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POPI Graphics language implementation. Includes a LOT of C source code. Interesting to those doing UNIX programming.
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POPI Graphics language implementation. Includes a LOT of C source code. Interesting to those doing UNIX programming.
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EXPR.C 8806 3002 deflated
GRAPHICS.C 9099 3253 deflated
GRAPHICS.H 1762 804 deflated
IBMPC.C 20056 6040 deflated
IO.C 5312 2080 deflated
KERTERM.C 6329 2512 deflated
LEX.C 5493 2003 deflated
MAIN.C 7419 2833 deflated
MAKEFILE 10877 3609 deflated
MGR.C 7681 2874 deflated
NEWS.C 5267 2057 deflated
NULLDEV.C 3179 1295 deflated
PATCHLEV.H 764 476 deflated
POLAR.C 2418 1103 deflated
POPI.1 23958 8523 deflated
POPI.H 9927 3761 deflated
POPI.ICO 1933 557 deflated
POPI.MSC 1163 545 deflated
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Contents of the README file

README - 12th December 1989.

This is version 2.1 of popi.

Popi was originally written by Gerard J. Holzmann - AT&T Bell Labs.
This version is based on the code in his Prentice Hall book,
"Beyond Photography - the digital darkroom," ISBN 0-13-074410-7,
which is copyright (c) 1988 by Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.

Permission is given to distribute these extensions, as long as these
introductory messages are not removed, and no monies are exchanged.
Special thanks to Gerard for allowing this distribution.

See the manual page for more details.

Device drivers are currently included for:
Works with Lattice C 5.04, but you'ld better have at
least 2M of memory, or restrict yourself to small (128by128)
Atari terminal
Kermit terminal
Works with NeWS v1.1 and OpenWindows v1.0.
Works with Turbo C, Microsoft C (including Quick C)
and Mix Software's Power C. There is support for
the common graphics cards (CGA, EGA, VGA, HGC) and
additionally, the Turbo C graphics library routines
can be used for non-standard cards if you have
the appropriate .BGI file.
Works with SunOS v3.x and SunOS v4.x.
Works with X11r2 and X11r3.
Needs the XView toolkit source distribution or Open Windows v1.0.
For those with no graphics screen, this enables
you to just use one of the printer options.

Output is available for:
Epson printers.

This code has been tested on various Sun equipment; 3/60, 3/80, 4/110 and
386i using the SunView, MGR, X11, NeWS and XView drivers, a Sequent using the
Atari driver and X11 with a Sigma Data X terminal, a MIPS using an NCD X
terminal and an Apollo DN1000 with the X11 driver. Plus the kermit and PC
version of various PC's.

We'd be interested to hear what other machines you get it working on, so
that we can keep this list up to date.

See the beginning of the Makefile for details of what you might have
to tweak in order to get this working under different O/Ss or on other
machines, and also how to compile and link the different versions.

Note that the Makefile is very generic. Considerable speedups can be obtained
by using different compile and link options, plus inline libraries.

There is a TODO file included which lists current bugs, and the
enhancements that will be added in the future.

This program was first released to aus.sources in July 1989 in
conjunction with a competition held prior to this year's Australian
Unix Systems User's Group Conference and Exhibition. The best
transformation of Dennis Ritchie's face (as judged by Dennis)
was put on T-shirts that were given to each conference delegate.
Bug-fixes, improvements and new drivers were garnered. A number of
vendors had popi running at the exhibition.


Thanks go to:
John Pritchard and James Ashton for bug reports and fixes;
Tim Roper for System V diffs;
Tim Lambert for the Apollo driver;
Mark Andrews and Andrew Nicholson for help with the NeWS driver;
Frank Crawford for the kermit terminal driver;
Peter Chubb for the Amiga work.

Please pass suggestions for further improvement, comments, bugs and
flames back to me (Rich), at the address below, and I'll forward the
appropriate ones on to Stephen.

If you make any bug fixes changes or improvements please let us know so
that we can add them to the main distribution. More device drivers are
particularily welcome.

Rich Burridge & Stephen Frede.

Rich Burridge, DOMAIN: [email protected]
PHONE: +61 2 413 2666 UUCP: {uunet,mcvax,ukc}!munnari!sunaus.oz!richb

Stephen Frede, DOMAIN: [email protected]
PHONE: +61 2 698 2322 UUCP: {uunet,mcvax,ukc}!munnari!softway.oz!stephenf

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