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C source code for an EGA paint program.
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C source code for an EGA paint program.
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Contents of the EGAPAINT.DOC file

EGA PAINT --- by

Jim Hudson
4600 Hillsboro Ave No
New Hope, MN 55428

612-533-4450 (evenings)

I could not find a reasonable screen oriented graphics draw program, as well
as needing practice in the 'art' of "C" programming. So, undaunted, I set out
to write my own. -------


There are alot of negatives - it's not complete (but what is??)
it's not well commented (but what is??)
it doesn't zoom

It was compiled in large memory model with Borland's Turbo C v1.5, which
I fell in love with (Well maybe romantically involved with, after all
the nights I spent with it).

Tab spacing is set at 4. I included a program to expand tabs to 4 spaces
so the files can be converted and printed without alot of fuss.

It was originally intended to use alot of graphics modes, but, it got to be
too many variables. You may see some indications of it now and again.

Any improvements would be greatly appreciated. If you want to contact me,
call or leave a message on this BBS. I will be second to admit the code
get alittle obscure at times and I may have to drink a bunch of scotch to
get in the same mood as I wrote most of it in in order to figure it out.

The main improvements would be:

Saving a file of drawing functions - this could then be re-read to
zoom, refresh the screen, interface with other stuff, or ???

Color dithering to create more shades and patterns. This would require
light sources, focal points, textures, or ???

commenting the source -- some of the flags are not consistent

In either case here it is --- enjoy, improve, learn, complain, use

P.S. I redesigned my kitchen with this, I'll include some samples

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