Dec 112017
In the Borland traditon- TC 2.0 bug fixes.
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In the Borland traditon- TC 2.0 bug fixes.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COMPACT.OBJ 2051 1608 deflated
HUGE.OBJ 2030 1584 deflated
LARGE.OBJ 2058 1611 deflated
MEDIUM.OBJ 2063 1622 deflated
P1TC2.DIF 175 141 deflated
P2TL2.DIF 214 161 deflated
PATCH.COM 8944 5889 deflated
PATPRNTF.BAT 1262 500 deflated
PATTC.BAT 436 267 deflated
PATTLIB.BAT 495 290 deflated
README 501 293 deflated
SMALL.OBJ 2056 1612 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Turbo C 2.0 patches

This archive has the following batch files to fix three problems
in Turbo C 2.0:

PATPRNTF.BAT - fixes the bug with the %.0f format specifier by
uses TLIB.EXE to install new .OBJ files into your Turbo C
2.0 .LIB files.

PATTLIB.BAT - uses PATCH.COM to patch TLIB.EXE to eliminate the
bug in which TLIB strips out line number information from .LIB

PATTC.BAT - uses PATCH.COM to patch TC.EXE so that __TURBOC__
has the value 0x0200.

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