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Convert screens from TheDraw to Turbo C format.
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Convert screens from TheDraw to Turbo C format.
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For Turbo C 2.0 ------>

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version 2.0 08-23-1989
written by D. Biscuits

This program is PD.

Scr2TC is a program I wrote when I discovered Turbo C
did not want to compile the screens I created using
TheDraw when I saved them in the C format. This program
converts these uncompilable files into files that Turbo
C can understand. It is a program which is expanding
and will probably never be finished.

The files saved in C format must be saved in NORMAL
mode, not CRUNCHED or ASCII, in order for this program
to properly create a usable header file.

To run, just type SCR2TC at the DOS prompt and enter
the file names when prompted. After entering the file
names you will be asked to choose a file format.
Currently there are only two: C format and binary
format. Select one of the above depending on how you
saved the screen in TheDraw.

With version 2.0, I have re-written the entire C format
routine to allow the use of random length files, i.e.
the size of screens that are saved with the block save
may be of a different size than screens saved by using
The binary format routine determines the length, also,
so the ImageData variable length may be of a size other
than 4000.

Below is a demonstration program showing how to use a
file created by Scr2TC:

#include /* File containing image. */


Sample run of Scr2TC:

|| Scr2TC - Released 08-23-1989 || Written by D. Biscuits. ||
| v2.0 |

Converts files saved in various formats from TheDraw to a format recognized
by Turbo C.

This program is released into the PD.
NOTE: Input and output files MUST be different.

Enter input file: TEST.H
Enter output file: NEWTEST.H

Choose a format to convert from:
1 - C format saved by TheDraw
2 - Binary format saved by TheDraw
Any other key to exit.
-=> 1

End sample run.

-- Program History --
Version 1: 08-15-1989
Whipped up a small program in BASIC to read the C
format file and convert it. It was limited and VERY
slow. Re-wrote it in C, but still it was limited in
the sense that the program required that the full
screen be saved and the ImageData variable be 4000
bytes in length.

Version 2: 08-23-1989
Re-wrote the whole C format routine. It will now
properly convert screens that are other than the full
screen size.
Binary format added and debugged.

Scr2TC written by Doggy B.

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