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C-Source Code Formatter (Pretty Printer).
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C-Source Code Formatter (Pretty Printer).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARGS.C 9829 2596 deflated
DOINDENT.C 16651 4526 deflated
DOPREESC.C 3452 734 deflated
INDENT.C 24809 5277 deflated
INDENT.EXE 37634 23283 deflated
INDENT.MAN 13413 3886 deflated
INDENT.PRO 47 37 deflated
INDENT_C.H 1762 645 deflated
INDENT_G.H 11395 3098 deflated
IO.C 13069 4095 deflated
LEXI.C 13561 4284 deflated
MAKEFILE 2117 794 deflated
PARSE.C 9257 2803 deflated
PR_COMME.C 11689 3448 deflated
README 475 319 deflated

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Contents of the README file

This is the C indenter, it originally came from the University of Illinois
via some distribution tape for PDP-11 Unix. It has subsequently been
hacked upon by James Gosling @ CMU. It isn't very pretty, and really needs
to be completely redone, but it is probably the nicest C pretty printer

Further additions to provide "Kernel Normal Form" were contributed
by the folks at Sun Microsystems.

Ported to the Zenith `PC' and MicroSoft C ver. 3 11-1-86.

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