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TCXL-60 patch and technical notes.
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TCXL-60 patch and technical notes.
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Contents of the TN04001.TXT file

Innovative Data Concepts, Inc. Technical Information Note
TesSeRact Development Tools

Replacing Vsave() and Vrestore()
TN-9204-001 April 25, 1992

If you like to to save and restore the DOS screen automatically when your
program starts up and exits, and having been doing so using Vsave(),
Vclear, and Vrestore(), TCXL 6 has a new way to do it. The new method is
easier, safer, and highly recommended. Just follow these guidelines:

As soon as you open any window at all in your program, TCXL will
automatically save the underlying screen.

To clear the opening screen with an attribute, use the statement
WopenFull(), where is the attribute with which you would
like to clear the screen. For example:

WopenFull(WHITE | _BLUE);

Hint: You can always use WsetFil() first to change the fill
character, if you want the "desktop" look.

If you want to simply save the screen, either because you will not be
opening any TCXL windows in your program, or in preparation for a call
to a non-TCXL application with spawn(), use WsaveFull(). The
attribute is required, but is not used.

Always end your program with the statement WcloseAll(). This will
close all open windows and restore the original screen.

The V...() functions are generally unnecessary, especially since the
windowing system does so much for you. In fact, we recommend that you
simply don't use these functions at all.

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