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Graphic Libarary for Turbo and Microsoft C.
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Graphic Libarary for Turbo and Microsoft C.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BUILDMSC.BAT 523 223 deflated
BUILDTC.BAT 553 229 deflated
CGA.H 770 255 deflated
CGAGRAF.C 9229 2871 deflated
CGAGRAFA.ASM 3040 1108 deflated
EGA.H 716 220 deflated
EGAGRAF.C 12998 3426 deflated
EGAGRAFA.ASM 2796 1032 deflated
GRAF.C 12192 3308 deflated
GRAF.H 1483 440 deflated
GRAFLIB.ASM 1055 467 deflated
GRAFSYS.H 2148 858 deflated
GRAFXDOC.ZIP 20187 19327 deflated
HALO.H 977 259 deflated
HALOFAKE.C 5965 1567 deflated
MACROS.AH 1539 559 deflated
MACROS.H 436 254 deflated
MAKEMSC 1391 622 deflated
MAKETC 1944 847 deflated
README 590 378 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Here is the source to my PC CGA/EGA graphics library. It has been tested
with Microsoft C 4.0 and with Turbo C 1.0. To build the libraries for all
four memory models, run 'buildmsc.bat' or 'buildtc.bat'. The documentation
is in the doc\ subdirectory, and it is in TeX format. Just TeX 'grafix.tex':
it includes everything else. Also in doc\ are two example programs (grafex1.c
and grafex2.c). Comments about the package are solicited, especially about
the documentation.

Scott Snyder
[email protected] or @citromeo.bitnet
..or Caltech, 1-58
Pasadena, Ca 91126

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