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Demo of UNICORN C library.
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Demo of UNICORN C library.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Unicorn Software
David A. Miller
P.O. Box 3214
Kirkland, WA
(206) 823-4656

Welcome to release 5.0 of the Unicorn Library. There are many changes
from previous version and esentially this is a new library. The advent
of graphics with both Turbo C and Microsoft C included with the compilers
has resulted in the Unicorn Library changing directions. While the old
C Tool Box and Unicorn Library ( with graphics ) will remain available,
it is not anticipated that they will be updated further. For those with
an interest in low level graphics the source code is useful and available.

This new library is oriented towards data handling, screen handling, windows,
and data entry forms. Only a portion of the over 300 functions are found
in the demo programs which already have grown quite large. The library will
continue to grow in the comming months as the author is far from done
with the development. The next major release is anticipated in the first
quarter of 1989 although minor release updates will occur in the meantime.

The author uses several Seattle area boards listed below. The latest
version should be found on them with the most likely being College Corner,
Journey to Mars or Blue Star.

We hope you find the library useful in your own programming efforts and if
so you are encourged to register your copy. See register.doc for details
and be assured your support will be highly appreciated.

College Corner (206) 643-0804
Journey to Mars (206) 486-3136
Pacific NW PC users group (206) 723-8507
Blue Star (206) 285-3731

If you discover any bugs please let us know, it will be very appreciated
by the author and other users in the future.

When compiling programs with the library be sure to include /DMSC in
your compile command for the Microsoft C versions. Without this
definition the code will attempt to compile for Turbo C! If you are
using Turbo C then be sure to compile without /DMSC but you must also
have a library compiled with Turbo C. You may compile the library source
code with Turbo C yourself or obtain the appropriate library from the

If you obtain this software from a bulletin board and decide to register
it, please mention which bbs you downloaded it from. That way I can
reward the bbs sysop!

Note: If you obtained this version from some bbs or from Cserve or Genie, and
decide to register it. Please let Dave Miller, the author, know that you got
it from me, Craig Derouen, or mention my bbs, Blue Star (We specialize in C
and Assembly Programming for the PC). Thank you!

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