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Turbo C++ Source to load PCX files, upgraded from Turbo C 2.0.
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Turbo C++ Source to load PCX files, upgraded from Turbo C 2.0.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


August 3, 1991
Upgraded to CPP file for Turbo C++ 2.0. The only change required was
a type casting error to the screen segment. In addition I have added
a second screen page address. You can uncomment the video page
parameter and code in any actions you may need with this so I've left
these changes for you.

This is a simple EGA/VGA 16 color utility to read ZSoft PC Paintbrush
files. The source code is included for you to modify and use in your
own programs. The original Pascal file from which the file format was
learned is included. To try the utility type at the command line:


Instructions on how to compile the program are at the top of the source
file. There is a separate header file in case you wish to use the
object file directly. If you are not using the pascal modifiers, just
replace them globally with cdecl or eliminate them entirely so that you
will not get a lot of compiler errors.

Victor Cummings
P.O. Box 12295
Baltimore, MD 21281

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