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Extensive Windows 3.0 C++ class for Borland C++ and Zortech C++ compilers.
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Extensive Windows 3.0 C++ class for Borland C++ and Zortech C++ compilers.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ABOUT.CPP 347 217 deflated
ABOUT.HPP 389 283 deflated
DEFKERN.CPP 6439 1515 deflated
DEFKEYS.CPP 2327 448 deflated
DEFNC.CPP 3280 709 deflated
DEFOOP.CPP 4685 1003 deflated
DIALOG.CPP 1317 610 deflated
DIALOG.HPP 2405 872 deflated
DLGMETH.CPP 4736 1324 deflated
DLGTEMP.CPP 9534 2191 deflated
DLGTEMP.HPP 2437 759 deflated
HELLO.CPP 1566 729 deflated
HELLO.DEF 1075 330 deflated
HELLO.H 251 184 deflated
HELLO.HPP 402 277 deflated
HELLO.MAK 1911 712 deflated
HELLO.RC 1548 656 deflated
JFKLIB.CPP 304 187 deflated
JFKLIB.H 591 260 deflated
JFKLIB.HPP 519 287 deflated
JFKLIB.TXT 2941 1220 deflated
MDI.CPP 2485 917 deflated
MDI.HPP 4236 1423 deflated
MDICHILD.CPP 4680 1363 deflated
MDIDEMO.CPP 2105 956 deflated
MDIDEMO.DEF 1204 317 deflated
MDIDEMO.EXE 132528 43444 deflated
MDIDEMO.H 229 170 deflated
MDIDEMO.HPP 548 326 deflated
MDIDEMO.MAK 2195 753 deflated
MDIDEMO.RC 1830 750 deflated
MDIMETH.CPP 2027 652 deflated
MSGLOOP.CPP 1884 710 deflated
MSGLOOP.HPP 733 390 deflated
TOPLEVEL.CPP 3093 1056 deflated
TOPLEVEL.HPP 2107 838 deflated
WINDOWS.CPP 4767 1394 deflated
WINDOWS.HPP 8031 1942 deflated

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Contents of the JFKLIB.TXT file

W I N D O W S + +
C L A S S - L I B R A R Y

for B O R L A N D C + +
and M S - W I N D O W S

(C) 1991 accent-Studio

Neither Zortech nor Borland C++ come with class for efficient program-
ming of applications for MS-Windows-environment.

C++ is an object-oriented language, Windows an object-oriented
environment. These classes should be some kind of glue that connects
both systems ...


The following classes are enclosed:

MSGLOOP generic message-loop used by the WINDOW
WINDOW generic window
TOPLEVEL generic TOPLEVEL-window

MDI mdi-control
MDICHILD mdi-child-control

DLGTEMPLATE handling of the resource of dialog-boxes
DIALOG 'dynamic' dialog-boxes
ABOUT generic AboutBox

The following examples are enclosed:

HELLO 'Hello World'
MDIDEMO 'Multiple-document-interface-demonstration'

Not provided with this package, but available as PD are:



Not provided with this package, but available as ShareWare are:



Quick Reference

The two demo-programs HELLO and MDIDEMO demonstrate the usage of
the classes. HELLO is a simple TOPLEVEL window, MDIDEMO is more
complex and includes MDI and MDICHILD classes.

Ensure that your classes method WMCreate and WMDestroy ALWAYS
call WMCreate and WMDestroy of the predecessor classes.


The classes are a lot simpler to understand than you think right
now. Just take the debugger and step through the demo-apps. If
you have troubles feel free contact me via NetMail.

There is a very complex documentation available too. If you want
to receive this send cash first (25$ minimum)!

Formating Hints

If you have troubles reading the source-code: Tabs should be
expanded to 4 spaces!

Updates, Bugs & Improvments

I certainly would appreciate to get any hint that helps me to
improve this stuff. Contact me for update.

Author's address

Wichtelgasse 12/14
A-1160 Vienna


FidoNet: Joachim Kainz, 2:310/11.11
InterNet: [email protected]

Joachim Kainz, Vienna 11.5.91

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