201.ZIP18404Oct 31 1987C code necessary for programming a TSR.
TCROM2.ZIP12401Feb 2 1989Turbo C startup source to write PROMable C programs in Borland Turbo C version 2.0.
TCSH604S.ZIP473143Jan 24 1994Tcsh v6.04 generic C source code for Unix csh shell. Tcsh is a version of the Berkeley C-Shell, with the addition of a command line editor, command and file name completion, listing, etc. and a bunch of small additions to
TCSOUND.ZIP3028Jun 20 1987Creates Turbo C functions that duplicate Turbo Pascals Delay(), Sound(), and Nosound() procedures. Full source included.
TCTEMP.ZIP13055Aug 11 1990Turbo C++ template file for HP Laser printers, shows functions keys.
TCUI.ZIP12888Jun 8 1989Attractive user interface for your Turbo C programs by Robert Klein.
TCUTIL.ZIP38937Mar 2 1989Video and BIOS routines for Turbo C.
TCU_31.ZIP333348Feb 16 1991Nice PD library of TC-callable menu, window and data input routines.
TCWIND16.ZIP74019Jul 24 1987Windows in turbo c.
TCXL-1.ZIP154680Apr 3 1991TesSerAct C eXpansion Library. C routines include windows, strings, EMS, and more. Demo file.
TCXL611.ZIP2533Mar 14 1993Text file explaining how to recive TCXL 6.11 upgrade.
TCXLANSI.ZIP45426Nov 10 1992Display ANSI pictures in a TCXL window.
TCXLV103.ZIP36455Oct 30 1990Example of using TCXL library in a File Viewer.
TC_3D.ZIP67182Feb 13 1991These files are from the book "High performance CAD Graphics in C", written by Lee Adams.
TC_CODE.ZIP31960Dec 24 1985Tiny C Interpreter.
TC_CRIT.ZIP21394Oct 7 1989Critical error handler for CXL and Turbo C.
TC_HERC.ZIP14908Aug 1 1987Turbo C screen routines for Hercules graphics.
TC_MAN.ZIP85101Dec 24 1985Tiny C manual.
TC_MOUSE.ZIP5836Aug 1 1992E-Z mouse C library. Includes OBJ file.
TC_MUSIC.ZIP40697Sep 21 1988Turbo C Music Library, like basic's PLAY command, No Sound Cards.
TC_REF.ZIP63953Mar 28 1988Source to TurboC the Complete Ref By Schmidt.
TC_XMEM.ZIP12252Oct 21 1987XMEM - Source code to access 80286/386 Extended Memory from Turbo C.
TDT-1.ZIP204034Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - TCXL 6.02, TSD 2.03, TPRINT 2.02, TCOMP 2.02, TFILE 2.02. File 1 of 14.
TDT-2.ZIP274950Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 2 of 14.
TDT-3.ZIP255428Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 3 of 14.
TDT-4.ZIP248796Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 4 of 14.
TDT-5.ZIP148848Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 5 of 14.
TDT-6.ZIP148249Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 6 of 14.
TDT-7.ZIP148815Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 7 of 14.
TDT-8.ZIP148041Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 8 of 14.
TDT-9.ZIP166379Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 9 of 14.
TDT-A.ZIP164239Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 10 of 14.
TDT-B.ZIP167806Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 11 of 14.
TDT-C.ZIP174802Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 12 of 14.
TDT-D.ZIP161050Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 13 of 14.
TDT-E.ZIP190795Sep 21 1992IDC's TesSeRact Development Tools - File 14 of 14.
TEACH-C.ZIP83640Apr 6 1986Nice C language tutorial.
TECHC.ZIP10370Jan 31 1989Some examples of using NetBIOS calls with C.
TECH_C.ZIP62540Jan 22 1990Complete source code to "Technical C Programming".
TECO.ZIP20888Jul 15 1986Port of TECO editor fr VAX -C source.
TEGLTC.ZIP339970Aug 8 1990The Turbo C C++ TEGL graphics library toolkit. This is an idential implementation to the Turbo Pascal kit. A great way to get into GUI's.
