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Ownerdraw listbox of icons for Windows, C source included.
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Ownerdraw listbox of icons for Windows, C source included.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EXPENSE.ICO 766 170 deflated
FINDFOC.BMP 1366 353 deflated
FINDNORM.BMP 1366 312 deflated
FINDPRES.BMP 1366 312 deflated
FONT.ICO 1086 443 deflated
ICOPIK.CPP 14107 4010 deflated
ICOPIK.EXE 186614 57011 deflated
ICOPIK.H 809 353 deflated
ICOPIK.HPP 3587 1060 deflated
ICOPIK.ICO 766 290 deflated
ICOPIK.PRJ 8215 1822 deflated
ICOPIK.RC 2891 1094 deflated
MAKEAPP.ICO 766 227 deflated
MUSTEST.ICO 766 154 deflated
PALETTE.ICO 766 140 deflated
README.1ST 826 494 deflated
SNOOP.ICO 766 260 deflated
VERSTAMP.ICO 766 242 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Wow! You actually bothered...

This example implements an icon list box, much like the one Program
Manager provides for changing icons associated with a group item. The
IconDialog takes two parameters by reference: a file name to get the
first icon list from and the position of the icon to make the default.
You should be able to clip out the test driver and use the rest as is.

An example from Microsoft's WINSDK forum provided a starting point for
much of the owner draw logic (as well as most of the icons stored in the
.EXE to provide a starting list). Many thanks to the folks there and to
the generous folks on CIS in general for numerous helpful downloads.

If you come up with a way to improve the code, please drop me a note.

Millard Ellingsworth
CIS: 76330,1356
Internet: [email protected]

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