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Optimizer for the Personal C Compiler (PCC) works very well.
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Optimizer for the Personal C Compiler (PCC) works very well.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Nov. 15, 1986


O88 has matured into a commercial product and thus version 3.xx is the LAST
freeware issue. Bug fixes (if needed) will be released using the same 3.xx
numbering sequence and posted only the C-Ware Fido BBS (143/9) at
408-720-8197, but no NEW features will be added. All future enhancements
will only be implemented only in the commercial version (see below).
Consequently, the source code to all versions of O88 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Additional Features in the Commercial Version (1.2c)

1. New algorithms that keep track of register contents across
all program branching so as to enhance detection of redundant
register loads.

2. MUCH faster file I/O - almost twice as fast.

3. Replacement of WORD memory references by BYTE references
wherever possible.

4. Replacement of several 8088 library routines by in-line
code: _showds(), _showsp(), _showcs(), _peek(), _poke(),
_inb(), _outb(), _inw(), and _outw().

5. A second environment variable to facilitate enabling/disabling
optimization without changing any of the other default mode
settings established by the first environment variable.

6. Replacement of 8087/287 FLD's by FLD1 or FLDZ where appropriate.

7. Initialization of 8087 by FINIT instruction at entry to main().

8. Multiplication/Division by constant powers of two replaced
by multiple-bit shifts.

9. MOV CL,imm followed by SHIFT r,CL is replaced by replicated
copies (up to four) of SHIFT r,1 for 8088 mode (much faster).

10. Tweaked internal algorithms for faster overall performance.

11. Several other 8088 optimizations. (Overall, the commercial
version removes almost 50% more instructions than the freeware

The commercial version of O88 is available NOW. Included in the package is
an installation program, an offset-printed manual, and source code for five
benchmark programs. O88 is priced at $49 + $1 shipping/handling. California
residents must add 6.5% sales tax. For further information, contact:

Key Software Products
440 Ninth Avenue
Menlo Park, Calif. 94025
(415) 364-9847

Note: The telephone number is an answering machine that is unattended during
the day. If you leave your name and number and mention that you are
inquiring about the O88, I'll be happy to return your call (except
overseas!). Also, I cannot accept credit card orders, but will be happy to
accept your personal check, or to mail C.O.D. Checks should be made payable
to "Key Software Products".

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