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Outstanding windowing and mouse C library with source code. Part 1 of 3.
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Outstanding windowing and mouse C library with source code. Part 1 of 3.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BITSTR.CPP 8432 1370 deflated
BITSTR.HPP 4033 1173 deflated
BUFF.CPP 1340 515 deflated
BUFF.HPP 1349 504 deflated
BUFUTIL.C 2491 578 deflated
BUFUTIL.H 1091 396 deflated
CFGUTIL.C 5320 1421 deflated
CFGUTIL.H 2062 737 deflated
CMDLINE.CPP 4347 1031 deflated
CMDLINE.HPP 1832 515 deflated
CMDLINE.OBJ 16825 6899 deflated
COMPACT.BAT 26 26 stored
CPLXUTIL.C 1931 440 deflated
CPLXUTIL.H 1807 457 deflated
DRSTR.CPP 8231 2034 deflated
DRSTR.HPP 3431 778 deflated
DRUTIL.LNK 226 77 deflated
DRUTILL.LIB 112421 55719 deflated
FUN.DIR 1447 441 deflated
FUN.FUN 1567 377 deflated
HED.C 1013 200 deflated
HUGE.BAT 26 26 stored
KB.CPP 2027 662 deflated
KB.HPP 6979 1738 deflated
LARGE.BAT 28 28 stored
LINUTIL.C 4063 1306 deflated
LINUTIL.H 2673 818 deflated
MAKEFILE.MAK 547 235 deflated
MEDIUM.BAT 26 26 stored
MENUTIL.C 10717 2427 deflated
MENUTIL.H 2790 917 deflated
MOUSUTIL.C 13899 1884 deflated
MOUSUTIL.H 1601 527 deflated
R250.CPP 1682 488 deflated
R250.HPP 1201 475 deflated
README.1ST 3338 1517 deflated
SCRUTIL.C 21454 2695 deflated
SCRUTIL.CPP 20557 2464 deflated
SCRUTIL.H 3058 939 deflated
SCRUTIL.HPP 9199 2270 deflated
SCRUTIL.OBJ 4958 2839 deflated
SERUTIL.C 60371 8609 deflated
SERUTIL.H 14288 3376 deflated
SMALL.BAT 26 26 stored
STRING.CPP 3305 815 deflated
STRING.HPP 3507 897 deflated
STRUTIL.C 44508 7673 deflated
STRUTIL.H 11239 2788 deflated
SYMBOL.C 4298 885 deflated
SYMBOL.H 1892 587 deflated
SYMUTIL.CPP 3407 776 deflated
SYMUTIL.HPP 1146 464 deflated
TBUTIL.CPP 10302 2177 deflated
TBUTIL.HPP 3701 1211 deflated
TCCONFIG.TC 1820 926 deflated
TCDEF.DPR 4171 738 deflated
TEXTSCR.CPP 1804 623 deflated
TEXTSCR.HPP 1065 388 deflated
TIMUTIL.C 4003 1300 deflated
TIMUTIL.H 1387 511 deflated
TIMUTIL.OBJ 4585 2639 deflated
TINY.BAT 26 26 stored
UPDATE.BAT 1101 238 deflated
VECUTIL.CPP 7465 1414 deflated
VECUTIL.HPP 2328 743 deflated
WNDUTIL.CPP 8810 2150 deflated
WNDUTIL.HPP 2434 812 deflated
WTEST.C 1946 798 deflated
WTEST.DSK 6444 1470 deflated
WTEST.EXE 46745 23781 deflated
WTEST.PRJ 4719 956 deflated
WUTIL.C 60394 9025 deflated
WUTIL.H 15184 3815 deflated
WUTIL2.C 22220 4675 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

the doug rogers window library

This C language library was created and is maintained by:

Doug Rogers phone: 703-893-2007
Innovative Concepts, Inc.
8200 Greensboro Dr.
Suite 801
McLean, VA 22101

It has been used extensively at ICI and many refinements have been
made based on real-world considerations. Doug has never previously
released it outside of ICI, but has graciously consented to my
doing so with the following caveats:

1) This software is presented "as is". Neither Doug, nor I, make
any representations as to its suitability for any given
purpose. You're getting it for free, and you get what you pay
for. (Although, actually, in this case you get TONS more
than you pay for)

2) This software is copyright(c) 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992 by
Doug Rogers. You may share it freely and may distribute
object code containing it without restriction. You may NOT
sell it for profit withtout the express, written, consent of
Mr. Rogers, and you may NOT distribute modified versions.

That said, I would like to point out that I've asked Doug to let me
put this out on the boards because I've found it to be a very easy to
use windowing and mouse system. It also has many capabilities beyond
those I've used (for example, complex math functions) as you will
see when you explore it.

I've tried several windowing systems from the boards and have not
found any of them to be as useful as Doug's. This library is not for
amateurs, however. Since Doug and most of his collegues at ICI are
"power users", he has never bothered with extensive documentation.
I have not found this to be a problem, since the block comments at
the beginning of each function combined with the highly rational
organization of the functions make it simple enough to figure out
how to use them.

I have broken everything up into the following .ZIP files, for the
convenience of downloaders. I don't recommend drwin301 unless you
are sure you will want the tiny or huge model libraries.
Personally, I've never found any use for either of them, but they
are included for completeness. If you are confident about using
.MAK files and creating libraries, then you can create
and yourself. Doug's .MAK files are included. The .ZIP
files are: this is the main file. It has all of the source
code and the include files, plus the C++ source
mentioned earlier, plus some other bits and pieces.
It also contains the large library file. This file
contains EVERYTHING except for the other library
files which are included in the other two .zip
files described below. contains the small, compact, and medium model
libraries. contains the tiny and huge model libraries

Please note the numeric sequence. If/when there are substantial
changes to the library, warranting a new release, it will consist


Paul Hinds
Hobbit House Software

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