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CCITT group IV compression/decompression routines in C.
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CCITT group IV compression/decompression routines in C.
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GRP4COMP.C 49105 7245 deflated
GRP4COMP.H 4243 1248 deflated
GRP4DECO.C 50008 6995 deflated
GRP4DECO.H 4013 1167 deflated
README 655 398 deflated

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Contents of the README file

This software is distributed to the imaging community

by Recognition Research, Inc. under agreement with the

National Institute of Standards and Technology who initially

developed it.

It is designed to run on the SUN platform, although it should

be portable as it is "C" only. It is designed to read

and write a header format named iHEAD which was developed at


RRI is contemplating developing a TIFF version. If you are

interested in this, please contact Chris Thompson at :

Recognition Research, Inc

1800 Kraft Dr.

Blacksburg, VA 24060

703 231 6500

703 231 3568 fax

[email protected]

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