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Complete C source code for the Lharc compressor.
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Complete C source code for the Lharc compressor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EXECUTE.C 1919 610 deflated
HUF.ASM 15685 3109 deflated
LHARC.C 41695 11178 deflated
LZS.ASM 23902 4952 deflated
MAKEFILE 1159 472 deflated
README.DOC 650 371 deflated
SFX.ASM 17423 4628 deflated
SFX2.ASM 25455 6455 deflated
USAGE_E.C 3685 1385 deflated
USAGE_J.C 3632 1475 deflated
UTIL.C 2777 841 deflated

Download File LHARCSRC.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

You need following tools to recompile this program.

1. tcc.exe
2. tlink.exe
3. make.exe
4. bgiobj.exe
Turbo C v.1.5 is used. You need some modification with TC 2.0.
5. optasm.exe
Ver. 1.5. You cann't do with Masm v.4.0,or v.5.1 or Tasm.
6. exe2bin.exe
7. symdeb.exe
These 2 were from MS-DOS v.3.3.
You have to place these tools in your directories specifed with PATH.
You , also, need to place \include, \lib by turboc.cfg file.

Then type make with;

make -Dlang=j for Japanese version, this may not work.?
make -Dlang=e for English version.

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