TEL2307S.ZIP679918Aug 9 1994The PC Telnet source files ifor 2.3.07 in MSC.
TELNO.ZIP2179Jan 30 1991Displays all the words spelled by your telephone number. C source only.
TENKEY.ZIP46953Jul 17 1989Tenkey calculator with C source, a demo of the Window Pro Library.
TENNE-C.ZIP3630May 6 1988Description of new C environment...
TERMWAIT.ZIP9425Oct 8 1992Windows 3.1 source code module to launch a child task and wait for it to terminate before executing specific code.
TGE129C.ZIP165021Aug 20 1993The Graphics Engine 1.29áC (PUBLIC BETA) - TGE is a VGA/SVGA graphics library for C/C++ programmers, with complete source code.
THE_PRO.ZIP161311Nov 30 1987Utilities for c msc and turbo c.
TIFSRC.ZIP12900Jul 17 1989Source for working with TIF files.
TIFTOOL.ZIP62596Nov 4 1988C source for TIF file tools.
TKTKTOE.ZIP6630Nov 29 1992C source for unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe, good tutor on how to make computer play against people.
TMOUSE.ZIP9576May 30 1988Turbo C and QuickC mouse routines. Full source code.
TN.ZIP13133Apr 27 1992TCXL-60 patch and technical notes.
TO-DOS.ZIP713Mar 24 1992C source to shell to dos from a program.
TODAY10.ZIP14849Nov 1 1988C functions to provide Date & Time Strings.
TOLOWER.ZIP705Jun 15 1992C source code that makes entire files all lower case.
TOOLBAR.ZIP21951Jul 28 1991Sample C source file on how to program 'ToolBars' for MS Windows 3.0.
TOOLS151.ZIP29206Dec 7 1988Turbo C Tools v. 1.5 by M. McCabe.
TOOLS153.ZIP129914Nov 25 1988Turbo C Tools 1.5 - C Source.
TOOLS4C.ZIP90035Feb 28 1988C system development w/menu/window code generator.
TOWERS2.ZIP8678Nov 6 1990"Corrected" version of TOWERS.ZIP and the the executable. Displays a solution to the Towers of Hanoi.
TP-TO-C.ZIP25547Dec 31 1986Turbo source converted to 'c' source.
TP2QC.ZIP103414Dec 1 1987The Glockenspiel Turbo Pascal-to-QuickC Translator automatically converts Turbo Pascal source programs to C source programs.
TRACER.ZIP9675Nov 10 1988C source for a simple ray tracer.
TRACKPOP.ZIP6666Feb 27 1992Windows 3.1 code to show how to use the last parameter of the API TrackPopupMenu() API.
TRAVESTY.ZIP16244Nov 17 1988A travesty generator w/TC source.
TRIDOR11.ZIP34035Nov 3 1992Door developement library for C programmers. Very easy to use and can easily be incorporated into most programs.
TRIM.ZIP4280Oct 27 1986Unix TRIM port. to DOS-C source.
TRINKETS.ZIP83825Mar 8 1991Trinkets is a small collection of C programs that illustrate various functions in C.
TSD-SH.ZIP176381Nov 16 1991Screen designer for CXL library.
TSRCODE.ZIP5453Dec 10 1987Some sample C code that shows how to create a TSR.
TSRTOO15.ZIP139299Oct 17 1993TSR Toolkit - Library to create a 'c' TSR program.
TSTMOUSE.ZIP1118Mar 30 1992A very basic example of using mouse in SVGA and in 32 bit environment. Works with Watcom 9.5.
TTCD.ZIP66314Sep 10 1987Turbo C Debugger - Very good - NO EGA!!!.
TTGA10.ZIP47454May 20 1992Targa graphics file viewer. Includes C source code.
TTT.ZIP5987Sep 10 1989This program simulates a constraint satisfaction neural network for choosing tic-tac-toe moves. Quick C source code.
TURBBOOK.ZIP33686Oct 22 1987Code from "Turbo C: Memory Resident Utilities...".
TURBMOUS.ZIP3415Jul 5 1988Mouse routines for Turbo C Ver. 1.5.
