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C++ classes for serial communication.
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C++ classes for serial communication.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOOL.H 215 127 deflated
CHARQUEU.CPP 1954 761 deflated
CHARQUEU.HPP 1080 498 deflated
COMPORTS.CPP 9537 1334 deflated
COMPORTS.HPP 5742 976 deflated
DIALER2.CPP 2727 1066 deflated
MAKEFILE.TCC 616 230 deflated
MAKEFILE.ZTC 572 189 deflated
MODEM.CPP 3478 1161 deflated
MODEM.HPP 1552 620 deflated
READ.ME 409 243 deflated
SERIALPO.CPP 3932 1355 deflated
SERIALPO.HPP 1756 746 deflated
UART.CPP 9409 2858 deflated
UART.HPP 5813 2101 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

These C++ classes are copyright 1990, by William Herrera.
All those who put this code or its derivatives in a commercial product MUST
mention this copyright in their documentation for users of the products in
which this code or its derivative classes are used. Otherwise, this code
may be freely distributed and freely used for any purpose.

Revision 1.1 : dated November 19, 1990.

William Herrera

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