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Very simple password protection for your HD. Turbo-C source.
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Very simple password protection for your HD. Turbo-C source.
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Contents of the README file

PASSWORD.C Written by Jody L. Irish on Turbo-C 1.5...

I used a small memory model, had a problem with tiny...

I am still learning this language, at a typical one function at a time...

I didn't include any includes, object, or .exe as I don't want ANY
copyright hassles! This little nifty program is free to all who
program (or are learning to program) in C.

One caution... read through the source, as I added a few comments.

HEED the warning!!! After the third failure, it will tell you, and lock up in
a loop of a red screen...

I did this to prevent NON-computer users from "playing with a new toy" and
to help prevent users who really don't know DOS from getting on my hard
drive and really screwing things up!!!

I claim NO responsibility for damage to your system, as I have been using
this program in my autoexec.bat file for over a year now! The only
modifications I have made for this release are the colors and the default
password, "password" (in lower-case ONLY), for you to change. Remember,
the function, getpass, only accepts 8 characters!

If you like and use this program, great!!! Just don't sell it for money, as
it really is a security program, just an ounce of preventive medicine
against those who don't have a "need to know"!

If you have questions, please leave E-mail for me here on Exec-PC, I hope Bob
doesn't get too angry! I'll try to get back with as soon as I can.

BTW... I am NOT a programmer... just an enthusiast (spelling?) who hates
BASIC and PASCAL!! I found C a new, exciting way to take up disk space!
I've learned a lot from it!!!

Thanks for your time, I hope you enjoy Password...

Jody L. Irish

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