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CompuServe Quick B protocol with Turbo C source.
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CompuServe Quick B protocol with Turbo C source.
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Contents of the TCQB.DOC file

TCQB is a Compuserve QUICK B external driver for programs such as QMODEM.

It is written in Turbo C, the source modules are as follows:

QUICKB.CProtocol driver for CIS B and CIS QUICK B
based in the QUICKB.C found on CIS.

TCCRC.CFast CRC calculation

TCIO.CTurbo C standalone disk and console I/O.

TCSERIAL.CTurbo C buffered Serial drivers.

TCQB.CMain program

TCQB.EXErunning version


TCQB defaults to Full Duplex, the first command line parameter in TCQB is
the duplex, it can be either FULL or HALF.
TCQB defaults to PORT 1, the second command line parameter in TCQB is the
PORT number it can be 1 or 2.
TCQB deaults to the current baud rate, the third command line parmeter in
TCQB is a new baud rate.


TCQB FULL 2 2400
TCQB FULL 1 19200

TCQB comes up in terminal mode, although you could use TCQB as a terminal,
I would not advise it since it is so limited a terminal emulation. To exit
TCQB just hit ESC at any time.

Revision History:

version 1.1
added extended status and duplex selection (half/full)

version 1.1b
fixed a bug in the abort of downloads/uploads, the ESC key
was not being recognized due to a typo in TCQB.C

version 1.1c
very nasty bug fixed when uploading/downloading files larger
than 32k. previous versions could hang and lockup the machine
spewing garbage all over the screen (if thats not a "REAL" bug
I don't know what is!). It was all because of a lack of a
declaration in quickb.c declaring lseek() to return a long.
The checksum routine was rewritten in assembly language for
speed (of course!).

version 1.1e
bug in checking for ESC I sequence fixed. I simply removed all
the code to handle the ESC I request from CIS since it was not
really necessary.

I can be contacted on compuserve 73307,606 for suggestions or bug reports.

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