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CMAKE 1.00 - The best MAKE for MSC/WIN SDK: Description.
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CMAKE 1.00 – The best MAKE for MSC/WIN SDK: Description.
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CMAKE is a program maintenance utility designed especially for the
Microsoft(R) C and Microsoft Windows(TM) programmer. CMAKE is
like a generic make facility in that it processes a make file in
order to determine which commands need to be executed to renew a
given program that is under development. However, the make file
for CMAKE is much simpler than that of a generic make utility.
For most cases, user-supplied dependencies are not required.
CMAKE will automatically determine which commands are required by
deducing all dependencies directly from the commands themselves.

Despite the fact that CMAKE must determine all dependencies for
you, CMAKE executes faster than most generic make utilities
running on a make file in which all dependencies have been
explicitly specified!

An example of a typical make file that would be used with CMAKE
is shown below:

/* Make File */

cl /c /W4 hello.c
cl /c /W4 world.c
lib @message.lrf
cl /c /W4 greeting.c
link @greeting.lnk

In the sample make file given above, "message.lrf" is a LIB
response file that consists of the following lines:

-+hello.obj &
-+world.obj ;

and "greeting.lnk" is a LINK response file that consists of the
following lines:

greeting.exe /stack:2048
message.lib ;

CMAKE currently supports the following commands: CL, LIB, LINK,
MASM, RC, COPY, SET and REM. The user may expand this list by
defining additional commands in the CMAKE configuration file.

CMAKE is a shareware program, written and maintained by John

The program was designed to run under MS-DOS(R).


CMAKE is distributed as three self-extracting archive files.

CM100EXE.EXE - Executable and Samples.

This is all you need to get started, but you should
seriously consider getting, CM100HLP.EXE, if you
don't already have it.

CM100HLP.EXE - Microsoft QuickHelp-Compatible Help File.

This is the complete manual for CMAKE. It can be
viewed with the program, QH.EXE, which is
distributed with the Microsoft C Optimizing
Compiler 6.00 and the Microsoft Macro Assembler
6.00. The CMAKE help file is similar in style to
the QuickHelp files that Microsoft distributes with
its C and Assembler packages.

CM100TXT.EXE - ASCII Text-File Version of the Help File in

The information contained in this file is identical
to that of CM100HLP.EXE. It is only included for
those users who either do not have the Microsoft
QuickHelp program, QH.EXE, or would like a
printable version of the CMAKE help file.


To install CMAKE,

1. Create a directory for CMAKE on the target drive.
2. Copy your distribution files into the newly created directory.
3. Execute the self-extracting distribution files (in any order).

Microsoft and MS-DOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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