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Formatted print util.
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Formatted print util.
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cPrint - Program Printing Utility - rev 4.0 (C) 4-14-85 Daniel Doman

useage - cPrint {options} file1 file2 file3.....

You May Use Wildcards (*?)

-Lxx Where xx=Lines To Print Per Page - default=62
-Wxxx Where xxx=Width Of Paper - default=75
-P# Where #=LPT# - Default=PRN
-T# Where #= Tab Spaces For Expansion - default=8

-aAuthorname Where Authorname=Author Of File
Seperate First & Last Name etc. With `@'

e.g.. cPrint [email protected] file*.txt Te?t.doc

Options May Be Repeated. Switch Options AFTER A Filename
Will Not Effect The Preceding File(s)......

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