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C source for TIF file tools.
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C source for TIF file tools.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALDMEM.H 363 141 deflated
ALDTYPES.H 2435 898 deflated
ALDUTILS.H 539 203 deflated
DLOC.H 124 97 deflated
DOIT.BAT 83 63 deflated
GETITLOC.C 637 323 deflated
IMAG.C 1083 547 deflated
IMAG.H 5139 1879 deflated
IMERR.H 2646 923 deflated
IMERR2.H 382 190 deflated
IMMEM.H 129 114 deflated
IMTIFF.H 276 140 deflated
IMTYPES.H 1250 558 deflated
PACKBITS.C 4320 1245 deflated
READ.ME 1663 764 deflated
SWAP.C 1898 561 deflated
SWAP.H 148 102 deflated
TIFF.C 23971 5767 deflated
TIFF.H 2220 890 deflated
TIFFDIAG.C 5243 1650 deflated
TIFFDUM4.C 9173 3262 deflated
TIFFDUM4.EXE 35566 21729 deflated
TIFFROUT.H 20 20 stored
TIFFSUBS.C 802 390 deflated
TIFFSWAP.C 16866 4789 deflated
TIFFSWAP.EXE 14495 8602 deflated
UNIVERSE.H 97 60 deflated
UNPACKBI.C 2644 1001 deflated
VIO.C 1580 697 deflated
VIO.H 135 94 deflated
WARN.C 1861 776 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The PC TIFF TOOLS diskette is made up of the the following:


This subdirectory contains the source for a C utility that dumps the TIFF image file header data. The header information provides details on the tag structure that are useful for analyzing TIFF images. In addition, this version of the TIFF dump utility, tiffdum4, supplies warnings if the tag values do not conform to the recommended parameters. To run this application, enter the program name (tiffdum4) followed by the fully qualified name of the file to be dumped. To redirect output from the screen and into a file, add ">" and a name for the output file. This program does recognize path names.


The TIFFSWAP subdirectory contains the C source for a simple byte-swapping utility that will reverse the order of bytes between Motorola and Intel formats. To run this application
enter the program name (tiffswap) followed by the fully qualified name of the file to be converted. You may use this program as is, incorporate or build on the algorithm for your own purposes.


This subdirectory contains several versions of a black-and-white file with the common name "Aldus", a gray file entitled "all256", and a color file called "rgb". These file names are ended with one of four suffixes; "U" for uncompressed, "LZ" for LZW compressed, "LD" for LZW compression with differencing, or "P" for palette color.


This subdirectory contains the files packbits.c and unpackbits.c. These files are C source code fragments for implementing the routines necessary to compress and decompress a file under compression = 32773.

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