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Z-Modem C source code rz/sz for various platforms, direct from Omen Technology BBS.
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Z-Modem C source code rz/sz for various platforms, direct from Omen Technology BBS.
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Contents of the README file

Rz and sz are Unix programs designed to support dial-in XMODEM,
YMODEM, and ZMODEM transfers via the controlling TTY port.

The contents of this archive can be uploaded to a remote Unix or
Xenix system by ZCOMM or Professional-YAM using the supplied
zupl.t script. Connect to your Unix/Xenix system, select an
empty directory, and then give the YAM/ZCOMM command: "source
zupl.t". This will upload minirb.c, compile it, and then use
minirb to bootstrap upload the rz/sz files.

Once these files are on your Unix system, you can type "make".
The Makefile will list the various systems it knows how to
compile the programs for, and the command to do so (e.g.,
"make bsd").

The Makefile is self explanatory; just say "make".

Rz and sz work best with comm programs that properly support
ZMODEM command and file AutoDownload (Pro-YAM and ZCOMM).

The "GSZ" shareware program allows ZMODEM file transfers with
traditional DOS comm programs. GSZ provides a "mini term
function" that supports ZMODEM AutoDownload. GSZ (part of
are available on TeleGodzilla and other fine bulletin boards.

Rz ans Sz are Copyrighted shareware programs. Commercial Use of
these programs is subject to licensing conditions detailed in
the rz.c source code. "Commercial Use" includes use of this
program to receive files from commercial and/or shareware
programs not published by Omen Technology INC. Please print the
"mailer.rz" file, fill out the form and return same with your

Previous versions of rz and sz (April 1988) are Public Domain.

The Man pages are formatted for those without Unix nroff.
For best results, use less(1) (available on comp.sources.misc)
as your manual page reader.

Oct 30 1991: Changed shar programs to aid net.digestion.
Rs and sz now use the same version number.

Oct 4 1991: Fixed bug in rz crash recovery.

Sep 1991: Major hacking to work around SVR4 bug. Append and crash
recovery of shrinking files corrected. Sz now supports rename.
Sz -c changed to zcommand, rx -c file changed to rc file.

Feb 1991: various corrections and simplifications. Sz now
stores critical error messages for post mortem display.

VMS systems are now supported with native VMS versions in
RZSZ.TLB. The rz and sz in RZSZ.TLB support wild cards and
VMS record types.

May 1989: Corrections for undefined variable and multiply
defined rdchk() on some systems.

New for 1989: ZMODEM compression and other compatible
extensions have been added to the rz and sz programs.
Please read the comments in the rz.c and sz.c source code
for licensing information.

In order for us to handle problem reports, we must have the
exact error messages displayed by Professional-YAM. If you are
not using an Omen Technology product to talk to rz/sz, and have
not registered rz/sz, please contact the author of the program
you are using for support. Some heavily marketed programs do
not fully support the ZMODEM protocol.

Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX ...!tektronix!reed!omen!caf
Author of YMODEM, ZMODEM, Professional-YAM, ZCOMM, and GSZ
Omen Technology Inc "The High Reliability Software"
17505-V NW Sauvie IS RD Portland OR 97231 503-621-3406
TeleGodzilla:621-3746 FAX:621-3735 CIS:70007,2304 Genie:CAF

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