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C Windows/Menus library, requires HSA_TEXT, Fast,simple,powerful.
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C Windows/Menus library, requires HSA_TEXT, Fast,simple,powerful.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

HSA_WIN - Text Mode Windows

HSA_WIN is a shareware library of C functions that provide a powerful,
yet simple windowing capability for the IBM PC or clones. The windows
created and maintained are of the pop-up variety.

A demo program is included, with C source file, to demonstrate the use of
this library. It is named W_DEMO.EXE. We suggest that you run it and
carefully examine the source code.

Also included is HSA_HELP.EXE which is a help command created using HSA_WIN.

HSA_WIN requires the HSA_TEXT library to run. Included in the distribution is
the HSA_TEXT library for the Microsoft C compiler. This library will also
work with the Turbo C compiler.

The full documentation for HSA_WIN is contained in "HSA_WIN.DOC".

If you have any questions and/or comments regarding this software,
please contact:
Richard Evans
Hardwood Software Associates
364 Benson Road
Northbridge, MA 01534
CompuServe [75026,3604]

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