TURBO2QC.ZIP103263Jan 23 1988Microsoft provided Turbo Pascal 3.0 to Quick C converter. Will convert the bulk of a TP program into C.
TURBOSED.ZIP30858Nov 15 1989SED - A Stream editor, writtern to compile under Turbo C ver 2.0 (Source and executible).
TVX.ZIP57815Jan 18 1986Interesting C source for UNIX TVX Public Domain full-screen editor.
TWKTC.ZIP17064Jul 23 1991Register tweaked mode 256 color VGA BGI driver for Turbo C. Reprograms the CRTC register to support such modes as 320x200 (w/4 video pages) up to to 400x600 (w/1 video page). Supports multiple video pages for animation.
T_COLORS.ZIP537Dec 22 1990Include file for C programs. Makes classification of color values easy.
T_VIDEO.ZIP13980Jan 23 1989C intrfce for some of the tavid12 ASM screen write routines.
UCMP104S.ZIP44315Jul 3 1989Source to PD UnARChiver. Not an ARC ripoff, real PD code. C+EXE+MAN.
UCMP120S.ZIP63767Mar 17 1990C and EXE for an ARC file uncompressor. Versions and MAK files for 8088 to 80386 processors. As fast as ARC v6.00. 15k executable.
UCW110.ZIP32804Oct 21 1987Special Unicorn Windows library (see also ctb100.arc) for Turbo C.
UE311C.ZIP322849Oct 30 1991MicroEMACS full function text editor - source code 1 of 5.
UE311CMD.ZIP50069Oct 30 1991MicroEMACS - 4 of 5 - script files.
UE311H.ZIP61503Oct 30 1991MicroEMACS - 3 of 5 - header/define files.
UE311MAK.ZIP16364Oct 7 1991MicroEMACS - 2 of 5 - make files.
UE311TXT.ZIP69828Nov 19 1991MicroEMACS - 5 of 5 - ASCII text version of MicroEMACS Manual.
UNICRN1.ZIP111587Sep 24 1988Demo of UNICORN C library.
UNIX-LBR.ZIP7997Apr 4 1985Source for LBR util in UNIX C.
UNIXSHEL.ZIP35149Jan 20 1986Unix shell with C source.
UNIXSHL.ZIP45374Sep 5 1985Fantastic UNIX like shell, very easy to get started. C source included
UNIXSTR.ZIP58993Jul 12 1990Unix string functions for C under DOS.
UNIXTOOL.ZIP54964Sep 23 1987Some simple programs that mimic many Unix utilities. C source is included.
UNIX_CU.ZIP6899Dec 21 1986MS-DOS version of the Unix CU program (Call Unix) -- Source only.
UNPROTO4.ZIP32052Jan 14 1993UNPROTOtize is an alternate C preprocessor which enables non-ansi C compilers to compile ANSI C code. C source code ver. 4.
UNZ50P1.ZIP227879Mar 7 1993UNZIP C Source code from INFO-ZIP group, version 5 patch 1 from January 1993 updated for compatibility with new PKZIP using deflation techniques. Source targets many systems including UNIX, VMS, NT, OS2, DOS, ATARI, and AM
UQWK.ZIP21683Apr 8 1993UQWK is C source code for a QWK packer that will create QWK packets from USENET news groups for offline reading with your favorite QWK reader.
UU2.ZIP17405Oct 30 1987DOS versis of UNIX uuencode and uudecode with source in C.
UW210.ZIP168890Feb 2 1992An impressive C windowing package. Allows multiple open windows, all capable of being written to and scrolled simultaneously. Includes TC/MSC libraries.
V103.ZIP36455Oct 30 1990File browser, "C" source using TCXL.
VALDES.ZIP28480Oct 6 1993C source from 11/93 DDJ for creating a debugging text window under Windows.
VAL_LINK.ZIP132577Mar 7 1993Public Domain "Val" linker. Includes Pascal-like C code. Also slide show on how linkers work. Very good.
VAP.ZIP15778May 3 1988Example of writing a C VAP for Novell.
