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Source code for SGLMS processor.
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Source code for SGLMS processor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ACTION.H 10097 2731 deflated
ADL.H 6355 1753 deflated
APIMODEL.SRC 8809 2485 deflated
ARCFILES.DOC 2564 995 deflated
ARCLEXRF.C 32592 5501 deflated
ARCPCBRF.C 67023 9141 deflated
ARCSGML.CHR 55951 8976 deflated
ARCSGML.DOC 5390 2499 deflated
ARCSYNRF.C 1906 498 deflated
ARCTECH.DOC 9981 4090 deflated
CONTEXT.C 21374 5130 deflated
ENTITY.H 11840 3123 deflated
ENVCB.H 1338 477 deflated
ERROR.H 4069 1373 deflated
ETYPE.H 3995 1265 deflated
KEYWORD.H 1108 359 deflated
LEXTOKE.H 692 305 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 2250 1087 deflated
MODMD1.C 28922 6157 deflated
MODMD2.C 32447 7608 deflated
MODPARS1.C 34062 8204 deflated
MODPARS2.C 52116 11482 deflated
MODSERV.C 14512 3841 deflated
MODSGML1.C 21431 5461 deflated
MODSGML2.C 18737 4690 deflated
NDENVCB.SRC 1852 635 deflated
NDSGMLIO.SRC 23738 6231 deflated
SGML.MSG 13165 4080 deflated
SGMLAPI.C 4682 1297 deflated
SGMLAPI.H 9074 2193 deflated
SGMLCB.H 11164 3141 deflated
SGMLFNSM.H 5977 1212 deflated
SGMLINCL.H 2250 580 deflated
SGMLIO.C 16740 5058 deflated
SGMLMAIN.H 3466 1262 deflated
SGMLMEM.C 2456 898 deflated
SGMLMSG.C 12535 3610 deflated
SGMLSUBS.C 12453 3349 deflated
SGMLXTRN.C 13570 4091 deflated
SGMLXTRN.H 10451 2917 deflated
SOURCE.H 6332 1874 deflated
SYNXTRN.H 8146 1666 deflated
TOOLS.H 1830 699 deflated
TRACE.H 2676 543 deflated
TRACESET.C 20146 4892 deflated
VM2.C 15423 4066 deflated
VM2.MAK 1958 675 deflated
VM2HELP.DOC 2264 1091 deflated
VM2T.MAK 2003 685 deflated
VMFNSM.H 1166 285 deflated
VMINCL.H 2324 638 deflated
VMXTRN.C 5085 1619 deflated
VMXTRN.H 2888 964 deflated

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Contents of the ARCFILES.DOC file

Contents of ARCSGML 1.0

Documentation (in ARCSGMLH.EXE)
arcsgml .doc Introduction to ARCSGML and its documentation
license .doc License and Disclaimer of Liability (READ THIS!!!)
arcfiles.doc ARCSGML 1.0 packing list (this file)
arctech .doc Technical details about the ARCSGML toolkit
arcsgml .chr Function call hierarchy report (courtesy of Pierre Richard)
vm2 .mak Build list ("make" file) for VM2
vm2t .mak Build list ("make" file) for VM2 with tracing enabled

Ready-to-run sample application: Validate Markup (VM2) (in ARCVM2.EXE)
vm2help .doc Markup validator end-user instructions
vm2 .exe Executable markup validator (requires SGML.MSG)
sgml .msg Message text (English)

Application Programming Interface for REXX (in REXXSGML.EXE)
rexxsgml.exe Roy Engehausen's Personal REXX API (archive)

Header files for parser core (in ARCSGMLH.EXE)
action .h Action names for all parsing
error .h Symbols for error codes
keyword .h Definitions for keyword processing
lextoke .h Symbols for tokenization lexical classes
sgmlfnsm.h Function prototypes for parser
sgmlincl.h Includes header files for parser
sgmlxtrn.h External variable declarations
trace .h Declarations for internal trace functions

Header files for parser and API (in ARCSGMLH.EXE)
adl .h Definitions for attribute list processing
entity .h Templates for entity control blocks
etype .h Definitions for element type processing
sgmlcb .h Symbols for SGML control block types
source .h Templates for source entity control blocks
synxtrn .h Declarations for concrete syntax constants
tools .h General use macro definitions

Header files for application, API, and environment (in ARCSGMLH.EXE)
envcb .h Symbols for environment control block types
sgmlapi .h Interface between parser and application
sgmlmain.h Main interface to SGML services
vmfnsm .h ANSI C: Declarations for VM functions
vmincl .h Includes header files for application
vmxtrn .h External variable declarations and descriptions

Test cases (in TESTSGML.EXE)
testsgml.exe Test cases (self-extracting archive)

Supplemental materials (in ARCSGMLH.EXE)
apimodel.src Sample application using C API (simpler than VM2)
ndsgmlio.src SGMLIO coding ideas for non-DOS environments
ndenvcb .src Environment control blocks for non-DOS environments

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