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VGA/VESA C library with C and ASM source, version 1.7. Much improved.
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VGA/VESA C library with C and ASM source, version 1.7. Much improved.
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Contents of the README file

DBVGAL17 by David Boynton

This is version 1.7 of my vga library. It should contain the following files:

DEMOS.ZIP testvl.exe, vgaregs.exe, test.exe, vesainfo.exe,

VIDEOF.MAP (Module map, from TLIB)
SRC_C.ZIP (Turbo C++, compiled in ANSI mode)
SRC_ASM.ZIP (Turbo ASM, should be MASM compatible)
MAKEFILE (Turbo C++, ANSI mode)

Revision history:
25 Jan 92
v1.7 - Actually got the state save/restore to work.
- Fixed putstty's habit of not saving SI, which was killing register
- Updated the header files to allow linking to TurboC++ compilers.
- Rearranged VESA calls for clarity and consistency.

19 Jan 92
v1.6 - Added VGA state save & restore to Vinit() and Vclose(), so that
entering these programs wouldn't stupidly reset the Video mode to
25 lines upon exiting.
- Fixed the makefile to make it easier to compile with other
- Added MK_FP, FP_OFF, FP_SEG macro definitions for ANSI compilers.

6 Jan 92
v1.5 (The changes are so many I skipped a few numbers.)
- The testing is more thorough in this version.
- There's more low-level (i.e. VGA register level) support.
- There's some good functions for VESA modes (although I still don't
support the 16 color VESA modes).
- On the subject of 16 color modes, there's still no bitblt for the
regular 16 color VGA modes.
- In the file you'll find two new mode sets: a 33 line mode
that uses a modified EGA font (9x12), and a 40 line mode that uses
the CGA font, but in a 9x10 box.

v1.1 - version 1.0 left some key object files out, and didn't have a
readme file. It also used a different debug setup. The current
debug routines can be turned off and on several times during a
single execution.

Dave Boynton
25 January, 1992

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