VARINC.ZIP14850Dec 22 1988Source code to variations in C.
VARRAY.ZIP5938Jan 1 1980Virtual array access routines in C.
VDIFF.ZIP8945Apr 5 1993Excellent file diff utility with ansi C source updated with makefile for Microsoft C 7.0 and Nmake.exe.
VDISK.ZIP3135Mar 2 1984180 or 360k Virtual Disk.
VECTLIB.ZIP12138Jul 27 1991Shareware C library (small model for TC and MSC in unregistered version) for vector and matrix operations.
VERCTL.ZIP20173Dec 13 1990These two programs (C source included) form the basis of a version control system. Program 1 'compare' generates deltas. Program 2 'update' applies deltas.
VF.ZIP26144Aug 13 1988Source code in "C" for file viewer utility.
VGACOLRS.ZIP18597Jun 19 1991256 colors on your VGA screen. Includes C source code.
VH_JARGO.ZIP50061Jan 1 1992HyperText UNIX style VH browser with full Turbo C source.
VIDBIOS.ZIP24125Jul 16 1987Library of video functions using BIOS calls for Turbo C.
VIDMODES.ZIP5833Sep 30 1986Set video modes on the fly.
VIEWA.ZIP10594Nov 28 1989C source that will Type a file to the screen.
VILE327.ZIP532649Dec 15 1992VILE version 3.27 vi-like-emacs is a delightful text editor using the vi command set but allows editing in multiple windows emacs-style with cut and paste etc, smooth as silk , this C source code will build on many Unix sy
VIM20SRC.ZIP281607Feb 11 1994VI clone for dos, unix, amiga. Source code.
VIO.ZIP20953Nov 22 1987Video I/O function library for C.
VM.ZIP7229Jan 10 1989Source code for virtual memory management routines to replace malloc.
VMPCH2.ZIP10408Aug 7 1993Bug fix for Visual C++ - fixes DOS problem with virtual memory manager.
VUNZIP.ZIP12693Feb 1 1990UNIX C Source for UnZipping files. Will compile on many machines.
V_ARRAY.ZIP15053Sep 6 1991C virtual array routines. Only OBJ, no source code.
V_RB_SB.ZIP23000Feb 1 1991RbSb uses the XMODEM and YMODEM error correcting protocols to receive files over a serial port from a variety of programs running under PC-DOS, CP/M, *nix, and other operating systems.
WBITMAP.ZIP19830Nov 12 1991C source code that provides a simple tool to read, write, and convert Windows bitmap files.
WCE200.ZIP19645Mar 10 1992MS Windows programming environment for C programmers.
WCOMM120.ZIP69905Feb 18 1991WarpComm Communications libraries for Turbo C and Turbo C++. Has some VERY useful routines for COMx work.
WEDL.ZIP134654May 20 1993WEDL - the Windows Enhanced Dialog Library. WEDL is a collection of C functions for Microsoft Windows programmers designed to make dialog box data entry much easier for both the programmer and the user.
WEEKDAY.ZIP860Feb 28 1994C source code to compute the day of the week.
WGRAF.ZIP34039Jan 30 1991Turbo C++ graphics library. Unregistered version for small memory model only, but it will give you a good look.
WHICH.ZIP8890Sep 9 1988Unix 'which' for DOS with source.
WHIZ.ZIP3408Sep 2 1988Graphics demo in C.
WIDGETS.ZIP19428Jul 22 1992Tuebo C source for animating Windows bitmaps.
WILD_C.ZIP3354Aug 30 1987This file contains wildcard expansion routines for Turbo-C.
WIN.ZIP28265Oct 20 1989Public Domain C Windowing package. (Full C source).
WINBEG.ZIP26934Dec 6 1987Creates a simple C program skeleton that will run under windows.
WINBEGIN.ZIP17323Sep 30 1990WinBegin 3.0 is a development tool for creating very simple "C" programs which run under Windows 3.0.
WINCAP31.ZIP86626Oct 8 1992Windows 3.1 Source code to allow capture of portions of the screen or specific windows or the entire screen to a file and print it.
