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C source for Icon language, part 2.
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C source for Icon language, part 2.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This diskette (S2) contains test programs and tools for compiling Version
6 of Icon. An accompanying diskette (S1) contains source-code files. Diskette
S1 should be unloaded before unloading this diskette.

Before unloading the test programs be sure there is enough room on the
target device. They amount to about 252kb, not counting overhead.

A directory to hold Icon files should already exists as the result of unloading
the first diskette. Go to this directory and execute

d:unload d:

where d: is the device on which this diskette is mounted.
For example, if this diskette is mounted on A:, the command is

a:unload a:

Note that the device is an argument. This batch file will create the necessary
subdirectories and unload test programs and standard retults into them. Assuming
that the source from the first diskette has been unloaded into a hierarchy
rooted in icon, the result should be

| |
src tests
| |
----------------------------------------- ----------
| | | | | | |
h icont iconx link tran local stand

See "Compiling Version 6 of Icon for MS-DOS", which is provided with
the diskettes and also on this diskette in printable form, for an explanation
of these directories.

This diskette also contains archives of documents (DOSC.ARC) that are provided
with the diskettes and tools that are useful in compiling and testing Icon.
It should not be necessary to de-archive these documents unless this diskette
was obtained by copying or downloading, since hardcopy documents are provided
with diskettes distributed by the University if Arizona. Before unloading the
tools, do

d:arc -l d:tools.arc

where d: is the device on which this diskette is mounted. If there are
no naming conflicts with programs you already have, go to a directory
on your normal path and

d:arc -x d:tools.arc

If there are naming conflicts, make appropriate adjustments.

These tools are in the public domain. The program MAKE.EXE is an MS-DOS
version of the UNIX "make" utility. See an introductory UNIX text for
a description of its capabilities. The program MOVEFILE.COM moves a
file from one place to another. The programs COMPARE.EXE and UPDATE.EXE
provide for file comparison and updating. Execution of these files with
arguments will produce a list of their capabilities.

The place to start to compile Version 6 of Icon is with the document
"Compiling Version 6 of Icon for MS-DOS". The other documents contain
information that may be helpful in some situations.

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