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Calculator with C source.
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Calculator with C source.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


Author: Amram E. Dworkin
Date : 12-10-87
Brief : File oriented command line calculator.
Lang : Turbo-C 1.00
Brief : File oriented command line calculator.
Usage : DM <+-*/>

Desc : DM.EXE was written to address a lack in other
calculator programs. I regularly download large files of
records off my comapany's mainframe. The records are of a
fixed size and I get a record count at the end of the
transmission but, I never remember to check it before I
clear the screen. I am constantly having to do a
directory of the file, bring up my TSR calculator and
divide by the record size to get a record count. DM.EXE
has ended that.

If I have a file DOWNLOAD.TXT which has a total
length of 1,282,101 bytes and a record length of 813 bytes
(this is a real example folks) I would simply type:


DM.EXE will respond with:


DM recognizes that DOWNLOAD.TXT is a file name, goes
out and gets the file size for DOWNLOAD.TXT and divides it
by 813.
If there is no file with the specified name DM.EXE
will assume that the entry is a value and will STILL do
the equation. If you enter:

DM 100.123 * 1234.56

DM.EXE will respond with:

100.123 is not a file.

In this, the first version of DM.EXE I have included
only the ability to add, subtract, multiply & divide. In
future releases I hope to add exponentiation and multiple
file entries (to add a subdirectory for example).

Any comments, bugs, suggestions, words of awed praise:
Amram E. Dworkin
6006 Executive Blvd.
Rockville, Md 20852
(301) 468-7542.
This is a piece of PD software. Contrary to much of
what you may see out there this means Public Domain not
Payment Demanded. I have included the source code in the
system as well as the executable code. If you use it in
your own software you must credit me somewhere in the logon
screen of whatever you are writing. If you do not you will
never sleep a full night again !!!!! You have been warned.
There is one limitation to this orgy of philanthropy. It is
as follows:

None of the files found within this archive (DM.EXE,
DM.C & READ.ME) may be used by employees or management of:

Since both of these organizations are such staunch
proponents of software protection devices I figure why
should they benefit from those of us who are not. When the
new version of 123 comes out (ver:3.0), which is purpoted to
have dropped the copy protection I release them from this
binder (I bet they're just waiting with baited breath).

Amram E. Dworkin

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