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C functions for printing bar codes.
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C functions for printing bar codes.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Included files:
BAR.Cgeneric barcode printer
BARDEMO.Cdemonstrates very simplistic use of bar() routine
BARDEMO.EXErunning version of demo program
MAKEFILEPolyMake makefile for program
PRBAR.CIBM-specific subroutines called by bar()
PRBAR.TSHreplace PRBAR.C with this for Toshiba-specific routines
READ.METhis file.

This code is taken from a larger system which includes the capability
to print text to the right and below the barcode. It is also set up for
1" labels. The demo program included here does not exercise any of those
features - it just prints the barcode. If you look at bar.c, you should be
able to see how to use the additional text printing features - it's really
pretty straightforward, just fill in the values and let the subroutine
do the work!

Email me if you have any questions or problems with this code.

David J. Rodman 70007,1545

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