WINCLP.ZIP9181Jan 23 1991Source code and examples describing how to copy text to/from Windows clipboard from DOS applocations.
WIND.ZIP41661Sep 20 1988Package for windowed display & data entry with "C" programs.
WIND4NEW.ZIP35430Dec 4 1985Extensive windows library.
WINDOW10.ZIP75674Jun 3 1987Turbo C window routines and library w/demo and tutorial files.
WINDOW4C.ZIP33565Nov 5 1986C window routines.
WINDOW_C.ZIP40531Jun 5 1988Excellent windowed screen and field-entry routines, with full C source code.
WININT86.ZIP10900Jun 12 1991Int86 replacement for windows development. Takes long pointers.
WINKERM.ZIP35711Aug 8 1989Source code for Windows Version 2.0 Kermit.
WINOBJ16.ZIP126022Jun 2 1991New version of Winobj interface library for Borland C++. Windows, menus, formatted data entry, now supports Paradox objects with C++ classes for use with the Paradox engine.
WINPIPE.ZIP51187Dec 29 1990Pipes for Windows 3.0, includes C source code.
WINPRO.ZIP257748Mar 5 2000The Window Pro professional windows library for C programmers.
WINSAMP.ZIP299061May 3 1992A multitude of Windows 3.+ programming examples - ownerdraw list boxes, read-only edit controls, etc. From Microsoft Compuserve Forums.
WINSRC17.ZIP319035Feb 1 1992ASM and C source to the Stone Soup Group's Windows fractal generator.
WIN_WIDG.ZIP21348Jul 25 1993Source code for Win 3.1 animation, with detailed description on bitblt, etc. Very smooth results.
WIPER.ZIP995Nov 27 1992WIPER.C - A recursive windshield wiper for your screen. C source.
WIZWIG.ZIP55001Oct 30 1993C/C++ source for print preview under Windows.
WKERMSRC.ZIP116405Jun 1 1988C Source code for "Sliding Windows" Kermit for most computers. W/docs.
WMSERI.ZIP9959Jun 5 1993Example of Serial Communicatons Programming in Windows.
WNDSND.ZIP5285Aug 18 1993Windows 3.1 C source code for a .wav file player.
WNDWCALD.ZIP29323Jun 21 1989Calandar good back to 400 B.C, include C source.
WNSRC173.ZIP416033Jul 26 1992Full C source code for Windows version of Fractint.
WORLDUNX.ZIP106343Jan 17 1990A good UNIX C source to a text adventure game called WORLD.
WP51SUP.ZIP22873Feb 27 1992Routines for Clipper and C programmers. These routines help you to create Word Perfect 5.1 documents from within your program. Supports a variety of document formatting codes to create very polished WP documents.
WRAP.ZIP11311Feb 27 1988Various C source code that will handle word-wrap.
WTIME.ZIP9672Jul 20 1993Paul Wheaton's time library. Includes C source code.
WTWG12A.ZIP55473Sep 19 1992WTWG C User Interface Library -- Public Domiain, Full C Source (usable with C++ as well). Both Text and Graphics UI, latter by Borland BGI library. Ideal for Turbo and Borland C/C++ products (including TC 2.0). Can use MS
WTWG12B.ZIP181021Sep 19 1992WTWG C PD User Interface Library: Text and Graphics (BGI). Part 2 of 2, includes full C source (usable with C++). Must compile; no executables. Turbo and Borland C/C++ ideal, but MSC apparently usable (according to docs).
WZUN11SR.ZIP107211Apr 23 1992INFO-Zip's Freeware Unzip Utility for Windows - C Source Code.
XC21.ZIP29075Dec 22 1987C cross ref util for MSC 5.0.
XC3.ZIP19710Jul 14 1987A Cross-Reference utility for Turbo C. Lists functions, variables, constants, etc. Can also handle a list of source files. Complete Turbo C source included.
XCLIB.ZIP4029Jun 24 1986XCLIB is a library of functions to go with the Small C Compiler as implemented in Caprock Systems' adaptation of Ron Cain's work.
