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Turbo C source for CRC file checker.
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Turbo C source for CRC file checker.
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Contents of the CRC.DOC file

Cyclic Redundancy Check

This archive includes the following three files:

crc2.cComputes crc by bit shifting
crcfast.cComputes crc by table lookup
crctab.cComputes tables used in crcfast.c
crc.docThis file

The utilities crc2 and crcfast compute the cyclic redundancy checks
for both the crc-16 (used in arc files) and crc-ccitt (used in xmodem).
crcfast is faster than crc2. These routines compute the crc's for a
given file as a means of checking data integrity.
These routines compile without change under Turbo C. All are
short and illustrate the basic principles of crc calculations.

CRC References:

C Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications, J. Compbell,
Howard W. Sams & Co.,(1987)

The Great CRC Mystery, T. Ritter, Dr. Dobb's Journal,
(February 1986)

Byte-Wise CRC Calculations, A. Perez, Wismer, & Becker,
IEEE Micro, (June 1983)

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