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Official patches to MSC 5.1 from MSSIG on Compuserve.
File PRINTF.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
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Official patches to MSC 5.1 from MSSIG on Compuserve.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CPRINTF.C 3574 2419 deflated
CPRINTF.CRT 3723 2522 deflated
CPRINTF.DLL 3588 2443 deflated
CPRINTF.L 3666 2473 deflated
CPRINTF.M 3314 2307 deflated
CPRINTF.MT 3712 2501 deflated
CPRINTF.S 3238 2282 deflated
OUTPUT.C 3823 2571 deflated
OUTPUT.CRT 3891 2611 deflated
OUTPUT.DLL 3839 2574 deflated
OUTPUT.L 3891 2575 deflated
OUTPUT.M 3490 2397 deflated
OUTPUT.MT 3891 2611 deflated
OUTPUT.S 3422 2382 deflated
README.DOC 2391 989 deflated
UPDATE.BAT 2397 304 deflated
UPDATE.CMD 2397 304 deflated

Download File PRINTF.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corp 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988. All rights reserved.

The files in this archive are for use by owners of Microsoft C Optimizing
Compiler and Microsoft QuickC only. These objects may be distributed subject
to the restrictions specified in the Microsoft License Agreement provided
with the product.


This file contains replacement object files to correct a problem with
formatted output in the Microsoft C 5.10 runtime. Specificly, printf would
not zero fill floating point numbers when the specified precision is zero.
The cprintf() function also has this problem. This is demonstrated by the
following example.



printf("%04.0f\n", 12.34);


The current runtime library will output ' 12'. With this update, the
library will output '0012'.

The following is a list of the files in this archive.

README.DOCThis file.
UPDATE.BATDOS batch file to update all libraries.
UPDATE.CMDOS/2 batch file to update all libraries.

OUTPUT.SOUTPUT.OBJ for small model libraries.
OUTPUT.MOUTPUT.OBJ for medium model libraries.
OUTPUT.COUTPUT.OBJ for compact model libraries.
OUTPUT.LOUTPUT.OBJ for large model libraries.

CPRINTF.SCPRINTF.OBJ for small model libraries.
CPRINTF.MCPRINTF.OBJ for medium model libraries.
CPRINTF.CCPRINTF.OBJ for compact model libraries.
CPRINTF.LCPRINTF.OBJ for large model libraries.

To update your libraries, you should place all these files in the same
directory as the libraries and type UPDATE. The process may take a some
time depending on the number of libraries you created during installation.

The update procedure will create a backup of each library with the
file extension .BAK. After you assure yourself that the update completed
without error (for example insufficient disk space), you can delete the
backups. The original combined libraries can always be regenerated using
the SETUP program and the distribution disks.

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