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C source from 11/93 DDJ for creating a debugging text window under Windows.
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C source from 11/93 DDJ for creating a debugging text window under Windows.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BCC31.MAK 1098 517 deflated
CONFIG.H 308 146 deflated
DBGTRACE.C 7783 2320 deflated
DBGTRACE.CFG 75 56 deflated
DBGTRACE.DSK 531 231 deflated
DBGTRACE.EXE 26310 11612 deflated
DBGTRACE.H 1009 355 deflated
DBGTRACE.PRJ 5486 1203 deflated
DDJ.ICO 766 148 deflated
FMTSTR.C 9401 2842 deflated
MAKE_BOR.BAT 18 18 stored
MAKE_MSC.BAT 19 19 stored
MSC8.MAK 2750 916 deflated
RC_DEFS.H 471 185 deflated
READ.ME 1278 679 deflated
STD_DEFS.H 460 212 deflated
WIN_MAIN.C 11112 3245 deflated
WIN_MAIN.DEF 328 230 deflated
WIN_MAIN.RC 1821 670 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


This is a sample program that accompanies the article
"Debugging Windows Programs" by Ray Valdes in the Nov 93 issue
of Dr Dobbs Journal.

The program here is a simple text editor that invokes Windows built-in
EDIT control to handle on-screen editing. The editor is not a real
program but is based on one of the sample apps provided with the
C compiler. This sample program does not even save files to disk,
so it is purely for illustrative purposes.

I modified the original sample code in order to show three things:

1. Using my debug tracing facility, i.e., dbg_Trace() and friends.
See files DBGTRACE.C and DBGTRACE.H for more information.

2. Using the Avanti PinPoint trace facility, which is similar
to my. Unfortunately, we can't include the Avanti .H, .DDL and .LIB
modules here, so do not #define PINPOINT_ON because it
won't compile with that option.

3. Subclassing an edit control so as to trace message from it.

Currently, there are make files for both Borland BCC3.1 and Microsoft
C8 compiler (a.k.a. Visual C++). However, the code is very vanilla
C, so it should work with any compiler that can create Windows apps.

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