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Intel's LIM EMS 4.0 C Toolkit with information on how to obtain EMS 4.0 info and disks from Intel's Personal Computer Enhancement Operation.
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Intel’s LIM EMS 4.0 C Toolkit with information on how to obtain EMS 4.0 info and disks from Intel’s Personal Computer Enhancement Operation.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EMMLIB.H 57928 4060 deflated
EMMLIB.ZIP 110332 91617 deflated
EMMLIBC.LIB 14187 3690 deflated
EMMLIBH.LIB 14187 4013 deflated
EMMLIBL.LIB 14187 4013 deflated
EMMLIBM.LIB 14187 4013 deflated
EMMLIBS.LIB 14187 3690 deflated
ERRORS.H 665 269 deflated
HELLO.ASM 311 186 deflated
LOADCODE.ASM 11782 2587 deflated
LOADCODE.MAK 119 62 deflated
MEMINTRL.C 126204 15519 deflated
MEMLIB.C 89058 9667 deflated
MEMLIB.H 5041 640 deflated
READ.ME 871 526 deflated
ROLODEX.C 47096 6535 deflated
ROLODEX.DAT 652 216 deflated
ROLODEX.H 46305 6619 deflated
ROLODEX.MAK 292 127 deflated
SAMPLE.C 8526 2103 deflated
SAMPLE.MAK 280 119 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The accompanying files comprise part of the INTEL EMS TOOLKIT
FOR C DEVELOPERS. This kit is just part of a FREE package
now being offered by Intel that contains, in addition to the
EMS TOOLKIT disks (both 5 & 1/4" and 3 & 1/2"), the

"LIM Expanded Memory Specification Version 4.00" Manual

"EMS Toolkit for C Developers" Manual

Updated Installation Software for Intel Above Board
(with instructions)

Catalog of 3rd Party Applications Supported by Intel's
Above Board.

This package is available through Intel's Personal Computer
Enhancement Operation (PCEO) and may be ordered by calling
(800) 538-3373. Again, this package is entirely FREE for the
asking. Intel doesn't normally give out this kind of stuff
for FREE, so don't miss this opportunity to obtain some very
useful information and source code!

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