XCPP.ZIP7335Feb 12 1991C source code for a program that will replace C++ style comments with K&R style comments.
XGAKIT.ZIP24757May 6 1991IBM XGA Graphics routines. C and ASM Source. C Demo program.
XINU.ZIP63311Apr 2 1986The complete C source files for the XINU Operating System. This Unix clone is described in the book "Operating System Design, The XINU Approach", by Douglas Comer.
XLIB.ZIP16744Jul 21 1987This library contains a C multitasking and communications kernel.
XLIB06.ZIP294387Oct 13 1993Free mode X graphics library with source. Many features and many tweaked video modes.
XLIBTL02.ZIP18478Aug 21 1993Bit map manipulation tools for the X-mode graphics Lib XLIB. Source only.
XLIBTOOL.ZIP123408May 22 1993A package to make programming with xlib easier.
XMODEM11.ZIP3815Jul 28 1988Very simple Xmodem version written in C.
XMS11.ZIP58207Aug 31 1990Turbo C++ Extended Memory Manager. An excellent piece of work!
XMSLB130.ZIP24265Jul 28 1991XMSLIB provides a high-level C interface to XMS control functions for common operations such as allocating and freeing XMS extended memory blocks (EMBs).
XMSLIB12.ZIP16041Mar 8 1991TC2/TC++ interface routines to XMS. Makes using XMS easy.
XPMALLOC.ZIP18750Jul 27 1989Store Data in EXPANDED memory. Routines that can be called by any C program. Very nice, and includes C source code.
XPMDEMO.ZIP18975Sep 1 1990Demo version of xpmalloc.lib - an expanded memory library for C programmers. Provides a simple memory mangement interface.
XRECV.ZIP1908Jan 25 1985C source for xmodem receive.
XSPAWN33.ZIP37214May 4 1991C source code and libraries that will swap current program to EMS or Disk. Works with Microsoft C, Turbo C, and Lattice C.
XSTR.ZIP12566Aug 19 1986String constant folding (C).
XTCPRO.ZIP51567Apr 10 1989"C" source code for book "Extending Turbo C Professional".
XTRANS.ZIP1797Jan 25 1985C source for xmodem transmitt.
XXALLOC.ZIP15938Dec 26 1989Multidimensional array manipulation in UNIX/MSC 'C' source.
YAWL11.ZIP7831Jul 8 1990Yet Another Windowing Library. Includes full C source and demo.
YICONS24.ZIP372096Jul 29 1993YakIcons is a free shareware graphics library encompassing many aspects of game design and mechanics. It is a series of object-oriented modules for Borland C++ version 3.1 and covers mouse and joystick support, sampled so
YMODEMC.ZIP8134Aug 28 1986Chuck F.'s C source code for YMODEM. Excellent reference.
Z201SRC.ZIP190937Mar 2 1989'C' source code for ZOO201 archiving program for most systems MSDOS/VMS/.
ZCOMPLEX.ZIP72284Mar 18 1990A complex number class for use with Zortech C++ version 2.01. Includes full C++ source code.
ZELLERC.ZIP5319Oct 5 1988Text file describing Zeller's congruence (day-of-the-week algorithm) with C source.
ZINC.ZIP21067Jul 23 1990Demo source code for use with Zinc library for Turbo C++.
ZINCDE.ZIP92379Jun 18 1990Zinc Interface Library Demo by Zinc Soft. Inc. C++ development library.
ZINC_OBJ.ZIP120812Jul 23 1990Zinc C++ Class Library Demo. Windows, Menus, etc. Like Windows 3.0.
ZIPINVC.ZIP11577Feb 15 1989List files conatined in a ZIP archive with C source code.
ZIPSRC19.ZIP192287Nov 21 1993C source code for a PkUnzip compatible unzipper.
ZOO210S.ZIP196948Jul 11 1991C source code for ZOO v2.10 file compression utility.
ZTIMER20.ZIP66930Aug 22 1994C language microsecond timing package.
_INTEXT.ZIP1387Feb 1 1991This is QuickC function for the purpose of getting a string in graphics mode with the ability to change the cursor. (complement of _outtext).