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Pipes for Windows 3.0, includes C source code.
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Pipes for Windows 3.0, includes C source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MAKEFILE 1200 522 deflated
MANUAL.WRI 8192 3223 deflated
README.TXT 978 451 deflated
REFRENCE.WRI 14208 3872 deflated
STDIO 908 375 deflated
STDIO.C 13985 4127 deflated
STDIO.DEF 281 184 deflated
STDIO.EXE 41491 16424 deflated
STDIO.H 480 250 deflated
STDIO.ICO 766 156 deflated
STDIO.RC 818 420 deflated
STDIOV.H 47 47 stored
TEST.ICO 766 144 deflated
TESTAPP.C 5973 1986 deflated
TESTAPP.DEF 302 188 deflated
TESTAPP.EXE 17253 5106 deflated
TESTAPP.H 538 268 deflated
TESTAPP.RC 595 317 deflated
TESTAPPV.H 47 47 stored
VERSION.COM 9181 6238 deflated
WINPIPE.DLL 9216 2212 deflated
WINPIPE.H 2023 639 deflated
WINPIPE.LIB 2048 423 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

This is a description of the files contained in the Winpipe DLL package.

MAKEFILEA makefile for Microsoft NMAKE.EXE

STDIOA makefile for Microsoft's old MAKE.EXE utility.

MANUAL.WRIThe programming manual for Winpipes (Windows Write format)

REFRENCE.WRIThe function reference for Winpipes (Windows Write format)

STDIO.EXEStandard pipe text I/O server example.
STDIO.CSource module for Stdio.exe.
STDIO.DEFDefinition file.
STDIO.HInclude file.
STDIO.RCResource file.
STDIOV.HVersion string.

TESTAPP.EXETest program for stdio.exe example program.
TESTAPP.CSource module for Testapp.exe.
TESTAPP.DEFDefinition file.
TESTAPP.HInclude file.
TESTAPP.RCResource file.
TESTAPPV.HVersion string.

VERSION.COMA DOS program to generate the version strings.

WINPIPE.DLLThe Windows 3.0 Winpipe DLL.
WINPIPE.HThe include file for you application to use.
WINPIPE.LIBThe import library for Winpipe.DLL.

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