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CFLOW -- a program to reveal C program structure, includes source code.
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CFLOW — a program to reveal C program structure, includes source code.
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Contents of the CFLOW.DOC file

a program to reveal C program structure
by Mark Ellington

In exploring the many C programs available in the public
domain you may discover that many are poorly commented
(if at all) and use difficult to decipher program structure
It may be hard to remember how your own programs work when
they are not fresh in your mind. If you want to change a
module what will happen to other functions that use it,
and which ones are they?

This program, CFLOW, accepts a C source file as input
and generates as output to STDOUT a roughly structured
listing of module (function) declarations and the function
calls within them.

The listing is vertically structured according to sequence,
with each module call encountered (i.e. printf(---)) listed
on a new line. The horizontal structuring is strictly in
accordance with the level of open braces "{" at the time
the module call is read, and is developed by sending one
horizontal tab for each open level at the time the function
call is read. A function declaration (where the function
and its variables are declared) will always be at braces
level 0 and will be at the left margin. For convenience
the module declarations are preceded by "**" on the line
above and include their variable declarations.

Nesting without braces, as within a multiple level "if"
construct, is not revealed by CFLOW. Include files are
ignored as are "#define" macros.

To use cflow, simply type in:


Use the complete filename (drive and extension). The
structure listing will be sent to the screen. The cflow.obj
file in this release was compiled with C/80 so it supports
i/o redirection -- to get a printed listing type:


Or you can use control-P and send to the console as usual.
To route the listing to a disk file type:


If you want to change and compile CFLOW.C using BDS you
should uninclude "cflolib.c80" and use the BDS library
calls instead. You will also have to change "fopen" and
"fclose"(?) and use the BDS i/o library for redirection if
you want it.


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