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Handy Windows utility that lets you send debug message to a Server window that then displays them. Full source code is included.
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Handy Windows utility that lets you send debug message to a Server window that then displays them. Full source code is included.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

DBPUTS Version 2.0January 13, 1993

What it is
Have you ever wanted to debug more than one task at a time? -Ever felt
a NEED to see what the order of messages were between two different
windows (perhaps adding a time-stamp or two?). Well, then DBPUTS is the
program for you!

(I shouldda been in igloo sales...)

DBPUTS was featured in the December 1992 issue of BYTE MAGAZINE,
under "Some Assembly Required". I wrote the article to help explain
how DLL's work in general, and how to use DBPUTS in particualr.

The program consists of three files, DBCLIENT.EXE, DBSERVER.EXE,
and DBPUTS.DLL. DBCLIENT is an example of how YOUR program should
look in order to use DBPUTS/DBSERVER. It is included for demonstration
purposes, only.

How it works
In a nutshell, one or more DBCLIENT's use DBPUTS to sent string-messages
to DBSERVER using "dbprintf()" and "dbputs()". To use the program,
all you have to do is sprinkle "dbputs()" and "dbprintf()" calls around
your code, and link to DBPUTS.LIB. If DBPUTS is ever run without
DBSERVER.EXE running, DBPUTS will WinExec() a copy of the server
program for you to use automatically (Thanks, John Udell!!).

After you make sure that DBPUST.DLL is either in your `pwd` or in
\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, all you have to do is to run your program to see
the messages flow-into the DBSERVER listbox as you want to see them.

Note that the program will work with several flavors of BASIC and
PASCAL for Windows, so you can use DBPUTS as a common task-and-language
messaging backbone.

Don't Forget!
All that I ask is that if you modify these files, let me know so that
I can share your goodies with the rest of the world (I'll give you the
credit in the next READ.ME file)! Also, although I have tested this
stuff and it runs without any flaws that I can see, I am obliged to
mention that you have to USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Have Fun!


Randall A. Nagy

internet:[email protected]

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