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Watcom 9.5 - Rational 32 Dos extender DPMI info.
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Watcom 9.5 – Rational 32 Dos extender DPMI info.
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Contents of the DPMI4G.TXT file

---- DPMI4G.TXT ----

DPMI 0.9 INT 31h Services Provided by DOS/4G (Sept. 3, 1993)

LDT Descriptor Management
0000 Allocate LDT Descriptor
0001 Free LDT Descriptor
0002 Map Real-Mode Segment to Descriptor
0003 Get Selector Increment Value
0006 Get Segment Base Address
0007 Get Segment Base Address
0008 Get Segment Limit
0009 Set Descriptor Access Rights
000A Create Alias Descriptor
000B Get Descriptor
000C Set Descriptor

DOS Memory Management
0100 Allocate DOS Memory Block
0101 Free DOS Memory Block
0102 Resize DOS Memory Block

Interrupt Management Services
0200 Get Real Mode Interrupt Vector
0201 Set Real Mode Interrupt Vector
0202 Get Processor Exception Handler
0203 Set Processor Exception Handler
0204 Get Protected Mode Interrupt Vector
0205 Set Protected Mode Interrupt Vector

Translation Management Services
0300 Simulate Real Mode Interrupt

Extended Memory Management Services
0400 Get DPMI Version
0500 Get Free Memory Information
0501 Allocate Memory Block
0502 Free Memory Block
0503 Resize Memory Block
0800 Physical Address Mapping
0801 Free Physical Address Mapping

Virtual Memory Management
0600 Lock Linear Region
0601 Unlock Linear Region
0604 Get Page Size

0900 Get and Disable Virtual Interrupt State
0901 Get and Enable Virtual Interrupt State
0902 Get Virtual Interrupt State

Vendor Specific Extensions
0A00 Get Rational Systems API Entry Point

DPMI 0.9 Services NOT Provided

000D Allocate Specific LDT Descriptor Sets carry flag

0301 Call RM Procedure with RETF Frame Sets carry flag
0302 Call RM Procedure with IRET Frame Sets carry flag
0303 Allocate Real Mode Callback Address Chains
0304 Free Real Mode Callback Address Chains
0305 Get State Save/Restore Addresses Chains
0306 Get Raw CPU Mode Switch Addresses Chains

0602 Mark Real Mode Region as Pageable Chains
0603 Relock Real Mode Region Chains

0702 Mark Page as Demand Paging Candidate Chains
0703 Discard Page Contents Chains

0B00 Set Debug Watchpoint Chains
0B01 Clear Debug Watchpoint Chains
0B02 Get State of Debug Watchpoint Chains
0B03 Reset Debug Watchpoint Chains

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